Monday, August 2, 2010

Something New: DKNY Men II EDC

My family is very simple.  None of them are as vain as I am!  *laughs*  My mom and sister is not into cosmetics and they tend to stick to what they love  Unlike the youngest member of the family (me!) who tends to try this and that!  Though I may sound like an adopted member of the family, there's one thing that gives me a hold to be part of the family, our love for Fragance!

August is the birthday month of my dad!  I am definitely on a lookout for daddy-o's birthday gift!  I went to the fragrance section because the last fragrance I gave to my dad was 3-5 years ago!  This year, I said no to diabetes-friendly birthday cakes, cholesterol-loving meals but yes to sweet smelling fragrance that's Fat-Free!

As I was window shopping over the weekend.  Thanks to the "men" roving around the counter asking permission to give me a spritz!  I usually feel awkward and wanting to punch them on the face *laughs* (I am seriously NOT that violent).  I did not entertain that thought this time!  One scent that caught my "nostril's" attention is the 


**photo from DKNY

I was told this is the new Eau de Cologne spray that's a lighter version of the original DKNY Men Fragrance.  This light concentration is said to be ideal for the warm months.  The crystal clear bottle is definitely cool and manly enough to be put on my dad's dresser together with his favorite gel!  My dad definitely will love this as he's a typical DKNY man --- very simple, modern and uncomplicated!  

Available in 2 sizes:
50ml for Php3,100 
100ml for Php4,200
Available at Rustan's Department Stores and selected Watson's Personal Care Stores and Landmark Stores. dad doesn't know I blog and he won't know about his "gift" until you tell him!
So please...don't!  *laughs*

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!
Make your family members happy too! :)


  1. i wish i knew your dad then i could tell him the exciting secret!!!!

  2. Anastacia, if you see them around , do check the scent out :)

    Kim, thanks dear, wala pa! early bday present shopping lang ako :)

    Xin, hahaha you are bad!!!! I'm glad you don't know him!!! :P BLEH


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