Monday, October 11, 2010

AMW Reviews: The Body Shop Special Edition Kajal Eyeliners

Aishwarya Rai, an Indian actress and former Miss World 1994.  Such a beauty!  What drew me into her beauty are her lovely eyes!  Don't you agree with me that most Indians have the best looking set of eyes ever?  In my opinion, their eyes are one of the most expressive ones!  I am not surprised that people are looking into their eye makeup tips to get at least a third of their beautiful "windows of their souls".

One thing I read about their eye makeup, they love to use Kajal Liners! I've always been intrigued with kajal liners but what stopped me are reviews about how messy application is and how it smudges on our humid weather!  

When I attended The Body Shop's Autumn Trend 2010 and learned that Kajal Liners are part of their collection, I am super happy because I can get to try Kajal liners and they came up with shades from dark to not-too-dark!  Aishwarya tiny eyes will try to look at least a tiny bit like just wait and see! *laughs*

The Body Shop Special Edition Kajal Eyeliner
Let's all together sing..."JAI HO!"

The Body Shop Kajal Eyeliners say ---
Create the season's sexy, smoky eye - essential for the Smoke and Fire look - with new Kajal Eyeliner.  The intense Kajal eye-look is traditionally used in India as a protector against the evil eye, and with three shades of Kajal Eyeliner, discover a unique product that helps to define the eyes, so you can create and intensify and reflect light.  Apply to the lash lines for dramatic, dreamy eyes or smudge over the eyelid for a sultry, smouldering eyeshadow look.

Available in 3 shades: 01 Charcoal, 02 Evergreen, 03 Steel
Product size: 3g (0.1oz)

AMW says ---
  • packaging is simple yet very nice, you can see the shade easily because of the transparent cap!
  • if used as eyeliner: gives out a very natural, "barely noticeable" extra line that people can't pinpoint
  • not as messy as we imagine
  • very easy to use especially for newbies!
  • does not crease or oil up in the middle of the day
  • the pointed tip makes it easy to apply
  • applies on smoothly and does not tug on lids
  • pigmented
  • does not transfer to the under eye area, no "panda" look
  • the shape of the Kajal liner makes it a breeze to use at first, but once you're at the bottom part, you can only use it as an eyeshadow base because it's not as sharp anymore!
  • instead of smudging, it actually disappears at some point if you constantly rub your eyes.  (try not to ok?)
  • limited edition, so not sure how to repurchase if you are really in love with this product!
Very easy to use, with the 2 colors I own, I prefer using them as eyeshadow base because it makes the eyeshadow stays longer and shade becomes more vibrant!  Used as eyeliner on days if I want the "barely there" makeup look!

  • if you have super oily lids, I suggest you still apply an eyeshadow primer prior to applying the Kajal Eyeliner.
  • if you like the obvious "liner" look, choose the 01 Charcoal shade, if you want the lighter version, 03 Steel works really well!  02 Evergreen works really great on brown/black eyed people like us Asians!
  • if you only need to purchase one, choose the shade you know you'll be able to use DAILY!  So you won't waste your money leaving them inside your makeup case!
  • try to apply with a horizontally to maintain the "sharpened" tip.

Will I repurchase?
Limited edition, so I'm not sure if I can even repurchase this!

To whom do I recommend this to?
Anyone who's into smokey eye makeup, whether light or dark!

Where to purchase and how much?
At The Body Shop stores for Php695.00 (approx $15.00)

I got mine in 2 shades:  
 L- Steel R- Evergreen

Applied on hand, no base
1. 03 Steel - grayish silver
2. 02 Evergreen - moss green shade with hint of gold

Used as eyeliner, applied on upper lashline 
and lower lashline

Used as an Eyeshadow Base
Gently apply the Kajal Eyeliner in Steel a third of your lids concentrating on the outer corner of my lids base on my eye shape.

Using a flat shader brush, pat on TBS Eye Colour in 43 Velvet Green on the inner lids.  Continue patting until you reach your desired shade.  Since I'm opting for daytime smokey look, I patted approximately 3-4 times.

Using a blending brush, apply TBS Eye Colour in 41 Peach with a wiper motion on the edge of the Velvet Green shade to blend.  Keep on blending until harsh line is gone.

Apply eyeliner, curl your lashes, fill in your brows to complete the daytime smokey look!  Isn't it easy?

Monday blues can be erased with a Monday Green Eye Make Up!  Try green as it works on our eye color!
How say you?  Are you back to eyeshadow mojo?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. These look interesting! I haven't been in a The Body Shop in a long time, I need to go soon. I haven't been very creative with my eyeshadow lately, I think I'm going to play around with some this long weekend! :)

  2. i think ur supposed to drag them along sideways so they dont lose their point, if that makes any sense. ie. use the side not the point...

  3. Maggie, same with me, it's always been eyeliner then go! hahahah :)

    Simpleelegance, yup! I did put it on my tip portion to use it sideways :) Thanks for commenting

  4. Oh my...been looking for one of these for so long. Glad to know TBS has one. Pero, disappointing nga ung you can't use it as an eyeliner anymore once the tip is no longer sharp. Hope they'll also have a sharpener for this hehe.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing. Might try it very soon. :D

  5. That's really beautiful! You make it look so easy. I hope I'd find it as easy to use as you did. Haha!

  6. great look, Nikki! I've always been unsure about mainstream brands' kajal liners. The original Indian kajal is so cheap but I haven't tried them before (always wanted to) so I don't know how they'd compare.

  7. Hi.. I am an Indian and a great fan of Aishwarya..most of us have deep big eyes and we enjoy using eyeliner and kajal..

    body shop eyeliner is certainly good but it doesn;t have lasting power at all..

    i will suggest to use Shahnaz hussain eyeliner which is available easily online..

    and a great tip for those who eyeliner smudge will be

    apply the kajal and then pat it with tiny bit of eye shadow..your kajal won't smudge.:)

    Thanks for writing about India..and i love your blog:)

  8. I love the look! Thanks for sharing!!! I have a blog too. I hope you can check it out. I have been a follower of your for over a year :)

  9. Thanks for sharing! wanna try a kajal liner now :)

  10. Anonymous, maybe, we can use a bigger sharpener to gently sharpen this? Who knows? I'll do something about it once I'm mid way :)

    Skysenshi, its seriously easy :)

    Connie, I'm sure the real ones are really good! We just don't have access to them down here

  11. Anamika :) Thanks for the tips, yes, I do use them by patting on eyeshadow to "set" it, Shahnaz Hussain? I will try to search it on ebay, after this message! hehehe

    April, thanks too for reading and thanks for being a follower, will check your blog :)

    Starryxuan, my pleasure! Glad you like this!

  12. i still did not tried eye kajal yet :( these prodcts looks so nice! love the green one!

  13. Oooh, so that's how you use kajal liners! :P I like both colors you own. :)

  14. Thanks for the review, I was wondering about these. The green one looks beautiful!

  15. awww, the liner is really cute! it's handy =)

  16. Anastacia, you'll love it! For someone who can create gorgeous eye makeup! It'll work for you!

    Pammy, hehehe thanks!

    Gio, my pleasure! I am loving the green too!

    ChinaDoll, yup, find them super handy!

  17. Anastacia, you'll love it! For someone who can create gorgeous eye makeup! It'll work for you!

    Pammy, hehehe thanks!

    Gio, my pleasure! I am loving the green too!

    ChinaDoll, yup, find them super handy!

  18. You just gave me back my eyeshadow mojo nikki! I've been skipping eyeshadows for weeks now but thanks to this post, I'm back with a vengeance! harhar!

  19. I think Ashwariya is stunning! thansk for the review x

  20. Kajal eyeliners are multi-purpose pala! Haven't tried one pa kasi. I want the Steel shade!

  21. Lady E, awww I'm glad to inspire you to go back to e/s! Me too! I have to! hahahah pero look at myself today! I just have eyeliner on!!! hihihi

    You're welcome dear (NOT) Old Cow hihihih

    Khymm, the Steel is really multi-functional, love it better as e/s base!


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