Thursday, September 23, 2010

Eureka Moment: Life Begins at 40 at Duty Free Philippines

Note from Author: sorry for the blurry photos, all ninja shots were taken by my Samsung Phone Camera. 

My dad-in-law has a membership card at The Duty Free Philippines so I can go there wherever we want!  Hubby's working in an airline company so I can drag him to get in too!  I haven't been using that power though, why?  Because I am not the type to go there when I don't plan to purchase anything!  Over the Mid-Autumn Festival Holiday, yup, no work for me as I follow the China Holiday Schedule at work, I went with the in-laws at The Duty Free Philippines while the hubby was busy working!  

What greeted me?  "Life Begins at 40... $1 = Php40.00"  PESO POWER!!!!

**Photo from Duty Free FB

What's even better?  End of Season Sale on items like bags, shoes, clothes!!!  Betcha' By Golly Wow you wanna sing with me?

I am actually there just to purchase  my hubby's electric shaver!  We can't find these outside, even if we did, its overpriced!  There are only 2 to choose from and I got the blue one for $30.00 (Php1,200)!

I also passed by great bargains from Essie!  Ohhh look at Smashbox Counter, I usually purchase my Smashbox Photofinish Primer Light there!

When Jamie blogged about MAC Cosmetics now available at the Duty Free Philippines, its certainly a wonderful news for makeup enthusiasts and makeup artists out there!  I've taken a peek on their price tags and they are definitely a good buy especially with the exchange rate of $1.00 = Php40.00!  Imagine, Lipstick for only Php680.00 instead of the usual Php900-1000!  I've seen a lot of products available, from Studio Fix Foundation to MSF Natural to all sorts of lipstick shades!  I haven't purchased much, only to stock up on MAC's Mineralized Skin Finish Natural and the MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation!

Longchamp!  Girls are going crazy calling their friends!  Do not expect much though, the colors available are limited!  Price range, let me try my memory ok?

Small long and short handle costs around $90.00 (Php3,600)

Medium long and short handle costs around $110.00-$120.00 (Php4,400-4,800)
Large long and short handle costs around $125.00-$140.00 (Php5,000-5,600)

Ladies' faces were covered as I did not ask permission to take their shots! LOL

Let's not forget, the chocolate section!  We purchased quite a number but I only took a shot on what I went to the chocolate section for!  GuyLian Truffles!

Thanks to Grace for sharing this to me!  Love it!

And of course, the coffee lover in me needed to stock on coffee!  Sungold White Coffee tastes wonderful!  Product of Malaysia!!!

Bear in mind ---
  • Payments should be made in CASH to enjoy the Php40.00 exchange rate!
  • There's 2 ATM machine near the food court, BPI and forgot the other one!
  • Purchase only what you need!  Do not go crazy ok? :D
Last 3 PESO POWER DAYS!  Only until September 26, 2010!!!
Hurry, if you have friends from abroad or you have friends who work in an airline or has a membership card, grab onto them and treat them for dinner afterwards!

Love peso power!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I really want to go there now!!! too bad my bf is coming home from sing on the 27th na :(

  2. wow you're one lucky girl! I want to go there again soon!

  3. i'm lemming things i can't even buy hahahah.

    happy belated mid autumn!

  4. Mimi, oh man! heheheh tell him to come back home EARLIER! :P

    Charry, go there again? So you've been there na? What have you purchased so far?

    Mona, Happy Belated Mid Autumn too! No need to want something from here, you've got almost all cool stuffs from there! :)

  5. I really love your blog Miss nikki. Im learning a lot. Im excited everyday to check my mail and read your everday posts.. Godbless and more power! -Claudine :)

  6. Claudine, thank you for such a sweet and positive note! You and the rest of the readers are my drive to keep on posting! :)


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