Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I Wonder: "Something You Like Taken Away from You"

My "I Wonder" moment probably sounds too serious!  Let's try to be a bit superficial for once hahaha, it's nice to take things lightly at times especially at the start of the week.  One reason I am on a sentimental side because of what happened to me on my way back to Manila...

I am almost done with my Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner, so I told myself I'll be bringing along a shampoo and conditioner that's not too bulky and yet, gives the protection against damage that I need!  

I've had L'Oreal Total Repair 5 Repairing Shampoo and Repairing Treatment all along with me for quite some time ever since I saw the Anne Curtis commercial, I wasn't able to give this a test because I had my Keratin Complex Therapy Treatment and I was advised to use a special shampoo and conditioner!  I followed instructions!  Good girl!

I brought this shampoo and treatment along with me on my recent Korea trip and I am actually impressed with the shampoo and treatment!  Even Mr. AMW uses it and you heard no complaints from him!  He usually gets itchy scalp and would complain non-stop about it! 

I actually love this combination and I was quite excited to continue using this when I get home!  Though the weather in Korea is quite cool and windy, my hair usually gets tangled in such environment!  With the L'Oreal Total Repair 5 (Well 2 to be exact that I've used), I can survive the whole day sightseeing, posing for photos, walk around without worrying about brushing my hair!  Let's not forget that this smells really good and I actually left my perfume back home and I did not worry because my hair smells great!

So here's the story!  On our way back, we "kinda" have excess baggage so we ended up handcarrying one bag which was supposed to be checked-in!  We did transfer some liquids and creams to the check-in luggage and forgot all about these 2!  Once we passed through customs, they opened our bags and we were told they have to confiscate these because it's not allowed!  *huge sad face*  No choice, rules and regulations need to be followed, but isn't it saddening that I lost almost a full tube of these?

Oh well, it's just material stuff, but hey! Just when I am starting to love the product...

So, it crosses my mind as I Wonder:
"Have something you like been taken away from you?" (product wise)

I'd love to hear from you and I'm sure, there are more expensive stuffs out there lost in space!
Let's all share our sorrows here and promise not to talk about it again! :D 
That's moving on eh?

Have a gorgeous Tuesday!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Wow, I should give the shampoo and conditioner a try (granted it is available here in Austria).

    Haha, the same thing happened to me too! Two years ago when I and the bf traveled to Paris, I also forgot to pack my beloved Kerastase Hair Mask to the check-in luggage, so they had to confiscate it too. Grr... there was at least 80% left! :|

  2. Hmmmm... my daughter always take my chocolate from me haha!

    So far wala pa naman product taken from me sa airport coz I make it a point to check in when I'm not sure if they are allowed or not.

  3. Jess, thanks for the message, glad to know it's just not me! I'd cry if they took my Kerastase! hahahah I am loving KErastase to bits!

    Earth, hahahaha I am usually OC with my stuffs, I Just forgot about the baggage allowance given to us by the airline so I had to change plans on spot...nawindang ang brains ko!

  4. aw sayang nmn Nikki! I'm excited to try this. I got some from the event last night. Why are you absent? hehe

  5. Welcome back Nikki dear! =) Same thing happened to me, I bought a big bottle of Vaseline SPF 24 (thanks to your review)for my BKK trip because I know I will be walking under the sun. On my way home, I forgot to put it in my checkin luggage, and they threw it away! My D&G perfume was next but I argued that it's not even 100ml anymore, but the girl can't understand English very well. Good thing his supervisor came & saved my D&G! =D

  6. i've never had to surrender my liquids in the airport because i always check them in. i saw this woman who had to surrender almost full bottles of artistry facial products. watching her do it made me feel sad :(

  7. Happened to me before too (my fault actually for being so scatterbrained)... i lost 3 tubes of my beloved Boots hand creams because of that stupid liquid rule!! T_T

  8. I used to use Herbal Essenses for my hair shampoo but it's not available over here, very missing that stuff...

  9. Nikki, I'm glad you also like these products! These are my faves now! The shampoo, conditioner, and the hair mask. I love this line! :P

  10. These products sounds wonderful! I'm sorry to hear they were confiscated. I always check all liquids in so it happened to me yet, but I'm sad that mean of you had your stuff confiscated. :(

  11. Kim! Yay, at least you can try this na! It smells great and works really nice :)

    Dang , oh no! Great thing your D&G wasn't confiscated! I almost never have issues with those liquids, just that I was surprised with the excess baggage and off to Plan B! hahahah Misshoo

    Crystal, wawa naman! I hate it! My cousin-in-law (may term bang ganyan?) hahaha have to give up her new perfume! sayang no

  12. Jenn, I was even being psychotic, I even said..."are creams liquid? They're not right? Their semi solid!" hahahah What the F am I thinking? hahahhaha

    Oh no Anastacia, Herbal Essence smells soooo good!!!! Too bad! I'm lucky the L'Oreal Total Repair 5 is widely available down here, so I just tell myself to repurchase!

    Pammy, good thing I did not tag the hair mask along! Kundi, nasama! hahhaha

    Gio, it's ok, I'm glad I can still purchase it! Just that, I want to hit myself on the head for being forgetful!


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