Tuesday, September 21, 2010

AMW Reviews: Purederm Vitalizing Orange Pads

I haven't relaxing much lately!  I've always been wanting to have a massage or spa experience but due to time constraint, the only "almost spa" relaxation I get is at home!  In between chores!  

Pads as masks, in my experience are made for the eye area!  The round pads fit perfectly on the said area!  When Purederm came up with Vitalizing Orange Pads meant for the face, I am a bit wary as you know how pads slides off your face!  I gave it a test anyways as I could be wrong!

Did it slide or not?  Is it better than face masks?  Read on....

Purederm Vitalizing Orange Pads say ---
Purederm Vitalizing Orange Pads are formulated with skin re-energizing ingredients such as orange, ginseng, gingko and aloe extract.  Enjoy the cooling sensation and natural aroma of freshly cut orange slices as Vitalizing Orange Pads relax tired, stressed skin.

Water, Glycerin, Butylene, Glycol, Orange Extract, Sodium Hyaluronate, Aloe Barbadensis Gel, Portulaca Extract, Gingko Biloba Extract, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Casotr Oil, PEG-60, Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate, Tocopheryl Acetate, Mashroom extract, Ginseng Extract, Methylparaben, Phenoxyethanol, Chlorphenesin, Fragrance

Unit Pack: 10pads/zipper bag

AMW says ---
  • packaging is handy and easy to tote along as it's resealable
  • nice, natural orange scent
  • expiration date is quite long, 2 years after the manufacturing date
  • manufacturing date is visibly printed onto the packaging
  • very cute orange-like design/pad, interesting to use
  • no skin irritations, does not feel any tingling sensation
  • originally Made in Korea  (The country who's proud of producing great masks)
  • pad is not moist enough, gets dried up easily
  • Personal preference: I like the mask sheets better than these tiny round orange-like pads
  • effect is not as "instant" as facial masks! 
For pads, I prefer to put them on my eye area for relaxation, I have a friend who gifted me the Purederm Cucumber Pads and I love using it on my eye area.  For the orange pads, I find that its quite hard to put on your face as it tends to slide off!  I will stand to my belief on using face masks for the whole face and specific pads for the eye area!  My opinion!

These are the types of products we need to keep on using to see the effect, one time usage won't do much just by observing with our naked eyes! 

from Purederm
  • wash your face and place pads over cheek or other face areas, lie back and relax
  • leave pads for 10-15 minutes and remove
  • make sure reseal zipper bag after use
  • do not sleep with pads on, do not reuse pads
  • if essence get into your eyes, rinse thoroughly with water
  • if skin irritation occus, discontinue use
from AMW
  • relax and close your eyes as you  have these pads on
  • never leave pads on the face beyond the given timeframe
  • treat them like real oranges so you won't feel harrassed if this pad kept on falling down
  • apply on area you needed the most relaxation, cheek area, the forehead and the chin for that extra "brightening" effect
  • if you prefer to save up the sheets, you can choose to place the pads ONLY on areas needed most!  Ex. cheeks 
Will I repurchase?

Though I'm not totally crazy for this, it was a great experience using this and it's nice to look crazy once in awhile!

Where to purchase and how much?
At various SM Watson's Branches for Php69.00 (less than $2.00) for 10 sheets.

A closer look on the yummy Orange Pad from Purederm

The thickness of each pad

Crazy me got addicted to the pads and covered my whole face with it!
Enjoy this photo while you can, I may wake up someday and tell myself...
"What the heck am I thinking to post such unflattering photo?"
*clicks DELETE* hahahaha

Seriously, the photo above showed the "con" side of these pads, due to the lack of moisture, they don't stick much on my face and instead of relaxing, I ended up pressing each pad onto my face! 

Worth the try though as it gives me the excitement of trying something new!  And I believe this does not cost expensive anyways, so it's a nice experience!

**photo from souce

Should I just give real oranges a try?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

(Note from Author: Product was sent for reviews.  All information written are based on the writer's personal experiences.  Author did not and will never receive payment for positive reviews.  Please purchase at your own discretion)


  1. nice review!

    ahaha~ sure, real oranges gonna works just as nice :)

  2. oooh!! I saw these at Forever 21!!!!!


  3. Hahaha you are too cute Nikki!! :D Don't delete the picture k!! XD I also love how you and your husband work together for your blog posts (you wrote, he takes pictures)!! So sweet!! :D

    These look so adorable, but it's a shame that they're not very moist ya!

  4. hahahahaah i think i have tried similar cucumber pads from some other brand, and it was so moist that it was dripping wet! i didn't like it either :P

  5. You're so funny and cute! The orange pads look cute too but it's a shame they aren't very moist.

  6. I have the cucumber and orange pads from Skinlite. I hate the fact that the masks are exactly the same and in almost the same packaging =/ But anyway, those were kinda dry too

  7. Kitten, :P

    Mhe, have you tried real oranges? I haven't pa!

    Lisa, seriously At forever 21??? Wow! These pads have traveled quite far! :P

  8. Jenn, I knew you're liking this crazy shot! aww you do love me you know that? hehehe I'm not sure if I did something wrong, but I used it once peeled! Its really not that moist!

    Xin, I'd love to try the cucumber pads, for my eye puffiness

    Khymm, they are too cute and yummy to look at

  9. Gio, thanks! It's ok, it was a fun experience using this

    Isabel, oh, I've tried that brand too, but way way back!

    MrsMartinez, :P

  10. hahaha!
    don't you dare erase that pic!
    i think you look so adorable with all that orange patch on you. so refreshingly cute! i so love it!

    for some reason im not really a fan of face mask. i think it doesn't work on me. I have tried a couple of them..even the My Beauty Diary ones, but i just don't see any difference at all

    too bad!

  11. Thia, hahahah don't dare erase that pix? Is that a threat?? I kinda sense a threat there! LOL Ok ok, since a lot of you have seen it na and don't hate me yet, so ok then, done laughing na din siguro mga tao :) I know what you mean, it is difficult to appreciate masks especially its usually once or twice a week usage and you don't see results ASAP :) I like the relaxing time though

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    Is this possible?


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