Saturday, August 14, 2010

Something New: Pond's Pure White Deep Cleansing Foam with Activated Carbon

Happy Saturday everyone!  I will be off for a different hair treatment this afternoon.  I am quite excited as that will be another report for you. For now, I will show you what I learned last week.  I was one of the bloggers invited for an intimate dinner and talk about the new Pond's Pure White product that has been causing a stir after the commercial was launched this month.  Have you seen the commercial of Pond's Pure White Deep Cleansing Foam with Activated Carbon?

Carbon on my face?  But why???

Pond's reveals its little black beauty secret with the new powerful Pond's Pure White Facial Foam!  It has the technology of activated carbon that attracts deep-seated "black" dirt caused by impurities, oil and make-up to reveal a pure white you.

And if you're still confused how carbon, shall I say, activated carbon could help us, here's a shot taken to show you...

Carbon, when "heated" or they call it "activated" become 8x  more porous, which gives space for it to absorb more dirt and oil thus leaving a clean and clearer skin.  (You can view and enlarge photo below).

And what's more exciting?  Science laboratory time!  It is quite difficult to understand how such "black" product can help remove "black", thus, our friends from Pond's showed us visibly for easy understanding for non-scientists like us!

A dark water, that looks like grape juice, was right in front of us.  We were asked to filter the water with only the dark water and one mixed with "activated" carbon.  Each glass has 2 filters. 

Top view to show you how the water looks like.  Left beaker has Dark water + Carbon, right beaker consist of only Grape Juice dark water!

Check out the color of the water on glass after filtered.  As seen on photo below, the dirty water mixed with carbon was filtered really well, dirt from the dirty water was said to be absorbed by the carbon!  Amazing right?

Fellow bloggers enjoying the experiment!  

Looks like the product is super promising!  I haven't used Pond's for quite some time, my mother-in-law is helping me test out Age Miracle, my sister is loving her Flawless White series, with this?  I am so intrigued I will test this myself!  I am just done with my sample of EcoBeau Cleansing Foam and I'm ready to use "activated carbon" on my face!!!  I'll definitely report back.

It's not difficult to give this product a test as the introductory price isn't bad at all!  Check out pricing details in local currency (Philippine Peso)

   5g -  Php5.00 (approx $0.10)
 10g -  Php15.00 (approx $0.30)
 50g -  Php80.00 (approx $1.78)
100g - Php150.00 (approx $3.33)

To those who want to give this a try and loves Cosmopolitan Magazine Philippines.  I got a copy myself for the month of August and they have the sachet version of this attached for free!!!

Actress Maricar Reyes looks gorgeous in this cover, and I love her assymetrical dress made by Czarina Villa! 

There's also the yearly Best Beauty Loot 2010 and I can see Pond's Pure White Deep Cleansing Foam with Activated Carbon included!  Yayness.  If you purchase this magazine, you also get the chance to win all of the beauty loot featured in this magazine valued over Php100,000 (more than $2,000).  Isn't that great?  You get to read magazine, you get the free Pond's Pure White sample, plus you get the chance to win prizes!  Good value for your money!

Before I get all excited, I want to thank the people from Pond's for the invite and for trusting Askmewhats to be part of the beauty blogging community to always be "in-the-know" for new products to be launched and to share good finds for my dearest readers.

To my valued readers, have you given this product a try?
Are you intrigued with the product concept as much as I did?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. This stuff really worked great for me and the glad they chose you and the others to spread the news. I am happy that I found another drugstore product that is cheap, easy to find and a product that WORKS!

  2. Cute post! My mom loves getting ponds when someone visits. HAHA. There's not a lot here, but I've heard about them. Maybe I'll try it one time.

  3. Yup, when I first saw this weeks ago, I just bought the sachet to try it out first and yes the product is good! will buy the whole tube. One of PONDS promising and effect products made.

  4. In Mexico we take activated carbon for indigestion and you can find it in masks for blackheads.

  5. What a nice experiment!
    I saw some of Pond's products over here nd was very curious about them. Gonna try it...

  6. when I saw the commercial i was really intrigued.. maybe i'll buy the sample sachet first..

  7. i'm so tempted to try this product, but my skin has been wonky all week so i'm kinda scurred to try it ..yet! thank you for the review though :)

  8. hi nikki!
    you can actually drink activated carbon, to get rid of toxins inside your body, actually i think it can be used if you accidentally ingested poison or something. i drink activated carbon mixed with warm water when i feel like im going to have colds (which i did for the past 3 days) and now i feel great, i think i had the worst of my colds bout for just a day, after that it was gone.
    im also using ponds pure white and so far, i love it!

  9. Lady Joan, aaaaww thanks! Thanks for sharing that this works for you and your hubby, I told hubby we will try this together!

    Jasmin, wow, which variant does your mom use?

    Kitten, I am glad they have the sachet version, it is difficult to purchase one whole tube and find it not working at all!

    Wendy, Yes, I heard about that! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Anastacia, goodluck

    Khymm, the commercial is wonderfu no? Super eye catching!

    Mimi, dont' try a lot of products if your skin is wonky ok? Take care and I hope your skin gets better!

    Lanie, thanks for sharing, how's your doctor's appointment by the way? I hope things are better for you now! I am so sorry you have to go through all those pains!

  11. I love this product talaga, in fairness :) And I can see myself din sa post mo! Thank you :) Ahihi. Next time magpicture picture ulit tayo ng madami. Miss you, Nikki!

  12. wow i didn't know carbon could do that! i have a sachet too that came with my cosmo, will try it out :)

  13. ive always see Pond products around too but Ive never felt inclined to try them. This sounds interesting!

  14. Tara, of course! Sad nga I wasn't able to take Lace and Jheng, super katabi ko kasi sila :)

    Crystal, yes, I learned a lot by attending this event :) Glad to add up to your knowledge dear :D

    NicNic, so true, and to think about it, I'm a pond's girl for the whole 4 yrs of college!

  15. Thanks a lot for sharing the information. I really like this. I didn't know carbon could do that. I love this product.

  16. somebody asked me isn't carbon poisonous? why put it in your face? Uhmm I dunno what to say. Help?

  17. somebody asked me isn't carbon poisonous? why put it in your face? Uhmm I dunno what to say. Help?

  18. Jacklyn, no worries, my pleasure :)

    Earth, I'm no expert but with huge companies like Unilever, I am sure they've given this a thorough test before putting it out in the market A lot of beauty companies have been using Carbon as part of the ingredients known to "brighten" the skin. As stated on some comments above, Carbon is even used for drinking to help remove toxins from the body :) So I guess its ok :)

  19. Hi. During the product launch, has anything been mentioned as to whether this product is safe to use while pregnant/breastfeeding? thanks.


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