Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Askmewhats Version: "Back with a Green Vengeance"

Happy Tuesday everyone!  I know I know!  I woke up on the different side of my bed because after 1 million and 1 years.... I've finally created the long lost "AMW Version".  A version of my own looks base on the current makeup I own!  I've had readers asking me about this and I'll say it for the last time, I got stuck with very important things since a very challenging trials that happened in my life last year!  That's the reason for the absence of "AMW Version", but now, it's back!  I'm not promising this to be a weekly thing, but it's good to finally do this again!  It was fun!

Back with Green Vengeance, I used green eyeshadows because I wanted to be back with an eyeshadow color that complements my natural eye color!  Most Filipinas can get away with a nice moss green shade! 

I hope my diagram is still as nice as before!  I hope even better!

Step 1:
Primed my lids, extending to the rest of the products to the eyebrows and lower lash line with my newly purchased Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer.  Once dry, drawn my brows using Paul & Joe Eyebrow Pencil no. 4.  Applied The Body Shop Kajal Liner in Evergreen on the outer thirds of the lids blending with my ring finger.

Applied TBS Eye Colour no. 43 onto the lids going a bit beyond using my MAC's 217 brush or any blending brush.

Step 2:
Using a larger blending brush, blur out lines using Maybelline EyeStudio Light Peach eyeshadow from the Gold Nuggets Palette.

Step 3:
Using the same MAC's 217 brush, apply a deeper shade to "deepen" the crease area.  I applied MAC Heatherette's Cloudburst e/s on outer v for that "larger" eye look!  Make sure to blend in harsh lines.

Step 4:
Using the sponge applicator from the Maybelline's Gold Nuggets Palette, the white eyeshadow to highlight the browbone area and do not forget the inner corner of the eyes for that "bright" and "awake" look.

Step 5:
Using any gel liner/liquid liner of your choice, in my case, I am using Makeup Masala Gel Liner in Black on my upper lashline winging it a bit. 

Applying Lancome's Le Crayon Khol in Noir eyeliner on the waterline and used Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil in Yeyo near the tearduct area. 

Open up your eyes, stand back and check your refection if you are happy with the look.  You can always apply more or blend more if needed.

Curl your lashes and apply coats of mascara.  In this tutorial, I used the new GlamBox Mink Lashes (which I will be reviewing soon).

Note:  If you have long and thick lashes, you can skip the falsies!  If you need to and you're afraid to try, click THIS LINK to see my tutorial on how to apply falsies. 

What's on the rest of my face?

For the Cheeks:
Contour with MSF Natural in Dark
NYX Blush in Pinky on the apples of the cheeks

For the Lips:
MAC's Viva Glam V Lipstick

Okay, this may look natural on photos but this is not my regular makeup on office days!
But it's nice to play with makeup again on my own face after a long time!  I've been too lazy!  I'd rather put makeup on other gorgeous faces than plain 'ol boring mine! :)

So how do you like "AMW Version's" Comback?

Keep smilin'
Stay Happy!


  1. Wow, you look gorgeous, Nikki! The lashes look great on you. :)

  2. you look so radiant and fresh nikki.. ang ganda ng skin mo.. :D

  3. nice makeup! dapat everyday wear mo na lang to!

  4. i love love love it! u look gorgeous sis!

  5. As always, you are so good at this. Thanks for this post! I've always wanted to try green smoky eyes but I always fail.

  6. this looks lovely! thanks for the step by step instruction

  7. Off-topic question: How much is a P&J eyeliner and a powder foundation refill?

  8. Ang ganda, Nikki! I don't know how you do it, but you do smokey eyes the "cleanest"! Galing! =D

  9. Don't ever say that you look plain, because your smile is one of the most beautiful ones i've ever seen!! :D

    I love this look!! So gorgeous and sexy!! I want you to put on makeup for me and do my nails!! Wakakaka!! :D

  10. i love these step-by-step tutorials nikki. helps use make up newbies so much. thanks for the comeback.=)

    your eyes looks pretty.

  11. i love this make-up look so far! very nice smokey eyes!

  12. Maggie, thanks~! I love falsies, just too lazy to apply them :)

    Donna, aww, sis, thanks!

    Lelila, tamaddddd!!! hahaha

  13. Xin, thanks for loving your sis dear!

    Skysenshi, practice! I love greens! they work on most skin type! :)

    Masterofboots, I'm glad you appreciate the step by step instructions! :)

  14. TPS, I could be wrong but the refill for powder foundation costs approx Php1,500+ (approx $35.00) while the eyebrow pencil ( I believe they don't have this old version anymore) but I bought it for Php950.00 (approx $22.00)

    Dang, aww "cleanest"? Hahahah if only you've seen the time I was doing the smokey eyes, its not clean for sure, I just cleaned it after the whole application! I'm an eye makeup janitress! :P

    Jenn, that's a deal! I'll do both your nails and makeup when I visit you gals there! And you have to let me play with your makeup and masks ok?

  15. CBNG, glad you find my tutorial helpful!

    Mhean, you do a lot of colorful makeup yourself, I'm always on the safe side :)

  16. this has got to be one of my favorite eyeshadow looks of yours. absolutely beautiful!

  17. This is a really pretty look. Your skin looks amazing. :)

  18. I love this look! So pretty and sexy!

  19. Lootwagon, wow, thanks for choosing this as a fave :)

    Pammy, thank you! :)

    Gio, thanks!

  20. hey finally may EOTD ka uli! we've missed your tutorials nikki! :)

  21. Oh goodness! PLease don't say that your face is plain, it isn't! you're so pretty kaya.
    Love the smile and the eye makeup.
    so pretty

  22. This is a very great look.

    Thanks for sharing!

  23. nice. ang galeng ng smokey eyes effect. nacocompliment sa hair mo.

    ganda ng hair color mo. what shade?

  24. Crystal! I know, it has been more than a year!

    TPS, thanks too

    Debi, awww thanks! Glad you like my smile! My mom says she likes it and I thought it was just her! :P

    Lavender, no problem, always my pleasure

    Sows, my hair color is from INOA ..shade 7.31 :) Mixed and matched by Jimmy of Regine's Salon

  25. love it Nikki! it really suits you btw.

  26. hello nikki,just wanted to ask what brush u use in applying gel liner?

  27. I love the look! :D

    May I know where did you buy the lashes?? thanks! ;p

  28. vavavoom!! :) really pretty sis!! i like this look on you!! more more more!!

  29. Khymm, thanks!

    laneige couture, the Ecotools flat liner brush :) Any synthetic slanted eyeliner brush will do :)

    Vainails, thanks! The lashes were sent to me for review but you can purchase them in this website, will actually review it tomorrow, check it out :) http://glamboxcosmetics.multiply.com/

    Shen, thanks sis! MORE? hahhaha ikaw kaya You do really nice FOTDs! :)

  30. This is a really pretty look. I've been trying to do a smokey eye but I somehow when I do it, it doesn't look as good!

    Love the falsies, looks really good on you!

    Very pretty look :)

  31. Your eyes livened up with the black smoky! It looks good on you. I'm want more fotds from u Ms. Nikki! I really look up to you and Ms. Shen :)

  32. Gwenie, thank you! Well smokey makeup is easy to do when you've done it many times! go on for more practice! you will be able to do a very good one :)

    Kikay Morean, thank you! :) I will try my best to do more FOTDS hahahha


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