Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Reader's Corner: How to Apply Falsies

Wow, it seems just like yesterday when I was bragging about the holidays!
And here I am, back to work!....
Time flies so fast! Will I just wake up one day, and blog as a Grandma? *shakes off thought*

Back to reality! LOL

I've got requests for applying falsies many times!!! I know there's so many Youtube gurus doing it and I thought, why would people want to see my tutorial on photos? Videos are way easier. So I procrastinated...but the question haunt me....and I really have to do this! LOL

Here's my way of applying falsies, there's so many ways out there but this is the best for me and my clients! You of course can do what's comfortable for you! Ok? OK! :D

Now let's begin.....

Before we start, choose your favorite falsies and lash glue!
In this tutorial, I am using DUO lash glue (thanks Gracie)
To those who wants to purchase cheaper alternative, you can go for Ardell Lash glue, it's cheaper and it works just as good as DUO :)

** Famous TFS XLH lashes

(Note: I always put on falsies AFTER my eye makeup, some people like to put falsies on BEFORE eye makeup application, it is again, your preference)

Step 1:

Curl your lashes well, in my case, since my lashes are short, I curl it "L" shape, so the lashes will be hidden in between the falsies.

Step 2:

If you are using full size falsies, measure the lashes to make sure it fits the eye, trim the lashes if desired.

TIP: always trim the inner part of the lashes and count the number of lashes you trimmed, make sure it's equal to the other falsie. Yes small details like that are VERY important.

Step 3:

You can apply the glue directly only the lashes, but DUO lash glue has a big hole, so I've press the glue on a cardboard. You don't need a lot of glue.

Step 4:

Go through the lashes onto the glue, be careful and apply an even amount of glue.

Step 5:

After going through the lashes with the glue once, apply more glue on both ends, to make sure it doesn't fall off. (Lashes on your cheeks?.... NOT sexy :P)

Outer Corner

Inner Corner

Some people prefers to leave the glue on the lashes for 30 seconds to make sure the glue is tacky so it doesn't slide off easily during application.

Step 6:

Apply the falsies while looking down

You can use your fingers

With the help of tweezers

Step 7:

Looking straight, adjust the lashes while you can. Making sure to apply the falsies very near the lashline.

Try not to blink too much while you do this step.

Do not worry about the glue
It'll dry transparent

Step 8:

Using the ends of the tweezers, or handle of your brush, press the lashes downwards, making sure it sticks well.

Step 9:

This is a very important step. Roll the lashes with brush handle upwards.

Do the same step on the other eye

(do not do the following steps if you plan to reuse your falsies)

Fill in some spaces
with a gel liner/liquid liner
if needed

You can combine the natural lashes with the falsies
by applying
your favorite mascara

Now you're ready
to flutter those lashes

"How do we remove the falsies?"

Gently tug the outer corner of the falsies, going inward. If it gets to be painful, use a wet cotton bud, slowly wipe the glue as you go on.

Whew! And I thought I wouldn't be able to finish this post! :)
Thanks for the query!

I hope this photo tutorial helps!

Keep Smiling!

Stay Happy!


  1. Thank you so much for this post!!! I was hoping you'd do one. I own so many pairs, but I'm too chicken to try wearing them.

  2. wow i feel like i do it totally wrongly now hahaha i just stick them on without tweezers or any extra steps XD

  3. Nice falsies tutorial, thanks!

  4. it looks so easy when you do it! :p
    I love those lashes from TFS maybe I will buy these as well. I've been eyeing on them but I don't want to shell out money for them. :) The falsies looks good on you btw ^_^

  5. Great tutorial!!!

    Lovely nails! :D

  6. oh thank you thank you! whew, that helps me a lot! It took me over 30 minutes to try putting on falsies myself..and I had to redo my eye makeup cause I pretty much messed it up..thanks again!! :)

  7. great tutorial! Falsies sure are fun :)

  8. awesome post! you can never learn enuf about falsies!

  9. This looks really helpful...I think the main problem I have with false eyelashes is that I am too lazy to take all those extra step..plus my own lashes is pin-straight (poking down) and they never cooperate when I put on falsies so it's always too layered...

  10. think this is a great tutorial too! i dont know if i still remember to wear falsies ever since the first time :P oh well, i can always refer to your tutorial now. thanks nikki.

    p/s: sometimes utube vid loads too slow, so i definitely support pictorial!

  11. Wow, I can't wait to try applying falsies with your tutorial ( of course I need lash glue and lashes D: ). Thank you so much, I'll give this a shot! It's really hard for me to apply false eyelashes because I always poke my eye. I guess I just need practice!

  12. they are look very natural on you! thanks for the tut... mine tends to fall off after 30mins xD

  13. Awesome tutorial! Is that a Ardell falsie?

  14. Thanks for the tutorial Nikki! It is so easy to follow :)

    I hope I can try using falsies..but I'm too chicken to put one coz my lashes are long already but they are stick straight..is there a more natural falsies than TFS XLH? :)

  15. Thanks for the tutorial! It's so funny whichever eye I do first comes out bad, but the later one comes out great *sigh*. :/ I have no idea why the first one never comes out right... lol~

    I wanted to see recipes because I don't know many Filipino food. :P

  16. Hi Toma, you are welcome, you're one of those few who requested *winks winks* I couldn't say NO! :D

    Yumeko, nah, its not wrong, you are good and precise to stick it without tools :)

    Sonya, thanks for saying so! :)

    Dreamer0703, thank you and i'm glad you like it!

    Gia, sis, it takes time and practice, you'll get the hang of it :) Sis, though its quite pricey, its still cheaper as compared to MAC or SHu or those Ardell lashes :)

    Anastacia, thanks :)

  17. Nikki, sis it's normal...my first try takes time and tears din! hahaha

    Connie, yeah! it looks wonderful on you!!!

    Vanessa M, so true, I always learn new stuffs about putting on falsies!

    Citrine, I know what you mean, don't get me wrong, I don't do it often :) I am too lazy even to apply mascara! LOL

    Prettybeautiful, thank you so much for liking this tutorial eventhough its just photos :) THANK YOU!!!

  18. Spankedelic, so sorry to read that..I do hope you get a better teacher!!!

    Chrissy, you can start by using AIDO and the AIDO PUTTY as lash glue, it works really well for a local brand and you can practice using that without the huge price tag :) Goodluck!

    NicNic, thank you!!! :) I'm glad mine haven't fallen off YET :P

    Mrs. Cheng Tyler Heu, no, the lashes are from The Face Shop :)

    Crystal Gale, you can definitely try using falsies but your lashes are naturally long and pretty! :)There are more natural falsies from TFS! You can check them out :)

    Ahleessa,I know what you mean, one falsie application is ALWAYS better than the other! :)

  19. Great tutorial! I have the hardest time putting on falsies, even after reading/watching tutorials lol xD

  20. Thanks for the tutorial! I'll look this up when I decide to try falsies. =)

  21. Thanks for the great tutorial!! Until today i still don't know how to put them on properly!! :(

    i'll try out your steps when i go back!! hehehe!! :D

  22. This is a great tutorial, sis! I have no idea how to apply falsies and I sooo wanna learn! Yay! You gave hope to my moronic falsie dreams :)

  23. Interesting post! now i want to try wearing falsies too. i just hope it'll be easy for me too. =)

  24. {e.motion in: motion;}, it's one of the hardest part to put falsies onto yourself..but you'll get the hang of it trust me :D

    Catherine , yay! I think you'll look great with falsies on!!!

    Jenn, you are welcome!!!!

    Teeyah, hahaha give them a try, try out the wispies one, like this one I used, its easier to start with short lashes so you don't need to trim!

    Czel, goodluck!!! Let me know how it goes! :)

  25. great tutorial! how i love falsies :)

  26. O wow.. that is so helpful. I'm scared to wear false ><

    I never tried it... and plus i'm scared that i will be allergic to the glue and then my eyes will be swollen.. hehehe such a phobia

  27. wow!! nice tutorial!
    you always manage to give us all your best tutorials.. ^^
    i'll try it out!!
    thanks Nikki :D

  28. thanks for the tutorial! i have a really hard time putting on fake lashes. i can never get my real lashes and the fake lashes to blend in together the right way.

  29. M, :) I know you do *winks*

    Purple snowflake, I know what you mean, though falsies look wonderful, I highly advise not to use them if your eyes are very sensitive, I'd rather go "no lashes Look" rather than bulging eyes due to allergies :)

    miRaCLe , aww thanks for saying so! *hugs*

    Lily,I know what you mean, it looks obvious at times so I'm finding ways to make sure it looks like ONE :) Will definitely share more tips if I learn somethign new

  30. WOW!!! you're so good. I don't think i can put it on me...(i am lazy as ever...lol) if you don't mind, can you put it on me? joke!!lolz!

  31. Wow, you make it sound really easy. Too bad I hate falsies. I tore them away during my wedding after letting the makeup artist put it on.

  32. thanks for this! maybe i'll try falisies soon...lol

  33. Debi :) Sure! hahaha My pleasure!

    Sesame, hahaha it does look easy ? hahahha It is easier after nth times of practice! :)

    Paint Me gorgeous, yes yes! let me know if you finally made it :)

  34. Thanks for the awesome tutorial, it's very helpful!

  35. wah! i have no idea how to put on falsies. it's my first time to watch a tutorial on it, since i have long lashes already. but i'm thinking of trying this when i have concerts, but i'm such a cheapo when it comes to buying falsies, so i have to ask, how many times can i reuse a pair? tee hee!

  36. very helpful and precise. thank you nikki! i like the tip you made about 'rolling the lashes with a brush handle' because i NEVER do it! n now figured out that's why i have two sets of lashes when i wear fake lashes haha. it looks sooo unatural looking on me =S

  37. Gio, you're always welcome and thanks to you for always brightening up my blog with your comment :)

    Crystal, you don't need falsies! how dare you!!! hahaha You can reuse this as many times as you want as long as it still looks ok on the eye, if the glue is so hard to remove, then I believe it's much better to throw it out! :) After this look, I can still reuse this TFS Falsie :) I'll cunt how many times I'll be able to reuse it and let you know! :)

    Jo, awww, I'm glad it helps :) Enjoy your day jo! :)

  38. Thank you so much for showing this. I always have trouble putting on false lashing which result in making me hate them. But thank you for showing this! I will try this out!

  39. great tutorial!! wow, im impressed. you have such great patience in taking photos.. :)

  40. YAY on your CS haul also! You should do a tutorial on the contour palette! I wanted to get that palette but don't know how to use it so I decided not to get it! Do you think the concealer palette is a waste or do you like it?

  41. This post is so nicely detailed! :) Those lashes looks major cute, too bad I don't have any face shops near me.

  42. You make it look so easy! I'm scared of falsies lol.

  43. Yu, aww no problem, I hope you don't hate falsies no more! :)

    aquaracer, hahaha aside from my hubby who loves to take photographs, me too!!!!

    Mrs. Cheng Tyler Heu , yes it's the same palette from CS but it's from a different supplier, will post about it soon :) Need to use it! :) I will let you know if they are worth it! :)

    Female_intuition , awwww no Face Shop? I'm sure there's a lot of wonderful falsies there! :)

    Kasumi, don't be scared of falsies, as soon as you successfully applied the falsies, you'll be addicted to them :D

  44. Thanks for this! I've never used DUO glue. I have to give it a try. My problem is that the inner corners always pop up!

  45. Fabuless beauty, oh, have you tried Ardell? Before Duo, I used Ardell and it works so well, no popping up of falsies!

  46. Sis, thanks for this tutorial because I've never been able to do it properly. Now that you've shown how it's done properly, I'll have another go :)

  47. Gracie, awwwww, you don't even need falsies, you've got lashes!!!! :D

  48. great pic falsie tutorial. probably the best pic tutorial ever.

  49. Jensmakeupbag, wow!!! really? Thanks, but I find videos are way better LOL But thanks for appreciating this

  50. nikki, thank goodness for this post! i am here visiting this post again :P kinda forgot how to put on falsies.. hehehe

  51. Great post, Nikki! I still haven't quite mastered the art of putting strip lashes on myself. I'm all about the clusters! And while I'm not bad at those, I could do with more practice. I should wear them just because I woke up that day. Or because the name of the day ends in day. Special times, you know? *grin*

  52. Prettybeautiful, awww I'm glad you liked this! I'm glad I did this!

    Janine, hey girl! I haven't tried clusters! And I want to try it, someday..someday :) *grins* I know about special times :P

  53. thank you for this tutorial! if I'm going to reuse my false lashes, I shouldn't put on my mascara?

    1. You may use mascara on your original lashes but not on the falsies :D You're welcome by the way :D


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