Sunday, July 11, 2010

Weekend Food Tripping at: Orchard Road Megamall

You think I'm in Singapore?  I wish! 

A restaurant here in Manila was named after the famous shopping, entertainment and food road in Singapore called Orchard Road.  The restaurant offers Singaporean dishes most Singapore travelers missed after a trip!

What's interesting with the restaurant is that they showcase different dishes and you can visibly see them cook while you choose your meal!

The place is quite huge and there's a lot of tables and chairs for friends, families and of course sweethearts! 

Sweet and Sour Pork, Fried Egg and Rice
Php150.00 (approx $3.26)

As simple as stated, sweet and sour pork with rice included is a sunny side up fried egg (which we requested).  Nothing spectacular.  Just like regular sweet and sour pork we tried!

Char Kway Teow
Php150.00 (approx $3.26)

Not bad!  I actually like noodles a lot and this one came in with the nice texture and mix of peanut, meat and vegetables.

I haven't tried authentic Singaporean dishes, but I am confident that I know what's good and what's bad for my taste buds!  I may be deaf at times but nothing can cheat my taste buds.  I haven't tried a lot of dishes from Orchard Road restaurant but I can say, the food they offer are quite ordinary and you can even do most of them at home.  They are a nice, quick restaurant for hungry shoppers inside the mall, but if you're looking for authentic Singaporean dishes, there are a lot of options out there.

Here's a tip for first time Orchard Road customers. (Menu photo courtesy of

1. Get a slip available in the restaurant that looks like the photos below.
2. Walk around the open kitchen and note down the dishes you would like to order
3. Mark your order slip
4. Give your order slip to the cashier for payment
5. A number will be given to you and you go around choose your best table.
6. Food will be served and enjoy!

Note: Photos can be clicked to enlarge for better viewing

SM Megamall
3rd Level, Bldg. A, SM Megamall
Edsa cor. Julia Vargas Ave.
Mandaluyong, Metro Manila

Singapore dish lovers out there, any Singaporean dishes AMW should try?
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

Happy weekend food tripping!


  1. Even if I'm not pregnant any more you still make my mouth wet with your food posts :P Nice pics :)

  2. The noodles look yummy! :P I have a feeling that you're a great companion when it comes to food trippin'. :D

  3. The noodles look yummy! The version we have here (or at least the restaurant I go to that serves this) is thinner but still using flat noodles. And they put seafood in it. It's so good! :)

  4. In fairness, not expensive at all! :) I must try! :)

  5. Your food posts always make me hungry!

  6. I havent had those Singaporean dishes in a while...gotta jot down in my to-eat list when I transit there ;)

  7. The place looks really, really cool. I've never had Singaporean food and I'm sure its good :)

  8. I passed by this the last time I was in Manila. It looks reasonably priced naman. And they seem to have every Singaporean dish that I like. :) Will make sure to check out how good the food is next time I'm in Manila . :)

  9. Anna, have you tried this resto?

    Anastacia, so true, pregnant or not, food photos can make us feel hungry AT ALL TIMES :)

    Pammy, yes dear! So better say hi if you see me and let's have something to eat and food trip together!

  10. Maggie, I love flat noodles! I prefer flat noodles anytime!

    Tara, yup, but the serving isn't that if you're super hungry! Order 2! :P

    Gio, glad to be of service ahahhaha

  11. Hana, yes, enjoy!

    Becky, it is indeed good, mix between Thai and Chinese :)

    Anna, yes, give them a try when you visit, or shall I say, eat a lot when you're in Manila again, there's just so many restos here!

  12. chance to try this tomorrow! we have a job fair at megatrade! hehehe. and after orchard road, forever 21! woohoo! food and clothes! boys na lang, complete na ang things that make me happy! hahaha!


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