Sunday, August 1, 2010

"Vitamin E for the Skin?"

"AskMeWhats" as I call this blog, get a lot of queries from readers daily.  I don't mind though, I actually love interacting with readers sharing my thoughts and ideas at the same time, learning a lot from them as well. 

Daily questions and topics were thrown at me even about TVCs!  (TV Commercials).  I got a couple of reader questions asking me if I've tried the new Myra Facial Moisturizer and Hand and Body Lotion because it was endorsed by none other than FHM's Sexiest Woman Ms. Angel Locsin.  I had to search for the commercial on YouTube to watch the said commercial.  Click HERE to watch and click photo below to enlarge.

 **photo taken from website

The well-directed commercial was said to be shot at "The Lakeshore" Mexico, Pampanga - a nice province several hours away from Manila.  The scene wherein actor Mr. Luis Manzano sighs on missing Angel's "healthy, beautiful, youthful-looking skin" is a smart idea!   Can't blame him, her skin is absolutely gorgeous in this commercial!  The direction of this commercial is a very clever as the two endorsers, who used to be "real-life-couple", yearns for each other and coming to terms with the break-up.  (Nikki on gossip mode) *laughs*

Myra has a famous tag line: "Discover Youthful Beauty, inside and out, only with Myra".  You know how yours truly believe in inner beauty.  However, let's face the fact that the environment around us is harsh to our skin, thus outer beauty needs to be taken care off!  By the way, do you still remember Ms. Judy Ann Santos' commercial on Myra400E?

 **photo taken from website
I guess the company has this big campaign on Youthful Beauty IN and OUT.  Inner beauty with Myra400E and Outer beauty with Myra Facial Moisturizer and Hand and Body Lotion.  Am I smart for figuring this out?  I'm not, I just read it somewhere!  *hahaha*

I haven't tried Myra but I'm not foreign on the said Vitamin.  Let me share something...

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Years ago, I love working out.  Working out for me is doing 1.5 hours  aerobics  exercise plus an hour of weight training five times a week.  I guess that's where all my energy came from. I was on the roll!  My gym instructor once came up to  me  and advised me to take Vitamin E supplement.  I did  my research and I followed his advise after learning that Vitamin E is vital to protect our cell membranes keeping them healthy.  To make it simpler, Vitamin E can actually help preserve red blood cells in the body.  Higher red blood cell count means more energy and stamina for us to keep on working out thus making us look and feel healthy and young!

With the said benefit I am not surprised when Vitamin E are added to skin care products like lotions and creams because the said ingredient was said to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles thus a good source of anti-aging because of its antioxidant activity!

To answer my reader query.  No, I have not tried the Myra skincare line.  However, it does not hurt to give it a try as early as NOW! 
Anyone who have tried the new Myra Facial Moisturizers and Myra Hand and Body Lotion?
Would you care to share to us your experience?
Let's help out our readers!  Thanks in advance!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I have tried their facial moisturizer (the one with spf) but it gives me allergies. i noticed that concentrated vitamin e is not good for me. i happen to try human heart nature's sunflower oil which is loaded with vit e, and it gave me allergies too! Then now MYRA they launched their tinted moisturizer but i was hesitant to try it. last month i gathered the courage to try it out because it's cheaper compared to most tinted moisturizers. and it has been a month but i haven't experienced any allergy from it. oh well, maybe the plain moisturizer has more vit e concentration than the tinted moisturizer. actually, i love their tinted moisturizer! it gives me light coverage, and glow (from the subtle glitters). I am using the ivory variant by the way. It's really a must try. very dirt cheap for 135 bucks =)

  2. sounds like a nice product. vitamin is definitely an essential. wow you work out a lot, wish i could do that!

  3. i love their Myra Vitaglow tinted moisturizer with minerals and spf 15. No allergies so far in my case, it's somehow like BB cream.

  4. I have no interest in trying their face moisturizer and body lotion. But I like the tinted moisturizer, I use it alternately with my bb cream. I love myra e 400 supplement though, it gives me healthy and glowing skin! if I want to look blooming the next day i just drink 1 capgel the night before. I tried other brands of vit. e but they did not gave me the same results as myra. So i highly recommend myra TM and supplement :)

  5. wow, do u still exercise 5 times a week now? i only exercise once a week.

  6. I remember my dad buying vitamin E capsules and squeezing the gel from it and he makes me apply it on my face. Vitamin E is really good for the skin. :P

  7. I love using Vitamin E as a moisturizer during winter. Yes it's as sticky as super glue, but when I wake up in the morning my skin is GLOWING! I can't use it in summer though, it's too much.

    Thanks for this awesome post though! Your blog is always so informative!

  8. I love Myra's Tinted moisturiser with vit. E! =)

    Tried taking vitamin E supplements before but soo sad nagka-breakouts ako.. =(

  9. Nik, thank you for answering my query, I am glad you opened this post so I can read other people's remarks on the said product. THANK YOU! Keep up good job!


  10. Abby, thanks for sharing your experience! I guess I'll have to give it a try and see if it'll cause allergies to me too! I have very sensitive skin! We'll see :D You're making me interested with the tinted moisturizer!

    NicNic, well I don't anymore, it was like a couple of years ago when I was still hyper! I'm still hyper now..but not that much! LOL

    Lanie, thanks, I guess a lot of you love the Vitaglow! I am intrigued, seriously! Gotta give it a try!

  11. Beverly, thanks for sharing your experience! That's very valuable! I still do take Vitamin E supplements, but its not daily!

    Lavender, not anymore! hahahha same with you once or twice a week at times!

    Pammy, wow....that's a good idea, haven't thought of that, but probably not a good idea for sensitive skin no?

  12. Tao, wow glowing skin!!!! INTRIGUING! I want to give it a try now!

    Khymm, oh no on breaking out, it really depends on each individual I should say!

    Winnie, no worries, I apologize for not being able to answer your query coz I haven't tried it myself, but our friends who comment here are really helpful! :)

  13. AMW, if you tried Myra, let us know , do a review pls

  14. Hi there

    Awesome information, many thanks to the article writer.



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