Sunday, August 15, 2010

Weekend Food Tripping at: Korean Village

My favorite Korean Restaurant of all time is located at Ermita, Manila.  Korean Village.  I've celebrated birthdays and "just because" days in this restaurant.  They actually moved to a different location which is a bit farther than the old address so I haven't dined in this restaurant for the longest time.  I have to set a special date to really take time and visit this place who serves one of the best Korean dishes I've tried.  (My opinion).

The new location is more spacious by the way and they divide the place into smoking and non-smoking.  Well ventilated and air-conditioned. 

Boy am I glad they serve cold tea now for free!  Imagine drinking hot tea while munching on spicy food?  My tongue won't like that!

The appetizers served for free!  My favorite goes to Kimchi, Anchovy and BeanSprouts.

Pork Bulgogi

Cooking Pork Bulgogi
You can order lettuce for less than Php150.00 (approx $3.00) 
and you get the freshest lettuce servings to wrap the Pork Bulgogi with!

My favorite Bibimbop
I like the fact that their red paste is served on ketchup tube
You have control on how much red paste you want to use!

Chicken with Mushroom Dish
Eat now, allergies later!  I bend the rules when it comes to yummy dishes
There's always anti-histamine anyways :D

Free dessert
Healthy Fresh Pineapples

Korean Village
1738 M. Adriatico St.,
Malate, Manila

The restaurant is always packed.  Parking is available in front of the restaurant plus there is a nearby parking space for customers as well.  The restaurant has good servers and they've been there forever so they know the dishes by heart!  Great customer service, wonderful ambiance, price of the food?  Very inexpensive!  

Everything above costs less than Php500.00 (not more than $12.00).  No service charge included so please give them the tip the deserve!

Have a wonderful weekend food tripping!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. OMG! Everything for $12.00 it's so great!

  2. Hi Nikki!
    I'm one of your avid, daily readers!
    Actually I saved this website at my Favorites Page =)

    Can you do a review about Maybelline Falsies?

    And can you list your TOP 5 BEST Drustore Mascaras?

    We love you here in Laguna.
    More power!

    God bless

  3. Gosh gosh!!! I miss Korean Village na!!! I should go back there with friends sometime I really super love their food!!!

  4. hi nikki! i love love korean food! favorite place ko is manna korean garden here in makati, ive never been to korean village, though.. might go there for a visit. thanks for this post :)

  5. everything looks so yummy! Youre so lucky to be able to eat great food at such a good price!

  6. Aanstacia, isn't it inexpensive and worth it? It may not be the most authentic but it tastes wonderful

    Hi Dear friend from Laguna thank you so much for the lovely message, I'm glady ou like my blog. I will try my best to do a mascara review especially on Maybelline, it will take time but i hope it's ok for you! I am quite lazy to do mascara posts as I seldom wear them LOL

    Ems, I know ang sarap dito

    Dianneregina, oh yeah, I've seen Korean Garden In Makati, haven't tried it pa!

    Nic Nic, so true, I guess food prices down here are really inexpensive!

    SIlkybow, thanks for the visit!

  7. hi nikki! i luuurve korean food! thanks for sharing this restaurant, i'll try it one day. my fave korean restaurants are Dong Won and Kaya (jupiter st.) where service is good and pan chans are unlimited! ;)

  8. it's my favorite korean restaurant!!!! prices are really affordable and the food is always yummy. i always order their lettuce wraps with different pastes to complement the array of grilled meat we order. we always end the meal with some ice cream (i especially love the sponge cake with cookies and cream) and their super sweet complementary pineapples!

  9. Did you just say $12 for ALL that?? Are you sure you didn't mean for one dish?? >_<

    Overpriced Toronto!!!!!!!!!

  10. Coffretgorge, yayness! I'm glad you agree on my Korean Tongue! Love love love Korean Restaurants

    Peaches, I know, the price is really good for its food quality!

    Lisa, ALL FOR $12.00! :)

  11. Hello, just want to ask if Soju available at Korean Village? Tnx much!!! :))

  12. @katyum I think so..but I'm not sure ok?? I believe I saw them at other customers' table :D


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