Monday, October 25, 2010

Nail Art Tutorial: 2010 Halloween Nails

I may be too old to join "trick or treats" but my nails won't give a damn!  It's Halloween once again and I'll be celebrating it no matter what!  I can always express it through my nails!  This year, I've decided to do some kiddie drawing and I have to thank "Google images" for inspiration!  Just because I cannot make up my mind, I've decided to put them all on my nails!

Here's a "preview" of my 2010 Halloween Nails!
There's spidey and a ghost with ugly BOO handwriting! :P

Step 1:
I've decided to use the pumpkin color --- Orange from Caress polish!  I originally planned orange and black but I can't seem to find my black polish!  So I've got a dark chocolate brown instead from Paul & Joe.  Applied 2 coats of each and let dry!  

Tip from AMW: Since I'm using dark colored polish, please use your preferred base coat to protect your nails!

Step 2:
On the dark brown polish shade, I will draw some "ghostly eyes" peeping through my nails!  You can choose to do this on all dark brown polish base as creating eyes aren't as hard as it seems!  I am using Prettynails' 2 Way Nail Art Pens in White and Black.  If you don't have art pens, you can use dotting tools and toothpicks!

Tip from AMW:  You can draw the black portion of the eyes from different location! 
Step 3:
For the orange portion, use black to make the design pop.  I've decided to draw cobwebs!  I am using a thin brush from L.A. Art Deco polish in Black.  Cob Webs aren't meant t be perfect, so do not worry if your lines aren't that perfectly drawn!

After drawing random cobwebs (which looks like umbrella by the way), I've decided to draw a tiny spider using my nail art dotting pen!  You can skip this step if its too much hassle!

Step 4:
Just because I have too much time to spare, I've decided to draw something special for both my thumbnails!

Orange Side
I've decided to draw a bigger spider! 
Do not forget to include eyes!  It kinda look cute rather than scary right? hehehe
Dark Brown Side
I've decided to draw a ghost, of course, ghost won't happen without the :O look!
Finish it up with "Boo!" word.  It's ok for the Boo! word to be shaky!
I find it super difficult to write using my left hand!  I am definitely not ambidextrous!

Step 5:
Making sure the designs you've drawn are COMPLETELY dry, finish it up with your preferred Top Coat.  I am using Elianto's Top Coat.

Here's how my nail art for the week looks like! 
And who would take me seriously with these nails?
Who cares?  It's Halloween! :)

And if you have a couple of minutes to spare, 
you can do your toenails too!

Advance Happy Trick or Treatin'!
What will you be this coming Halloween?

Keep smilin'
Stay Happy!


  1. so so pretty! it looks so adorable!

  2. OMG that is soooo cute.. I am afraid of spiders. but that one is actually cute.. and orange and black is awesome colour match:P

  3. Ahihi. This is what I'm waiting for! Super cute :) Happy Halloween, sister!

  4. lol! cute nails! I actually really like the mix of orange and dark brown polishes.

  5. this is so so so cute my dear!!! LOVE all of them. even your right hand looks normal!

  6. i like the way you do two different themes on the nails. i am going to a halloween party this coming friday night. not sure what to do and looking at my short nails i am not sure if i can paint anything on them. i think i'd be a boring old witch. lol

  7. that is so cute! love the "boo!" and the ghost :D

  8. What can i say about you? You're just way too creative! These are fantastic designs! I love them!

  9. love the little spiders! The ghost would be a bit ambitious for me, but I'd love to give that orange a try for Halloween! :D

  10. yay! so cute! i have that orange polish, too. i always have a problem with it because it's too sheer. i have to apply 3-4 coats just to see its real color. did you have that problem too? :)

  11. The nails are so cute and perfect for Halloween, love them!

  12. Its so cute!! I thought you drew a black cat on your thumb when I first saw the picture with only both of your thumbs. But after further reading, I found out that it was a spider! Haha! Sorry, My bad=P But your work's absolutely gorgeous! Keep it up! =)

  13. Oh dear!!! Thats tooooo adorable!! I love it, especially the cute spider!!! Hahaha!! :D

  14. love that teeny weeny spider! so cute!

  15. Thanks everyone for showing some love on my Halloween nails :)

  16. very very cute for halloween. i love the boo! ghost


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