Friday, August 13, 2010

AMW Reviews: Ginga Flip-Flops

The place were I work is quite informal, I can wear whatever I want as I don't meet clients in person.  Gone are the days I have to wear formal clothing and high-heeled shoes.  As much as possible, I dress comfortably at work, and what's the most comfortable get-up for me?  Wearing comfortable footwear! Dressing comfortable does not mean you have to look like you just woke up and went straight to the office, you can always be comfortable and in-style! 

My colleagues can vouch that I'm a "Ms. Flats", I wear flats as much as possible as I love walking!  I've purchased a couple of flip-flops which is perfect especially for the rainy days!  I just don't look for the "look", when it comes to flip-flops, I make sure it's very durable!  I don't want to be walking with broken flip-flops!

I've owned a couple of "known to be durable" brands and I'm glad more and more companies are coming up with flip-flops designs and I can easily find one that suits my personality.  One brand came into our shores recently!


Ginga Flip-Flops says ---
Pronounced as jinga (which literally means to rock back and forth or to swing like the fundamental movement in capoeira), flip-flops aren't just for summer strolls and beach getaways.  They are the perfect footwear for the rainy season --- they are comfy, stylish, durable, and easy to clean and dry.  No need t worry about drenched shoes and dripping socks!

AMW says ---
  • very durable!
  • very comfortable!  I can walk all day wearing this!
  • has wide range of designs base on your personality and taste
  • can be easily washed and dried 
  • a lot of designs to choose from 
  • print does not fade!
  • Some people may find these to be expensive for their taste, but trust me, I own one that lasts for more than 3 years!  Still looking new to-date!
  • NONE!
Worth the investment, I've been wearing this most of the time during weekends especially when I'm looking forward for a whole day walking or busy weekend with make-up gigs!  I can depend on this to make me feel comfortable and it does not feel heavy at all!

  • as much as possible, clean your flip-flops after every use
  • dry them with a paper towel or rag
  • do not overstretch the "thong" of your flip-flops
  • I've read this somewhere: to maintain your flip-flops looking brand new, soak them in warm water with "denture cleaning" tablets, gently brush it with a toothbrush
  • if you pack your flip-flops for travel, try to purchase a flip-flops bag for protection
  • never overbend your flip-flops
Will I repurchase?

Where to purchase and how much?
Ginga are available at SM Malls, Robinson's, Gateway, Market-Market, Trinoma,etc...Exact price will be confirmed soon

The Ginga Basics
Basic colors in gold and purple that looks classy!

Ginga Printed Ad
Hip linear designs with solid colors easy to match your favorite apparel

Ginga Printed Fem
Vibrant designs from zebra prints to florals, perfect for that fun side of you!

And here's my very own Ginga Flip-Flops!
Bright, fun and yet, not too loud!  Perfect for me "all-year-round"!

Do you like wearing flip-flops?
If so, how many pairs do you own to date?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. awe! those looks so adorable and bright! very cute for summer!

  2. I love wearing flip flops! :P I only have a few and they're not much but I've had 2 that I've been wearing for 3 years now. :P

  3. I love flip flops...altho they're not always good for the feet but they're so comfortable and convenient.

  4. Me likes the gold zebra print, pero your very own is super nice! Ikaw na ikaw! =D

  5. I love the one you got! :) And your feet is so cute, hihi.

  6. love the prints! previously i had a cheap leopard prints like this too, but it faded to 50% after 3 months wear :P i guess you get what u pay for

  7. By the way, my 12 yr old niece is into nail polishes and i showed her all your nail art post and she's so amazed and now she wants me to buy her those nail art thingy majigys lol

  8. I own a lot but I don't know how to maintain them. Thanks for the tips Nikki!

  9. I love flip flops, they are so comfortable! I love the ones you got, they're very pretty.

  10. your pedi goes SO well with the slippers! love it! :)


  11. OMG, those are so cute on you! Lovin' the different designs. I wish I could wear flip flops but I have super flat feet and after wearing them for a while, they start to hurt. :(

  12. Anastacia, even rainy season :) How's summer there? still super hot?

    Pammy, I know what you mean, I don't really purchase like crazy , but I make sure to purchase good quality ones

    Mrs.Martinez, thanks

  13. Sesame, yes, i was told they're not always good to wear as they're too flat, but its nice because you can easily move around with this!

    Dang, yes, when I see zebra prints, i think of you Dang! PRomise!!!

    tara, hahaha thanks sweetie, na-cutan ka even my feet ha?

  14. Xin, so true, I own a couple of inexpensive ones and they faded in months!

    Becky, awww your 12yr old niece is too cute! :)

    I'm glad to be of help on how to maintain them Kim :) You're back in the blogging world! YAY!

  15. Gio, thanks! I'm glad I got that design too!

    Mandy, ahahahah perfect timing lang! :)

    B, aww sorry for your flat fleet, it does hurt to wear sandals if yu have flat feet, you need something with cushion...with support!

  16. nice patterend fliflops! the animal prints are neat. jazevox

  17. i just checked this out earlier today and was having second thoughts about buying... but after reading this review, i'm heading back the soonest possible time!

  18. Jazevox, thanks

    Ranyah, thanks for believing in my reviews and the photo of my feet LOL Nice to meet you dear

  19. what a cute pedi to go with the flip flops!! cute blog makeover nikki! i love it!!

  20. Even though I'm male, I love and own a ginga flip-flop too. We found out accidentally that It was made by the same company who makes the "Ipanema" and "Rider" brands. The Grendene company of Brazil. The good thing is it costs around 50% less of those well known brands and is as comfy, fasionable and durable.

  21. Whatever happened to the Ginga flip flops that were made in Brazil and sold in America by Grendene? I have worn nothing but for over 20 years, and yes, even to work. They are the only footwear that I can wear, but several years ago they just vanished from the face of the Earth. They have much more traction and arch support than the flat flip flops.

  22. I discovered Ginga flip flops by Grendene, Made In Brazil, about 25 years ago. Until my very last pair of black Gingas wore out (about a months ago, 2023), they are literally the only footwear I wore! To work as well! They disappeared maybe 15 years ago, and I have searched the world over for them ever since! I have tried every possible shoe at every price, but nothing will ever replace those comfortable shoes for me, nothing! I would pay good money for just one last pair. Nothing else compares. Does anyone know where I might find a pair of size 40/8 any color of the Ginga flip flops by Grendene made in Brazil? (not the flimsy ones, but the ones that last for years with great arch support).


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