Sunday, October 10, 2010

Korea Food Tripping: Street Food

Let me tell you one thing, prior to leaving for Korea, you know what I've been doing?  *blushes*  Watching Youtube videos on Korean Street Food and drooling as I got excited!  I have my Korean street food to eat in mind the moment I get off the plane!  

As reported, the weather was a bit disappointing on the first night!  Streets are deserted and I thought I won't be able to eat anything on that fateful night!  I nearly shrieked when I saw a stand and I went up to the lovely lady and pointed at what I want right away!  She's actually smiling because I look like a wet and hungry cat begging for leftovers!  *laughs*

Korean French Fry Coated Hotdog
I love fries and I love hotdogs!  Who in the smartest mind would have thought of combining the 2 together and put it on a stick???  Well, the Koreans did!  I have something else in mind when I took a bite on this but it tastes quite different as to what I've expected!  The fries is actually mixed with starch so its not as tasty as I've expected.  Starch is probably used for the fries to stick to the hotdog!  Wonderful experience though!

Ddeok-Boggi (rice cake) On Stick 
and Various Meat and Hotdog On Stick
The weather is a bit cool and the Rice Cake on Stick tastes a bit bland!  I was expecting the rice cake to be tastier but it's a bit hard to bite!  I actually did not finish it and threw out the rest (sorry).  On the other hand, we enjoyed the various meat and hotdog on stick!  Very delicious!

As we all know, Ddeok or Korean Rice Cakes are made in various ways to celebrate different types of occasions!  Even Chinese does that!  My first time to try street food Ddeok-boggi isn't that good so I told myself I have to give it a second try!  Thank goodness for long lines I've seen in one stall, I ordered it and had this "satisfied" look before I left Korea!  It's really delicious!  One order includes Rice Cakes and Tofu Skin!  The sauce is spicy but bearable!  LOVE!

JapChae Street Food Stuffing
It was starting to rain and we are on our way to have our dinner in a restaurant when we chanced up the guy selling these!  The hubby knew about this and said he wanted to try these!  We were asked if we want spicy or non-spicy!  We chose to try the spicy version!  It's hot to bite and it has Jap Chae stuffing!  You can put ketchup and mustard on it!  The rice and flour mixture tastes really good and its actually a bit crunchy on some areas which makes it even more tasty!

Sorry, wasn't able to take a shot of the filling as it was starting to rain and we have to run!  Well, we ate while running! LOL

Crunchy Squid Chips
Very crunchy and tastes super good!  We love it so much we brought home 2 bags of these!!!

Korean Chicken Wraps
Though I'm allergic to a lot of seafood and chicken, I popped in an anti-histamine tablet and ate away!  I was a bit full when I've given these Chicken Wraps a try!  But with one bite, I actually went back to the man who sells these and gave him a "thumbs up" sign to show him my appreciation of selling such lovely tasting food!

Grilled Chicken, like the Turkey style shawarma, included are coleslow and sauce!  The sauces used tastes really unique.  Sweet and tangy! 

Chicken, Rice Cake and Hash Pops
I actually invented the names so don't take my word for it!  The first time I saw them, I was quite full so I gave it a pass.  On our last night in Korea, I told the hubby I have to give it a try!  You can actually mix them all in one order!  I chose to give rice cake a skip and chose for Chicken and Hash Potatoes!  They mix both ingredients together and pour the infamous red sauce that they use on Ddeok-boggi!  I seem to grab the hash potatoes more than the chicken!  KFC pops tastes much better in my opinion. Hehehe

Korean Sausages
So many different sausage stands in Seoul!  I guess it's one easy to eat streetfood that's filling!  I've seen various types of sausages! 

There are the sausage wrapped in seaweed, sausage wrapped in bacon, sausage stuffed with rice cakes

And of course, there are just regular sausages that you can freely put ketchup and mustard!

"Boong-uh Bbang" or Carb Bread/Cake
This is one unique street food that caught the attention of Mr. AMW.  They cook them fresh right in front of you!  They pour the batter into a fish mold and fill it with either sweet red bean paste or mashed potatoes with cheese.  We ordered potatoes with cheese for the filling.  Tastes really good!  They usually tear off the sides and leave the "fish" shape, but the seller is quite nice and left the extras for us to munch on! 

Spiral Potatoes
These are actually available locally, I've seen people lining up to order their own spiral potatoes and I was a bit surprised to find them on the streets of Myeongdong too!  I haven't tried the local version but the Korean version ain't bad!  They're not as crunchy though because they were exposed on air!

Various Fishballs, Squidballs and Meatballs
You can't go wrong with this streetfood!  They serve it to you on a cup, remove the stick and add with soup!  You can drink the soup after eating this!  We had this at the ferry terminal to Nami Island.

Sugary Cones
Bought these from the Yongsan Train Station.  They sell various kinds of snacks and I asked for a small piece to taste!  The lady obliged and I actually like it!  Tastes like ice cream sugar cones!  One pack consists regular sugar cone chips and the other one mixed with nori.

Korean Rice Crispies
I actually saw these on Korean drama series a couple of times!  They are mostly sold on streets!  We have sold locally but ours are sweeter!  This actually tastes a bit bland, and you can taste the strong "rice" flavor.  Imagine scraping the bottom part of the rice cooker?  Tastes exactly like that!

*whew* Definitely food tripping right?  I think AMW and Mr. AMW already tried 75% of the Korean street food!  I am glad to food trip with my hubby and it was great experience!  Most of the ones we tried are quite good and we're quite happy!

Seriously, never miss street food when you visit Korea!

Streetfood prices range: 1,000Won-4,000W (approx Php40.00-160) (approx $1.00-3.50)

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. OMG SO YUMMY! I needz dat foodz naaooo.

  2. Gosh, I got full just looking at those photos. You actually ate all that?? Wah!

  3. you're so great!! actually not everyone can eat korean food at first time! lol~

  4. this post made me hungry! there seems to be so much food items to explore in seoul! you're one lucky girl to have experienced it! :-)

  5. I think I can live by street food hahahaha

  6. they look yummy! esp the spiral potatoes! I want one! lol.

  7. oh my kakagutom, i super love your trip, you did the whole bit, the shopping, the food and even some hallyu on kdrama.

    thank you for sharing your experiences with us, you inspire me to work hard to maybe someday go to korea with my own love.

    have a great sunday, ingat ^_^

  8. eating is the best part of traveling! ^.^

  9. The spiral potato looks so cool! xD And everything else is just yum yum

  10. Maggie, hahahah I missed Korean Street Food now!

    Skysenshi, most of the time, we order just one and I share with hubby! Yes, I tried ALL THOSE!

    Anastacia! Aawww, you are so lucky to live in such beautiful country with such warm hearted people and great food!!! Hope to be back!

  11. Lootwagon, I know, I am lucky and I can't help but thank the Lord for such wonderful experience, it's a dream come true!

    Lynx, same here, I told hubby if not only because I wanted to try authentic Korean Bulgogi, i can settle on just street food! I'm not picky when it comes to food!

    Hannah, I know Hannah! You'll love it there girl! You're one food tripper din kasi!

  12. Charry, you can try spiral potatoes here! They have it at Robinson's Place na!

    Marge, yes, I told myself I won't miss those adventure! Yes girl! You can work hard and I'm sure the time will come you'll be able to visit there! :) You can do it! I worked double time for this and it paid off!

    Chelle, yes!!! AGREE!

    Isabel, yes, the spiral potatoes tastes really good and it's all natural!

  13. Thanks for sharing~~~~ Loves ur sharing
    I was going to Korea next year February~~~~ Ur post helps a lot!!! ^^

  14. Loooooks good!!
    Excited na ako!! :)

    hahaha!! :)

  15. Ms. Nikki! i just had dinner and this post made me hungry again! huhuhu... ='''(

  16. Zoe, aww, I'm glad you find this post really helpful! Aaww February! Weather's going to be really chilly so bring lots of warm clothign!

    canDIshhh, eeek soon!!! Lapit na

    Angelamhiere, sorry, not intended! I myself am craving for these

  17. Sis, I first time saw those spiral potatoes being sold in the centre centre and I thought to myself... 'what drama is this now?' hahahahaha!

  18. I saw the spiral potato during the first Korean day here in Cebu last October 1 of this year. I thought it was pretty innovative, pero di ako bumili kasi nakakainis kaainin habang naglalakad. Anyway, nakakagutom tingnan yung photos mo.... Ah~~~~ Seoul....


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