Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Askmewhats Reviews: MAC 242 Flat Shader Brush + Love Package

Dearest friends :) How's everyone today? Another review for a MAC brush I recently bought :) I know a lot of you have commented that MAC brushes are too pricey, yes, but I definitely thought of buying the ones I will definitely use for a long time, for clients :) Investment :)

MAC 242 says ---

For powder, concealer or emollient-based product application. This brush has firm fibers carefully shaped to form a rounded edge for a smooth, even finish. M·A·C professional brushes are hand-sculpted and assembled using the finest quality materials. They feature birch, linden and ramin wood handles, nickel-plated brass ferrules.

16 cm

Askmewhats says ---

  • stiff enough to grab pigments
  • size is perfect for my lids
  • no shedding
  • no flyaways
  • multi-tasker: Can be used for cream and powdered eye products
  • perfect for MAC paintpots, eye primers, etc...
  • can also be used to apply concealer on small spots
  • pricey
  • MAC logo and brush number does it's disappearing act once again lol (but there's always the clear nail polish method as recommended by my dear readers)

Thanks Liz for helping me out with decision making (via twitter), she told me that if you are into foiling and you love to wet your e/s, or you are into cream based eye makeup, this is a perfect tool for you.

I am not into Foiling, I am not into cream e/s but I LOVE THIS.

Why? Because I use this to apply my UDPP (I had mine in a pot now so dipping my fingers ain't hygienic).

I also use this to apply my concealer closer to my waterline! I love this brush! I know there's a lot of dupes out there, but this, again, is a perfect size on my lids!

I put this on "MUST HAVE MAC BRUSHES".


  • do wipe the brush with baby wipes or clean it after every application, as cream based products can stiffen this brush and harder for you to use on the other eye.
  • spray on water/fix+/Evian or any product you want on this brush for a more vibrant eye makeup
  • wipe this with Oil, or in my case, I use my face cleansing oil, as cream based products are harder to remove

Will I repurchase?

If I can!!! Just like MAC's 239, I'll hold onto this baby til I go to sleep :P

Where did I purchase and how much?

At Local MAC store for Php1,490 (approx $30.00)

A closer look to MAC 242

Side View

Side by side with my other concealer brush
I use the bigger brush for concealing the undereye circles
Both works well together!

Mother and daughter Happy Together :P

To be honest, Since I got MAC 239 and 242,
I am not lemming for other MAC brushes anymore!
*knocks on wood*
I get happy easily ya' know :P


Before I end this post, I want to give a special shoutout of thanks to sis Hedley of My Sweet Fix for the wonderful gift! She told me it's for my birthday and she added so many goodies!

Aawww, made me smile :)

Prestige My Little Black Book Eye Lip and Face Palette
Paul & Joe Face Color 002
Lush Soap in Honey I Washed the Kids
Lush Lip Balm
Lip Balm (Wild Strawberry and Lily)
Elianto Aqua Shadow (pink and blue)

Thanks sis Hedley!
I will definitely enjoy the goodies!
Thanks for thinking about me!
Keep Smilin'!
Stay Happy!


  1. those nail polish packagin is soo cute! lol


  2. I'm delighted that you got this and like it! :)

    Hahaha, when I said 'cream based e/s', I meant that as a 'for example' - any cream products would do really, so your UDPP is perfect, and even for your concealer (I think you use it, right?). I have even used it to put on liquid foundation; because the brush is so small, it takes a long time, but precisely because the brush is so small, it gives me the precision when I don't need a full-face coverage.

    Happy painting Nikki! x

  3. wuu..the 2 in my "must-have-list" now..

    tks for sharing Nikki


  4. awww! She's so nice! omg the Disney Paul and Joe is soo cute!

  5. AWE! Yuo got super cute stuffs! Cool P&J stuff and sooo pretty nail polishes! Lucky :DDD

  6. nikki i cant imagine your brush collection now :P show me one day pls!

    yeay for the love bag!

  7. my list of 'mac brushes to have' are getting!

    great review!

    good stuff too!
    i like the honey i washed the kids soap..with the honeycomb on top...

  8. I have that brush too..... woot
    but i don't use brushes that often any more. I find it using fingures is faster to apply eyeshadows and just use fingure to blend.. i'm too lazy =D

  9. I can't use flat shadow brushes well. I have tried so many but even with gle liners, I have to use a pointy one instead. I find they don't yield as smooth finish as other types for me.

  10. i also use this to apply udpp! :)

  11. I'm not into foiling either but this brush would be perfect for it!!

  12. Yumeko dear! I am too lazy to use my UDPP since I transferred it to a moisturizer jar, now that I got this brush, back to UDPP again!!! :)

    Dwana, no problem sweet!

    Lipstick Staiin, aaww girl! SOrry it's not nail polish but liquid e/s! :) It does look like polish!

  13. Liz, yes, thanks to you I'm loving this brush!

    Kavukz, yup these 2..well actually 3 with MAC217, you're ok for the eye! :)

    Kasumi,Yes, it is the cutest packaging ever!

  14. Anastacia, heheh thanks

    Prettybeautiful, LOL its not as huge but sure, if I have the chance i'll show you my brush collection :)

    Thiamere, sorry! I am not helping you adding the list! NO?

  15. Fuz, thank you!!!

    Purple Snowflake, I know what you mean, I'm too lazy to clean my fingers lol that's the reason why I don't use my fingers lOL We're both lazy!!!! We shouldn't be putting makeup due to our laziness lol

    Jojoba, I know what you mean, its just your own personal preferences :) I'm glad you found something that works for you! :)

    Aquaracer,yay!!! *high five*

    B, yes :)

  16. mac brush is too pricey for me.. :p but they really looks so good!

    the gift is so cool! enjoy~~
    ♥have a nice day!!♥


  17. Thanks for the review nikki! I want this too =D

  18. I LOVE the 242!!! It was one of my first MAC brushes and I still love it to this day :)

  19. Oh these are such lovely gifts, cheers ^_^!
    I've seen the Prestige palette here (we have a few different ones, including this one) and I might buy it some day ;). But I never have any money left after getting everything I really want from my wishlist, lol.

  20. wah don't make me want this. i will chant now *i don't want this i don't want this i don't want this* hehe!

  21. miRaCLe , I know, who knows you'll get yours in the future? I was lemming for it for a year! LOL

    Kim, no problem :) I enjoyed reviewing this!

    Tanya, yay!!! Same with you! I love MAC242 too :)

    Cris, I have the prestige quad but not this booklet, I hope it works :) I am excited to play with it! :)

    paint Me gorgeous, no problem! My pleasure!!!

    Crystal, nah crystal, YOU don't Want it!!! heheheh am I helping you out? Yes, you don't need this, the future? When you start to work? LOL Am I helping you at all..ok..I'll shut!!! LOL

  22. Thanks for the review, I really want this now!

    You got some really nice stuff. Enjoy!

  23. I don't know why I don't love my 242, but I don't :( I always end up using a cheap concealer brush for cream eyeshadow and a cheap crown brush for concealer. Why can't I love you, 242?

    I do love the 239!

  24. i love my 242! it is the perfect size :)

  25. Gio, no worries :) I enjoyed giving my readers reviews :) Glad its helpful!!!

    Pixie, it really depends on the user! It always boils down to our own preference and thanks for sharing yours! I wish to find a cheaper dupe for this brush ! :)

    Ren Ren, yeah, I've seen you use them :)


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