Sunday, October 10, 2010

Korea Report: Myeongdong Catholic Church and Myeongdong Shopping

Last day...we were scheduled for our flight back to Manila at 9:00pm and we have to take the 4:30pm bus!  What to do from morning til afternoon?  Explore nearby sites, final shopping and of course, final food trip!

The Myeong-dong Catholic Cathedral is just a few minutes walk from Hotel Ibis Ambassador Myeong-dong.  It is actually the main Catholic Church in Korea and also considered the symbol of Myeong-dong because of its size!  I can actually see the tip of this church wherever I'm within Myeong-dong area.  

Construction started in 1894 and was completed in 1898.  Churches as old as that is quite magnificent and gave me a sense of pride each time I walk in the building! 

The church was built with bricks and I am not sure if the bricks are in their original color or was it repainted?  There are 3 entrances, the main one in the middle and 2 small ones on left and right!  On that Wednesday morning, the middle door was closed so we have to go through the smaller entrance.

As we walked in, there's a sense of serenity, I gave out a silent prayer thanking the Lord for the wonderful and safe trip me and my husband had!

The inner pillars are quite luxurious and the stained glass gave out a feel of class!  It was really quiet back there and we took only a couple of shots, prayed, sat for some time and left. 

How to get to Myeongdong Catholic Church:
  1. From Exit no. 5 of Euljiro Ipgu Subway Station (Seould Subway Line no. 2), walk 10 minutes
  2. From Exit no. 8 of Myeong-dong Subway Station (Seoul Subway Line 4), walk 10 minutes
It was lunch time after the church visit so we walked along Myeong-dong main shopping district again for that final shopping galore!  Saw a couple of cute souvenirs.  Shoppers obviously love Hello Kitty!  Even I do!

More souvenirs!  Cellphone charms, keychain and a whole lot more!

We got a tip from a friend that convenience stores ice cream are quite good!  We stopped by 7-11 and bought this!  The best tasting convenience store ice cream ever!!!  I can't seem to pinpoint why its delicious!  But it is!  It's a mix of chocolate and vanilla and this comes with cone!

We tried to look for "Carne Station" in Myeong-dong for the final blow!  BUFFET!  After almost an hour of asking and searching, we went back to the hotel to search for the name of "Carne Station" in Korean, and we thought it was a Eureka moment when we got the right direction from map.  We asked a bystander about it, he was nice enough to help us search the location via his mobile phone!  And you know what?  The darn "Carne Station" has already closed down!!!!  

Note from Author: Carne Station is open in Insadong though.

Disappointed, with legs that does not feel a thing, we walked back to the restaurant near our hotel and gave this a try!

Why do we have to walk so far?  This restaurant serves wonderful dishes!  Here are the unlimited appetizers!  Shhhhh but we had 4 servings of beansprouts!  LOVE IT!  Love it while we can, by the time we get uric acid, it's bye bye beansprouts!

Beef Bulgogi 
9,000 Won (approx Php360.00/$8.00)
Served with lettuce!  Wrapped them dearly!  tastes really really good!

Beef Stew
9,000 Won (approx Php360.00/$8.00) 
We were expecting the same Beef Stew looking dish back home but this came in totally different!  Their beef stew comes with ginseng soup!  I'm used to eating these though, we usually have this back home!  This reminded me of Chinese soup!

As if my legs aren't tired enough, we continued to kill time by going for Myeong-dong Underground Shopping.  We just walked the whole underpass of clothing, shoes, souvenirs and a lot of glass stores (Sunglasses, Reading glasses, contact lens)

Last stop, another Convenience store ice cream.  G25 Sundae!  I actually like the swirly chocolate and vanilla but I don't like the strawberry portion.  Tastes a bit like cough syrup!

Airport bus that took us from the hotel to airport.  Same bus 6015 for 10,000 Won (approx Php400.00/$9.00)

Dinner inside the airport!  Final authentic Korean dish.  Ordered Bibimbahp!  
12,000Won (approx Php480.00/$10.90)

Goodbye Seoul, Korea!
Thank you for being such a warm-hearted country!
I did not have a hard time because your people are very helpful!
Given the chance, I'll definitely go back!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. ang daming charms nun nikki.. :D nakakalunod.. hehe..

  2. Donna, oo noh! I was really confused and don't know what to buy! Ended up almost nothing kasi its overwhelming!

  3. I'm not much of a fan of Korean food, but your food photos made me want to give it another try! *drools*

  4. Thanks to your posts about Korea, I now want to go there. I am a sucker for beautiful church architecture. I was shocked to find one of the best-looking Catholic churches in your photos of Korea...and it's not even a Catholic country. Lovely!

  5. Hi AMW,

    I am going to Korea this coming Nov,any suggestions about the places and shopping to go? have you been to EHWA University? i heard that shopping there was quite interesting? thanks

  6. WOW!!

    Good idea for pasalubong!! :)

  7. Princess Ody, Really? I am super into Korean Food, even before I visit Seoul, that's one huge factor I've been wanting to visit the country, aside from Korean Cosmetics!

    Skysenshi, does look great no? You're right, they have a couple of Churches that looks like that stands in the center of the city and you're right, they're not even a Catholic Nation but look how gorgeou their churches are! Amazing no?

    Mybacks, wow, a lot of you going to Korea, now I'm envious! hehehe I haven't been to EHWA university because there's just so many places to go for shopping! Go for Dongdaemun, definitely a must and the shops open until 4 or 5am! But you have to be armed with your bargaining skills!

    canDIshhh, yup! :)

  8. Sis, looked a great holiday for you and keithie! I'd love to visit Korea one day too! Maybe after 2014, I'd get the opportunity to travel :) xxx

  9. aisshh and aigoo going to korea seems to be the in thing right now, from the fan club i belong to, to my office mate next to me. all have gone to korea na. LOL and brought home and shared such wonderful memories.

    thank you so much for blogging about your experience. you inspire me, and hopefully i get to go by 2012 [their promo thing].


  10. hi was just wondering why left at around 4:30pm when your flight is around 9pm?


  11. Gracie, yes, you will have the chance to travel with your family for sure :D

    Marge, yes, I guess it's because of those KPop and Korean series :)

    Lauie, we wanted to checkout the shops inside the airport :D


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