Monday, August 23, 2010

Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment by Coppola Review

I have this love affair for hair as long as I can remember.  Would you believe I had my hair curled when I was 13?  Saved up my allowance and bought my first hair serum from St. Ives when I was 15?  Bought my first tube of hot oil treatment from Watson's at 16?  And had my first hot oil treatment professionally done the moment I stepped in College?  And you would think I have gorgeous hair by now!  


I've invested so much on hair products as I wasn't born with the soft, silky, shiny hair that you see on shampoo commercials and my hair is totally different from my sister! She's lucky to have the "good hair" genes while I ended up with the "talkative" genes!  *laughs*  I'm not blaming my parents for it as I did enjoy my hair care journey, adding the "talkative" genes = Good Blog Posts on Hair!

The first serious treatment I've done is a Rebonding treatment 5 years ago.  I was working in China as a Teacher back then and I spent my free time pampering myself due to homesickness!  Many firsts were done on my hair back then...first time hair coloring, haircut with the use of shaver, which made me cry by the way and last but not the least, HAIR REBONDING.  I don't know why I even agree to do the treatment, maybe, because I don't know how to say "NO" back then?  (Blame it on the NO thing Nikki, very good! LOL)

My hair isn't that bad, but its naturally wavy, so having it rebonded sleek straight is causing me a problem each time there are re-growths.  So I ended up continuing with the Rebond treatment for years and I told myself I have to stop before my hair gets into its worst stage! 

That's one reason why I invested mostly on hair treatment (as seen on all my Hair Products Posts).  Recently, Drea contacted me to try the newest treatment that has been causing a buzz.  The Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment,  I've done ample research before saying YES to this.  And here's my in-depth report on the treatment that I'm sure a lot of you are intrigued to know. 

Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment says ---
This therapy is the foundation of Keratin Complex – the original, in-salon service that infuses natural keratin deep into hair’s cuticle. This revolutionary therapy eliminates up to 95% of frizz and curl and instantly adds amazing shine, silkiness and condition to the hair. The results are astounding. Clients rave that “this is a life-changing experience”. Hair is more manageable, smoother and easier to style than ever before. It is perfect on all types of hair – including color treated and chemically processed hair!

Unlike other salon services, the more you treat your hair, the healthier it becomes.  With each treatment, the build-up of Keratin makes the hair:
  • Smoother and Silkier
  • Straighter and Shinier
  • Easier and Faster to blow-dry
  • Close to being “maintenance-free"
Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy encases the hair follicle with a keratinous bond to:
  • Promote Healing
  • Block the effects of humidity
  • Prevent environmental toxins from entering the hair.
Following the 4-step process, the product stays in the hair for 3 days, and the incredible results lasts 3-5 months.
AMW says ---
  • Hair is super soft and manageable
  • The natural curl shows up less frizzy
  • The luster of my hair was back
  • The color of my hair looks lively and it looks like I newly colored my hair
  • Hair is easy to manage for the whole day
  • Easy to comb my hair
  • I can skip blow drying
  • No more tangles
  • No burning sensations on scalp during treatment
  • Vanilla scent stayed with me for the whole week!  No chemical smell
  • Not being able to wash your hair for 72 hours after treatment, for someone like me who washes the hair daily, this is a torture! 
  • Hair gets greasy for the first week
  • The price!  It is pricey and you have to add up the amount of the treatment with the shampoo and conditioner set
  • If you want super straight hair like rebond?  This treatment is not for you!
It is very easy to go for treatments that would make our hair straight, silky and shiny nowadays.  The big question is: "IS IT SAFE?".  Now that my hair has gone through enough damage, I told myself I would invest on treatments that's safe and would protect myself from further harm.

This treatment is indeed very expensive, and not everyone can pay the hefty price for this.  If your hair is in perfect condition or you are someone who have embraced the natural hair condition that was given to you, that is wonderful!

But for someone who has a personality like a super curious cat, thus damaging my hair from all the trials in the past, this is one investment I am willing to do as my hair deserves the T.L.C.!

  • Go to the salon to check on the price you need to pay before you agree to do the service, add the total amount of the treatment with the price of the Keratin Shampoo and Conditioner set.
  • Not allowed for pregnant women
  • If the treatment is too pricey for you, save up as early as now. (ex. instead of doing your  monthly hot-oil treatment, save up for a longer care)
  • If hair accidentally got wet after treatment, blow-dry immediately and go over with flat iron.
  • Do not pull hair back with a pony tail or clip hair just like Re-bonded hair.
  • What if I don't want to purchase the Keratin Complex Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner?  "I'd rather they do not go ahead with the treatment" - according to Ms. Drea Zulueta.  The Shampoo and Conditioner combination is as important as the treatment itself.  
  • I was told repeatedly that this is NOT the same as Hair Re-bonding.  This does not make your hair sleep straight but it lessen or even removes frizziness.
Will I do the treatment again?

Where to have this treatment done and how much?

Price of the treatment starts at Php5,000 (approx $110.00).  I had it done at Straight and Smooth Salon for Php7,000 (approx $156.00) plus Php1,800 (approx $40.00) shampoo and conditioner after treatment.

Other salons to go for the same treatment:
Toni and Guy, Davids (MOA, SM Makati, Podium, ATC), Philippe, Henri Calayag Greenbelt, Regine's, Piandre, Profiles Katipunan, Indigo, Justine Barbara Salon, Cecile Marie BF, Philip Louis Kee.

Step 1:
Jocelyn gently shampooed  my hair using both palms of her hands with Keratin Complex Clarifying shampoo.  She actually washed my hair 2 times, or more, I can't tell but I'm sure its more than once.  There's no massaging using the fingers as compared to what you're used to on other salons.

Step 2:
Hair was blow dried with medium-heat setting until 100% dry.

Step 3:
Application on Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment.  Hair was sectioned, while I obviously enjoyed the relaxation going online...surfing...

Keratin Treatment applied onto the hair.  I did not feel a thing, no burning sensations on both scalp and eyes.  (Thank you Lord!)

Did you know that?
Keratin Treatment uses Keratin special Flat iron and fine tooth heat resistant comb also made especially for Keratin Smooth Treatment.

Making sure my hair was saturated with the treatment,  I am really glad I don't have to look at it in front of the mirror, I find it a bit too stressful, my hair was covered with a plastic shower cup leaving it for good 30 minutes.  This was the best time for me to type a draft on my experiences inside the salon as seen on my Salon Report post.

Step 4:
2 lovely ladies blow dried my hair again with a medium heat setting with a paddle brush.  Note:  my hair isn't washed at this stage and the Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment was left to be absorbed by my hair shaft.

P.S. I have a crush on their hairdryer, the color is too cute!

Final and Most Important Step:
My hair was parted again.  Using Keratin friendly flat iron at 420 heat setting, my hair was smoothed.  Thank you Lord again no one burned my scalp!  I have to admit that I'm scared of flat irons closed to my scalp.

After Care Treatment
Using Keratin Complex Shampoo and Conditioner for Color care (as my hair is colored).  You can also use Pureology (from L'Oreal).  Both brands does not contain Sodium Chloride which can strip off the Keratin applied on hair.

Here's a before and after shot of my hair.  See how the waves are starting to show up?  It was gone after the treatment. 

Before and after of the treatment.  Hair looks less frizzy and neat.

Here's the look of my hair after 1 week.  Please take note that I was a bad girl and washed my hair less than 72 hours because my hair was starting to be super itchy.  I blow dried it and flat ironed it immediately.  I won't blame the salon if the effect did not last long!

Note: This treatment, I have to clarify is for treatment, to make your hair soft and manageable, not intended to be the exchange for hair rebond.  The waves on my hair went back but definitely the frizziness was gone and it lessened a bit.  I can survive with air drying my hair in front of an electric fan, no blow drying or flat iron is needed. 

Photo taken after air dried.  No blow drying nor flat iron used in this photo

A photo with Ms. Andrea Zulueta, the owner and Creative Director of Smooth and Style Salon.  I want to thank her and the staffs for making the 3  hours treatment the easiest ever.  I did not feel like it was a torture but it was a treatment worth going back for.

Here are the approximate damage, if you really needed to treat your damage hair, start saving up NOW!

I'll do a revisit on my hair for sure.  Let's see if it'll last me 3-5 months.  I am crossing my fingers on 5!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. u know what? everytime when i go for hair rebonding/coloring, the longest i could wait for to wash my hair is max 2 days. my greasy scalp usually kills my determination

  2. This is perfect! I never wanted super straight hair, I just wanted soft, neat, bouncy locks. You look lovely, Nikki! =)

  3. Your hair looks soooo shiny and silky!!

    I like my hair to be super straight. Unfortunately, it likes to curl a wee bit at the ends =(

  4. We have the same problem/s! I'm just 19, had my hair rebonded twice already. Tony and Jackey is always my run-to-salon every time my hair goes back to it's "one-big-wave" state. Well, my second rebonding session with them wasn't at all planned but when I got a haircut in TandJ, there was miscommunication between me and the Korean guy. I don't think he understood me when I said that I can't have too much layers since I just have rebonded hair so tada, after the haircut, the "one-big-wave" was back that I had to return weeks after for the rebonding session. (That's one reason why I don't go to TandJ for haircut sessions! Haha!)

    Anyway, my last rebonding session (second and last one) was last year and so far, my hair's still good. I was in search for the "perfect" shampoo and conditioner as well as home treatments months ago but then I stopped. I sticked to Pantene. Been using it since high school and maybe, no reason to give it up. That sounded way too cheesy but yes, as they say, "nahiyang" na ako in using it. :)

  5. thank you! I am waiting for this, thank you for the indepth review I will give this a try! I want my natural hair wave na , sirang sira na ang hair ko eh

    Nancy Uy

  6. hi nikki! is this the same as basement salon's brazilian keratin treatment? :)

  7. Xin, I know right? I just can't deal with dirty and oily hair :(

    Dang, this is the answer then! :)

    Lisa, I actually curl the ends of my hair to make it a bit curly and wavy! :)

    I am so sorry about the miscommunication, sayang the wave is back! :) But I'm glad hiyang ka sa TandJ :)

    Nancy Uy, I'm glad this review helps!

    Anonymous, it's different. I believe the Brazilian Keratin Treatment from basement uses different treatment which has different ingredients :)

  8. Good review!:) Just wanna mentioned hair gets greasy during the first week. Does it go away after the first wk? Coz my hair is greasy as it is now.:(

  9. Hi Nikki! I'm seriously thinking of getting this treatment. How's your hair now 5 months after? I'm more concerned about my hair's health after since it's the prime selling point of the treatment and it's sooo expensive. haha

  10. K, yes after the first week, the hair is less greasy and back to normal :)

    Rica, let's just say, I usually have my hair rebonded after 7 months or 8 months MAX! Now, it's my 11th month since I rebonded my hair January of this year, the thing is, its not as straight as hair rebond but I was able to survive without getting through rebond because hair is less frizzy, I still use flat iron on areas like the bangs and the outer part of the hair, but so far, hair is not ruined or dry! Hope this helps

  11. it really helped! i'll link this post in my blog. =) dya have any plans of doing the treatment again?

  12. Rica, actually if I have the time, yes! because it prolonged the rebond I did last January, usually I would do rebond again around 7th or 8th month, and it has been more than 11 months and the growth is not that obvious because the frizziness has been reduced!

  13. They say that keratin treatment has 12% formaldehyde that they use in cadavers. is this the same product. also is keratin and rebonding the same?

    1. the Keratin Complex as I was advised is different from Brazilian Blowout which has the formaldehyde that you worry :D

  14. @a bit of charm
    The Brazilian Blowout was the relaxing process that had the formaldehyde in it. The Keratin Complex is safe!
    Brazilian Blowout also reformulated their product so it is up to code

  15. Hi there

    I love the different hair style its suite you.......just awesome!


  16. Loved your BLOW BY BLOW recount. Had the keratin treatment for my hair recently. must say, we share the same passion for hair.
    Thankyou was a pleasure to read

    1. Hi there, I'm glad you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed experiencing it and telling my experiences to the world :D

  17. where can i buy the said treatment products?

    1. Which treatment product? The Keratin Complex SHampoo and conditioner? they are available in the salon mentioned in this post also Piandre

  18. Hi! :)

    I read your post... It's really great and informative :D

    I'm going to earn money (it really is indeed pricey ) in this coming vacation and get my hair fixed... I'm convinced about this post because I was also thinking which is better.. Rebond or this treatment...

    I would like to ask how much is the Conditiner and Shampoo for this Keratin treatment?

    And where can I buy this products??

    I hope you'll answer :)

    1. Hi there, here it goes as copied above ---
      Price of the treatment starts at Php5,000 (approx $110.00). I had it done at Straight and Smooth Salon for Php7,000 (approx $156.00) plus Php1,800 (approx $40.00) shampoo and conditioner after treatment.

      The shampoo and conditioner can be bought in this same salon that I had my treatment done or Piandre

  19. I thought that the price of the treatment depends on the length of your hair? My hair's length is medium.. I saw on the price list Php7,000.. I'm just really curious because I want it to be worth the money and time :D Just being a wise consumer

    I'm always check your blog if there are new posts..

    *Tiningnan ko po ung Display Pic niyo... was that the result of Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment??? :D

    Pasensya na po ahh ang dami kong tanong...
    I'm a highschool student and a month away to College.. I have to earn money for this...
    Just sharing :DDDD

    1. sa display pix, you can't use that as a sample as my hair was blowdried on that photo.

      With re: to Keratin treatment, I can vouch that my hair is less frizzy for the next 6 months though the waves or curls (if you have) will still be there, my hair is more manageable, soft and smooth.

  20. Ate Nikki, im 12 years old nung 10 po kasi ako nagpKulot ako one month after sumabog na ung kulot kya naging panget na ung buhok ko nagpa rebond po ako nung 11 years old po ako pero iniipitan ko po ung buhok ko tapos kinukulot ko gamit ang curlers

    1. I guess, the reason why your rebonded hair didn't last long kasi you clip it and curl it a lot! Once your hair is rebonded, constant care is needed para hindi sumabog ang buhok mo. Weekly treatments would be great (kahit yung sa bahay lang) goodluck

    2. Are all of these salons located in the Philippians? Do you know of salons in the U.S.? Thanks.

    3. Do you know of salons in the U.S. that does this keratin treatment? Thanks.

    4. Bloggerette, you can try ask salons near yoU! I don't know any exact salons in US

  21. Hello Nikki,

    How was your hair 6 months after the keratin treatment? Did the treatment damage your hair?


    1. No it didn't. my hair just had some curly growth but everything else was fine


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