Thursday, April 16, 2009

Askmewhats Version: The "ULTA" Look

Good day ladies and gentlemen!!!
I've done another look for the day! :D
I call this the ULTA look because I've used mostly ULTA eyeshadows. I can't believe I didn't use them much, they are super pretty and pigmented and color payoff is wonderful :) Ulta e/s are available at ULTA only and some colors I asked my friend who vacationed there to help me purchase and the other are gift from a blogger friend, Toma! :)

You can use your own choice of e/s brand for the looks here :)

Here's the final look
Yes, this was the look from the
Falsies Tutorial

Askmewhats Diagram

Prior to eyemakeup application
I primed my eye
with Benefit's Lemon Aid

(I am loving this Gracie)

Step 1:

Using a flat shader brush, pat on Ulta's Calla Lily on the inner thirds of the eye. Or use any frosted light pink e/s color :)

Step 2:

Using any crease brush or blending brush, in my case, I've used MAC 226 brush, apply the outer v corner with Ulta's Plum Noir or any dark Plum e/s color. Do not worry about harsh lines, we'll blend it all out later.


To deepen my crease (as I don't have it) lol, using the same MAC226 brush, or any smaller crease brush, apply Ulta's Galaxy on top of the Plum Noir, or any black e/s, you can choose for sparkly or matte one.

Step 3:

To create a bit of a "summer fire", it's summer time down here anyways. Pat on NYX's Cherry single e/s on the eye ball area.

Step 4:

Since everything is shiny shimmery & splended, use a Matte White e/s this time to highlight the browbone and inner corner of the eye. I am using Lancome's quad, or any matte white e/s you have on your collection. (ELF makes good matte e/s!)

Step 5:

Gel liner baby!!! :P I also apply this on the lower lashline. Very close to the waterline.

Step 6:

Apply Fashion 21's Pearl stick e/s on the waterline, go through Ulta's Plum Noir e/s on top of the white cream e/s.


Apply falsies if desired. If you have long, thick lashes, DO NOT talk to me! :P
(for applying falsies tutorial, smile and click here)

I'm done!!!!

The camera flash kinda washed out
the "Summer Fire Red"

Here's a shot for you to see
the effect of NYX Cherry

And what's on the rest of my face?

For the Face

MAC Studio Fix Liquid Foundation NC30
Mixed with CG TruBlend no. 1
(I am NC20! Confirmed!)

For the Cheeks

Meow Cosmetics Blush
"What's New Pussycat?"
(Thanks Joyce for this I love this,
suits purple e/s!)

For the Lips

Covered the dark pigmentation of my lips
with ELF Tone Correcting Concealer
Pat on CG Amazemint

And Crabby has to join me again in this shot
because we both have "wispy" lashes LOL

(Liee, from Something Unconthrived,
thanks for the lovely button earrings)

Hope you like my Ulta Look :)

Have you done any purples lately?
What's your color for the day?

Keep smilin'

Stay Happy!


  1. oHhh gorgeous!! i like this color!! its almost like a plum'ish... can you tell me or show me how you line ur eyes with that liner brush? i have that but i use the flat top one cuz i find it easier.. lol =D


  2. This is really pretty! I should play around with shimmery stuff more.

  3. the combination for colors came our really nice :)

  4. is pretty. the purple eye look is so subtle. well done <3

  5. You looks so pretty!
    Like the look!

  6. awh, you look awfully sweet! and that headband was a nice touch :D

    I don't often wear purples but I just picked up some purple eyeshadows which means I'll be using them soon!

  7. I love that little crabby!! It's sooo cute. And I love this look. Soft yet sooo beautiful.

  8. lovely!
    i love it!

    im gonna try this one sometime..
    maybe on saturday

  9. LipStick Staiin , sure I can try to show how I line my eye with that brush :)

    Chrissy, hahah I love shimmer e/s but I love mixing it with matte too :)

    Iambeautiful20, thanks! I'm glad you liked it

  10. ning * star, thanks for liking it and thanks for commenting!

    Anastacia, thanks dear!

    Connie, I seldom wear headbands but I own a lot of them! :) I guess my work entails to me to use headphones which is a nuisance with headband on :)

  11. B, I love li'l crabby!!!! We had a hard time getting it at a booth!!!!

    ~tHiAmErE~ can't wait to see your version :)

  12. This is a lovely color combi! I love your pic - the half one you posed with your eyes closed - the hairband and the falsies add up the great lovely look!

  13. Nikki, how are the Ulta e/s? are they good? =D

  14. Sesame, I'm glad you like the shots :) hahaha people are loving hairbands nowadays :)

    Kim, Ulta e/s that I got are all very pigmented and smooth, easy to blend. But I can't vouch for the other colors, I have a feeling it'll be the same as NYX or MAC e/s, some are super smooth and pigmented, some will be grainy and non pigmented, it really depends on the e/s color and finish :) Are you planning to purchase? Do wait for their BOGOF!

  15. this is definitely one of my favorite looks of yours fa sho!

  16. Loving the dark colors on you!! Sooo sexy~~

  17. so nice!!! I wish i could carry off purples as well as you too!! they make me look so tired!! >.<

    i love the last picture!! you're too adorable!! hehehe!! :D

  18. MMF, thanks for your comment (first time to comment right?) And I'm glad you have a fave!!! :)

    Fuz, thank you sweetie! Just like I love you in dark makeup!!!

    Jenn, yes you can!!!! I'm sure you can! Our skintone is not too far away :) So go go go!!!! *cheers*

  19. Beautiful! I need to try to recreate this look. And the eyelashes were the perfect finishing touch!

  20. as usual nikki, this is pretty!

  21. You really look like a sexy babe!! I love this look and the falsies are wonderful!

    I never thought you were an NC30...glad you discovered your right shade-it looks fab!!!

  22. i love love love this look on you!

  23. Looks pretty!
    Purple looks great on you.

  24. Awww, you and Crabby are so cute! Loving the eye makeup!

  25. your tutorials are awesome :)

  26. I would've never thought of using red in such a way - it's brilliant :D! Thank you ^_^!

  27. so pretty!!! it will be good on night-outs...
    can i copy this look? (then ill send you a pic secretly...lolz)

  28. This is so pretty and soft, I love it!

    Crabby is soo cute!

  29. A. Rose , yay! i'm glad you like it! I'd love to see your version, let me know ok?

    Crystal thanks sweetie!

    Jamilla Camel, babe! that is a wonderful name *winks* Yeah, the first time I went to the local MAC store, they said I'm an NC30, I believed them, lol and found out at the end ...that I should be NC20! :P

  30. A. Rose , yay! i'm glad you like it! I'd love to see your version, let me know ok?

    Crystal thanks sweetie!

    Jamilla Camel, babe! that is a wonderful name *winks* Yeah, the first time I went to the local MAC store, they said I'm an NC30, I believed them, lol and found out at the end ...that I should be NC20! :P

  31. YumYumsushi, thank you!!!

    Mrs. Zeus, hey! Nice to see you! How are you?? Thanks for enjoying the purples!

    Catherine, crabby is definitely the cutest thing!!!

  32. M, thank you girl!

    Cris, I wouldn't use red all over, makes my eyes look puffy :) So that's one way I can use it! Thanks!

    Debi, yes! Sure!!! I'd love to see your version, do send me a photo through email!!!! *winks*

  33. Gio, awww you are always sweet to send me lovely comments!!!

    herroyalbleakness girl! I'm sure you'll get there! You can always play with eye makeup and the more you play with it, the more you'll find the right colors that work for you :) :) :) Go na!! Play!!! *nudge nudge*

  34. So pretty! :D I love Benefit's Lemon-Aid so much...speaking of which, I should get a new one cos mine is getting a bit old!

  35. oh wow dear this is truly lovely! You have the loveliest eyes *sighs with envy* not to mention awesome skills. Must practice more!

  36. You look gorgeous! I love this look =)

  37. pretty pretty look! :D
    the Crabby is so cute! ^^

  38. gorgeous!! the colors look lovely on u! =)

  39. Vivi, hehehe at first I'm not familiar with Benefit's Lemon Aid usage, great thing Gracie sent them to me and I was able to try it and enjoy it! :)

    Kahani, awww thanks sweetie, you are so sweet to send me kind words! *hugs*

    Laura,thank you !

    miRaCLe, crabby is super cute! I always poke him!!!!

    Mel, thanks!

    Paint me Gorgeous,aren't they gorgeous??? :D

  40. Oh sis! I love this look on you! It really suits you and you should go to work looking like this... everyday! :)

  41. Yeah...I'll ask my sisters to buy them for me hahaha. Thanks Nikki! =D

  42. Gracie!!!! Actually, I went to work today with this color but a bit lighter :P lol

    Ury, :) that's great!!! its nice to have someone help you purchase in the US, rather than shipment which takes too long time!

  43. a gorgeous purple look! love the intensity!!

  44. i'm not sure if i commented yet but that's a pretty look on you. i reeeally want that mac 226...gimme! how do you like that lemon aid?

  45. I love the hairband and the last picture is so cute! :)

  46. NicNic, thanks! :)

    Jensmakeupbag, MAC226? hahahah it's not the best MAC brush for me! LOL Lemon Aid works really good especially as a base for more vibrant e/s :D

    Ahleessa, thank you :)

  47. I must say I totally love this look on you! Sooooooo glam!

  48. hahaha I love crabby!
    Wow I didn't know ULTA had such good makeup. You make anything look good lol.
    I love the purple on you!

  49. Vanessa, thanks dear

    Kasumi, hahah crabby is the cutest stuff toy I own!!! :) Yes, ULTA actually makes good e/s :)

  50. Vanessa, thanks dear

    Kasumi, hahah crabby is the cutest stuff toy I own!!! :) Yes, ULTA actually makes good e/s :)

  51. I love ULTA Shadows I use it all the time!

  52. Lydia, :) I'm glad you love your ULTA e/s too :)

  53. Your look is gorgeous, and those eyelashes give a nice elegant effect! I really should use mine but I'm so lazy to apply them these days :)

  54. blu3, thanks! I like falsies too! but I am just too lazy to use them ..really! hahaha


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