Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tip for the Day: How to Assemble GlamBox Kit

Good morning everyone!  It's a Humpy Wednesday, middle of the week but my body is as tired as end of the world!  *just joking* 

After my review on the GlamBox Starter Kit, I have a couple of queries over email if it is easy to take this along and use this.  I am sure a lot of  you are quite uneasy to purchase something that's too complicated to use.  

Here's a closer look on my GlamBox Starter Kit and what's the right way to install it minus the instruction manual.  Don't you just love pictures? :)

The carry on pouch that comes with the system

What you will get from the Starter Kit
(note: only the airbrush system is in this photo, 
foundation and blush not included on photo)

1. Attach the airhose to the compressor and the gun

2. Connect the adaptor to the compressor.

3. Attach the airhose "housing" onto the compressor.  Never push too hard.


4. Compressor ready to use.  Make sure you plug to adaptor to a 220v.  If unsure, ask!  

5. Once the compressor is plugged.  The Switch On/Off and Mode buttons lighten up.

6. Press once to switch on and once again to switch off.  For the Mode Button, there are 3 levels, L for Low, M for Medium and H for High.

Low for the eyes and hair
Medium for the face and neck
High for the body

Questions from Readers:
1. Is it worth the investment?

If you are into airbrush and has been longing for this, this is a great startup kit.  Very lightweight and easy to use.

2. Do you take this along on your gigs?
I don't, as I don't offer airbrush makeup service YET.  If I do, I will use the professional one given to me by my brother and will probably carry this along for backup.

3. Is this advisable for startup makeup artists?
Yes if you want to practice but your budget is low.  To use this on makeup gigs, I suggest not to do so, because the compressor is quite small as compared to other airbrush system, this can easily heat up and can ruin your GlamBox Kit.  If you do airbrush for 1 client, then it's fine, if you plan to use this on multiple clients, you have to switch this off for a couple of minutes before you start using this again (which takes a time if you're in a hurry).

4. Do I need special training to use this?
Most sellers offer free demo before you purchase this unit.  I suggest you attend a free workshop or even a half day workshop for a minimal fee.  Overall, you attend a class or not, you need to practice, on yourself and to others!  Practice makes perfect!

Hope this helps!
Let me know if you have further questions! :)

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I have short attention span and easily lose my patience so I think make up in machines won't exactly be right for me. Hehe. Thanks for this. :P

  2. Khymm, my pleasure

    Pammy, hahah I know what you mean :) Go for the simple makeup application :)


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