Friday, September 24, 2010

What's Up AMW?

Happy gorgeous Friday!!!  Are you very excited for the weekend?  I know I am!  I will be at the Eastwood Mall, Libis for the Dollface Makeup Seminar!  I can't wait to share what I've learned about Skincare and Makeup and I can't wait to interact with fellow beauty lovers!  Don't forget to smile and say hi ok?

I know a lot of you have been asking me on this certain product and what nots!  I am currently using so many products and some takes gazillion years to review, so I want to share what's up and running with AMW and the family!  (Yup, family included!)

Soon to be reviewed products are not included in this post!  *laughs* Gulay! I am getting tired of myself! Such hyper dude! :P

Let's start with fragrances, my fragrance collection is growing big and I wouldn't mind going for trial sizes every now and then to stop myself from feeling guilty!  I have this thing for different fragrance daily depending on my mood!  I've been an Estee Lauder "Pleasures" user and I remember buying my first full sized bottle in Hong Kong!  After years, Estee Lauder finally came up with the sister of "Pleasures", the new "Pleasures Bloom" launched this month! 

Thanks Liezl for the sample size and this lasts!  I put this inside my bag for that instant spritz and I love the fruity scent mixed with floral scent like Jasmine and Green Lily!   Perfect if I'm on a "Go with the flow" mood!

You probably read my recent review on the Pond's Pure White Deep Cleansing with Activated Carbon , I am using this once or twice a week for that extra cleansing due to my normal/dry skin!  What am I using on those days I'm on a non-Pond's regimen?  Well, if you remember, last March, I've attended an event/launch for the Shiseido White Lucent skincare line, I got myself a sample sizes for the cleanser, toner and moisturizer.  I actually did not plan on using these because the packaging is just too cute for words!  But I need some skin brightening recently and I've used this together with the Pond's.  So far, it's quite good and I have a feeling I'll take these cuties along with me on my next trip!

Mr. and Mrs. AMW recently have been using "Made in the USA" products for hair.  That is not intended though, I was sent Nick Chavez Shampoo, Conditioner and Gel to test, since I've had my Keratin Smoothing Complex Treatment done, I've been using the special shampoo that needs to be used for post treatment.  So, the dear Mr. AMW is willing to give these products a test and he's been using these actually more months now!  You know what made him say YES?  The cute packaging with the bees! *hahaha*  I know!  He's as childish as I am!  Will interview him on his experiences on these! 

I, on the other hand, after a month of Keratin Treatment, I followed instructions and used the Keratin Complex Shampoo and Conditioner. These 2 are designed to complement the needs of my hair and maintain the therapy treatment and hair color, they clarify and re-balance the hair texture which I was told, detergent free!  Making it gentle for daily use!

Since I love to use serums, I was told that another brand that can also offer non-detergent ingredients and safe to be used after the Keratin Complex Treatment is Pureology.  I am using the Pureologoy Serious Colour Care Thermal Antifade Complex to keep my hair healthy looking even after blow drying! 

Because I love variations!  I do alternate it at times with the Kerastase Chroma Riche Leave In Essence which I won from Frances' FB Page because I was the first liker!   This stuff smells seriously good and is lightweight!

Let's move out of the hair topic, and talk about this BB Cream brand that I've been receiving so much requests for review! 

I've been holding myself on using this because once I swatched them on my hand, the shade is totally different with my skin tone, to be honest, I still haven't tried it on my face, I know I can workout the shade of this BB Cream by counteracting this with a foundation shade, I'm just too lazy though, so please be patient ok? :D

I want to thank Roanne for personally delivering these to me!  It actually comes with a mask, but I've already used the mask!  *laughs*  These are not alien to me because I've seen The Revitalift Double Lifting Eye cream a year ago when my brother gifted this to my mom.  He bought it from Duty Free Shanghai and he said the packaging is just unique!  It also proves that packaging does make a huge impact with consumers!  *Laughs*  Too funny, just got a call from my sis while typing this post and she asks me for help in finding a good eye cream, I told her I'll give her this!  In return, she'll tell us her experiences on this!  :)

L'Oreal came up another line for pore minimising, I'm glad I don't have pore problems but my sister-in-law does!  So I gifted her the L'Oreal Derma Genesis Pore Minimising Smoother Scrub, Toner and Gel Cream.  Look like she's liking it!

My mom, after her varicose treatment last year (this is not the aesthetic treatment but more on life treatening varicose veins), she is required to wear medical stocking everyday!  She wears the super tight stockings as soon as she woke up and she can only remove it before she sleeps!  You can imagine how harsh the tight stockings on her legs!  My mom has great legs, I felt bag looking at it scaley and dry from all the scratches!  I was advised by the doctor to purchase a 24 hour moisturizing lotion to be applied prior to wearing the medical stockings!  We were advised to purchase the Jergens brand.  She's almost done with the tube and I'm glad to know that recently, they came up with the new Jergens Naturals with 93% natural ingredients!  And it's a huge size perfect for daily use with a pump for ease of application!  

On a lighter note, my measly, non-existent lashes are happy to try on different mascaras!  Revlon came up with a new mascara called Revlon Grow Luscious by Fabulash, the packaging says 96% saw instantly longer, more lush lashes which made me super excited to give it a try!  The fact that it's available in Black and Blackened Brown is a winner!

I love to walk, and I haven't given my feet the time of the day because of my super busy schedule!  I go home, and usually doze off to sleep without even knowing what's happening!  *laughs*  When I got the Intensive Repair Foot Mask with "Avocado", I am very excited to use this because Avocado is known for it's high fat content!  Maybe, just maybe, the extra fat will help my dry feet gets back to it's healthy state!  If this works, I may hoard and make this my weekly habit!  Wish me luck, I hope I'm not too lazy!

*whew* That's quite a number of products in one post!  I like telling you guys what's up with me!  I'm just talkative you know! *winks*

Let me know what products you're using, or you recently bought that you're excited to try!  I love knowing what's happening in your life too!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!
Have a great weekend!


  1. wow.. daming products in one post (^_^) thanks for sharing

    hugs and kisses

  2. Soo many products~! XD Can't wait to see full reviews.

    & glad that you're doing well!!

  3. Hope you review the Shiseido's White Lucent Skin Care :):)

  4. i love almost all the pleasures by EL. can't wait to get my nose on this new pleasures bloom. i love love the name already!

  5. I have just seen your blog and believe me, it's so nice I just love it...

  6. So much products to review. Can't wait to read them, Nikki. :P

  7. rhaindropz, hehhe no problem, its actually been around for quite some time na..more on collective :)

    Lisa, yup, will review them in detail as soon as I can :)

    Starryxuan, yes! Will definitely do!

    Xin, Pleasures has been around and I'm kinda used to the scent, this one is totally different, with a hint of fruity scent

    Rakhshanda, hey! Nice to meet you, thanks for the visit

    Pammy, :) Soon!

  8. Its so nice to see a fashion statement..
    Thanks for sharing..


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