Monday, August 2, 2010

AMW Reports: "OrganicRituals Spa" Mani and Pedi Experience

Over the weekend, I finally had "ME" time!  Thanks to OrganicRituals Spa for inviting me to experience their Manicure and Pedicure services!  I was longing for it as my nails are wailing for help!  I had my hair done prior to that so why not continue the pampering sessions?  With the traffic and rain, I had to give them a call to apologize as I am super late!  I arrived the place 8:00pm and they close around 9:00pm. 

I am quite amused with the wonderful arrows that guide you to the right place, you won't get lost for sure!

As soon as I got in, the wonderful relaxing  scent greeted me with the huge friendly smiles from the owners Kathy and Nikki. 

The place is simple, ambiance is not over the top but definitely tastefully decorated!  I can definitely sleep here! 

Aromatherapy stuffs decorated for SPA treatment

I got to chitchat with Kathy and I learned that OrganicRituals Spa offers 2 brands of polishes.  One of them is SpaRitual.  We, locally may not heard about this brand but this is quite famous in the West.  SpaRitual are Vegan Nail Lacquers free of DBP, Formaldehyde and Toluene. "I had my nails painted with bright red and left it for a month and there weren't any visible signs of stains or yellowing!" --- according to Nikki from OrganicRituals Spa.

The second brand they use is well known to most of us --- Zoya Polishes.  The brand Zoya is also known for it's natural, organic ingredients which are very friendly to our nails!  I'm in nail polish heaven!  They also offer the new Matte Shades from Zoya.

The "OC AMW" had to check out the stuffs they use.  Definitely a CHECK on cleanliness and hygiene.  I am very particular with the tools used as I've had my fair share of bad experiences on other salons.

Since I got an hour left before closing, I got 2 ladies working on my toenails and fingernails!   I have to say I enjoyed chatting with them.  Having friendly staffs working for you is a big bonus! 

They serve the best tea ever!  This tea was bought from Korea and I had 3 cups of these.  Even the hubby loves this!

The ladies in action

The steps done base on my "bad" memory (laughs)
  • spritz my hands with alcohol to disinfect
  • massaged my hands and feet a bit with sweet smelling lotion
  • trimmed, filed and buffed my nails
  • a base coat from Zoya was applied
  • applied 2 coats of your preferred polish.  I chose a bright pink shade which I love!
  • applied a top coat from ZOYA 
  • wiped off extra for that perfect looking nails 
  • dropped quick dry
The friendly entrepreneurs of OrganicRituals Spa

Kathy (left) and Nikki (right) are college friends at Assumption College.  Kathy loves SPA while Nikki has her addiction on pampering her nails (no wonder she's got the same name as me!)  Both ladies wanted to open up a business that boils down to their passion, thus having SPA and NAIL services in one place!  Smart idea!

My finished nails done by OrganicRituals Spa using ZOYA polish in Whitney!  
Expect a nail art tutorial inspired by this shade! :)
I love the nail shape by the way!

Manicure: Php200.00 (approx $4.35)
Pedicure: Php250.00 (approx $5.45)
SpaRituals additional Php20.00 (approx $0.50)

Prices aren't bad considering the brands and products they use.  I don't mind going back to this place if not because of the location.  I live downtown Manila and they are located at 

Mezzanine Floor
Atlanta Center
31 Annapolis St. Greenhills San Juan
Mondays - Saturdays 11:00am to 9:00pm
Sundays by appointment
Tel. no. : (632) 661-3101

And now, let me leave you with a cute 'artsy' photo from Mr. AMW!  They offer spa package services I believe for occasions like birthdays, bridal showers, corporate parties, etc..

You can checkout their Facebook page
With my positive experience I will definitely visit back once I'm within the area! :)

Happy start of the week everyone!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. You areso lucky! very great weekend! Love your pink nails :D

  2. good for you nakavisit ka, ako from ortigas lang i can't drop by, noon ko pa gusto itry sa kanila haha. nikki is nice noh!

  3. Love the hot pink nails! Very similar with my favorite Face Shop polish. =) Happy Monday, Nikki!

  4. looks like a great time sis! love love!!

  5. i have that exact shade from zoya on my feet right now! hahaha.

  6. omg, only about $10 for a mani-pedi?! you'd def sacrifice quality/cleanliness to pay those prices in nyc. i usually pay at least double that. i'll be staying in the PI for a month in nov, so i'll get my fill of pampering while i'm there lol

  7. Looks like you had a lovely time. Love the pink nails.

  8. Thanks for sharing, I am looking for a nice place for mani and pedi! Exacto I live around GH area...will check this out!

  9. Anastacia, thanks, I am lucky this weekend to have the chance to pamper myself :)

    Sol, I know!!!! Go go go na! Try it na!!! I'm sure you'll love it! Enjoy the tea for me ha?

    Dang, happy Tuesday to you! Can't wait to see you again my dear

  10. Shenster, sayang, we should have gone together! But I was super late na din! hehehe

    Crystal, awww High five!!!We have the same taste!

    Row, yes dear! It's cheaper down here for everyone outside the Philippines. So the prices here are definitely great for tourists :) Come visit! I'll be your guide! I'll be a good one promise!

  11. Gio, I did have a wonderful time :)

    Erin, no worries, always my pleasure!Let me know your experience once you visited them!

  12. this makes me want to go get pampered stat!

  13. Hi there

    Great work and nail polish suite you. I love the tea pot too its cute :)



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