Monday, July 12, 2010

Eureka Moment: Inti-mate Bra Converter

My bra straps show a lot of times, you can ask my friends about it and they can vouch on it!  I found them really bothersome especially when you're wearing sleeveless tops or halter tops!  When my dear friend Sophie showed me the new "Inti-mate Bra Converter", I was amazed such thing exists and its definitely "bye bye to showing bra straps"!  

 **photo from Inti-Mate

The Inti-Mate comes in a simple floral shape in 3 colors --- black, nude and transparent. 

Which I found it really amazing as you can choose the shades base on the color of your top.  It never shows and no one could tell that you're using one.  Not unless you tell them! :P

It can easily put your bra strap in place and it prevents loose or falling straps.  I don't need to purchase a new set of razorback bra!  That's a whole lot of savings for sure!  Strapless bra you suggest?  I am not a fan as it is uncomfortable and I have to pull it up a lot of times and it won't look good in public!  You can easily wear this on your own without an extra hand.  And of course, the most important factor for me - COMFORT.  I am glad this Inti-Mate bra converter doesn't feel a thing and doesn't have any sharp edges that can hurt my skin.  I can freel be the super active, hyper woman that I am!

 Here's to show you how I can easily wear 
the Inti-mate Bra Converter  
(tip: let loose your bra strap so it won't feel too tight)

For the price of Php250.00 (approx $5.40) for a pack of 3.  It's worth it as these little ones are durable and can last a long time!  Not unless you misplace them like the way I did!  You can easily purchase them on THIS WEBSITE!

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  1. i have those too! but i think i misplaced them already....

  2. thanks for the tip sis... i really need one... :)

  3. Yay! I always wondered if these worked good or not. :D Thanks for posting! I have to go get some now. :)

  4. i read about these on cosmo mag... since then, i've been wondering where to buy them...

    thanks for the post! ^__^

  5. i need this! im on the not so blessed side on this department so I also do not like strapless bras and the straps looks fugly when wearing razorbacks which i adore. thanks for the post nix!

  6. That's so useful and convenient. I have to get some too.

  7. Xin, I've misplaced mine too! This is my 2nd set :)

    Ems, yes, especially after giving birth when you're ready for those halter tops :)

    Stephenie, :)

    Maitai, Enjoy! I hope you purchase one for yourself and see how great this little ones can make you feel!

  8. angelamhiere, I'm glad you finally found where to buy them!

    Jenobebs, my pleasure, it helps uplift the "you know what" lol

    Mariel, so true!

  9. Anastacia, do you own these?

    Gio, yes, let me know how you like them or if you find them useful!

  10. OMG, I need these!! Such a genius idea.

  11. i got mine for round RM3(~USD$0.80) for pack of 3

  12. oh wow... this is amazing! i always have problems with bras too... thanks nikki!


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