Friday, April 17, 2009

Nail Art Tutorial: "Flower Power" Nails

Happy Friday Philippine Readers and great Thursday to the rest who aren't jumping for the Friday joy :)

Another nail art tutorial for my wonderful readers who are into nails! :) I've created a simple French Tip using different color, inspired by nothing but colors from my collection :) Here's how it looks like.

Step 1:

Prior to nail polish application, apply your preferred base coat to protect your nails. Apply one coat of matte white polish. I am using Elianto's Matte White polish. Doesn't have to be perfect because this is just the first coat.

Step 2:

Apply a platinum polish on top of the matte white polish. The reason I do so is because most platinum polishes are quite sheer, if you want platinum polishes to show up more vibrant, apply a matte version of the color you are using prior to the platinum polish.

Step 3:

Wait for the 2 coats to dry, using any color you desire, create a French Tip. I am using Arezia polish from my dear friend Beatrilicious Bea! Thanks Bei, love the polish color.

Step 4:

Want to make a more creative French tip? Under the first French Tip. Apply a thin line of different colored polish (Any color combination you like, its your choice). I am using Nail Art Pen in dark Pink.

Step 5:

Making sure the polishes are a bit dry, using a black nail art pen, create 5 dots and 3 dots as tail. (Imagine shooting star, but I"m doing shooting flower LOL)

Step 6:

Please do not forget the needle method to create wonderful flowers!

Step 7:

Attach rhinestones as "flower bud"

Step 8: (Optional)

Apply a coat of glittery polish.

Step 9:

Apply your favorite top coat :) And Voila!!! Flower Power Nails!

The steps above are probably making you go dizzy and think it's a waste of time. You can shorten it, it all depends on you. And I didn't take long to do my nails because drying time is quite quick because I only apply one coat on most of the steps.

To quicken the drying process, use quick dry polish, like the one I use from Sally Hansen Quik Dry.

Much better? Use your hair dryer, turn it to medium setting and blowdry your nails to make it dry quicker! :)

Have a wonderful day!
Keep smilin'!
Stay Happy :)


  1. wow! soo pretty and I bought a dotter pen, so I can make dots, I can't even work it like you..I guess I gots to practice

  2. very pretty! I wish I can do that with my nails. :(

  3. Pretty tutorial once again!! Love the cute little flowers :)

  4. So pretty! Love the hairdryer tip too - I'll definitely try that next time. =)

  5. this is very pretty. too bad i dont have the patience when it comes to nails. My nails are nasty looking lol

  6. lovely nail art! i gotta clean my polish off my hands its soo ugly n peelin hahah


  7. OK Nikki, after reading all these nail posts of yours, I have a question/challenge.

    I like to keep my nails quite short (no more than 2cm over the fleshy part). Can I still do French tips then? If so, how would you recommend I go about it? Thank you!

  8. Cute nails sis! you always do a great job! wow i miss posting comments on your blog! hehe. it's been a while :)

  9. wow, so pretty!!! I don't have the patience to do my nails... only my toes!

  10. I love the french tip! I'm just waiting for my order from Makeup Masala to come in so I can try the Art Deco nail pens. :D

  11. Just awesome!
    You know I love your nails!!!

  12. love this flower power!now i love doing flower with the needle method too :D but i still find doing french tip without sticker is a disaster to me.

    and oh, i think i need to go get a sheer layer platinum white or something. i find that coloring nails with just white matte polish is really awful

  13. cute and pretty nails! ^^
    peek-a-boo at the rhinestone set!! so many blinggggsss :D

  14. Mary, yes it does take a lot of practice! I've been doing this for months and I still can't perfect them, so yeah, be nice to yourself :) It does take time!!!

    Nehs, yes , of course you can sis!

    Audrie, I'm glad you liked it!

  15. Catherine, yes, hairdryer technique really works!

    iambeautiful20, hahahah I like my nails all pretty all the time :) Coz without polish, my nails are nasty looking!

    LipStick Staiin, hahahah I know, that's why I do it weekly because everytime I see some peeling I had to remove it!

  16. Liz, yes! of course you can still do French Tip but for shorter nails, the French Tip line should be slim, take a look at the PINK LINE I did ? Yes, that thin! I did the blue one quite thick because I have longer nails :) HTH!

    Lootwagon , aaww I missed you! But I do understand, how's pregnancy treating you sis?

    K, doing your toe nails are enough :)

  17. Chrissy, yay, more LA colors pen!!! Enjoy!!!

    Anastacia,thank you for saying so! I'm glad you liked my nails!

  18. You should do the Random 7 too! So we can get to know more about you ;)

    I love the nails! I wish I could do my nails! Soon! (: I need to get the supplies! I need to go back to the Philippines and go shopping for it! Yee.

    Your hands must be steady huh! I would had totally messed up, while putting on the rhine stones. (:

  19. Hi Nikki! cute nails! can i ask where did you buy that dotter nail art pen? =D

  20. you are so good in nail in.

  21. Ah just as I suspected, I need to use a thinner brush to create a thin line. Thanks!

  22. prettybeautiful, you're lucky! We don't have nail stickers for french tips available here, usually they are sold together with Sally Hansen polishes! :) I love how you did your nails on your last nail post!!! You're right, coloring polish with just matte white polish doesn't look cool!

    miRaCLe, thank you :) I am loving rhinestones recently

    mszcheysser, hahah I'll try but I'm sure you'll get to know so much about me here as I shared so many private stuffs! LOL

  23. Ury, thank you! :) Nail art dotting pens? They're available on my store But it's on wholesale

    Mrs. Zeus, thank you sweet!

    Donnarence, thank you for saying so sis!

    Liz, I'm sure you'll be able to do it!!! :) My nails were super short (as seen on my previous nail art posts) and I can still manage to pull off a french tip, but now it's longer, I like thicker french tips :)

  24. OMG! How I want that BB book! mmm

  25. ur ring is so pretty too

    btw i too use the sally hansen kwik dry thanks to ur reccomendation!!

  26. This is so CUTE! Idk how you have the patience to do this lol. I sure don't >_< Are you ambidextrous?

  27. This is so pretty! Love the little flowers!

  28. I love this look. And that polish from ELF is just beautiful!!

  29. Cris , thank you!

    Anastacia, I've been wanting that Bobbi Brown Book too!!!

    Yumeko, thanks for saying so :) I'm glad you liked Sally Hansen Kwik Dry too :)

  30. e.motion in motion , definitely NOT ambidextrous, I honestly cannot even write my name "NIKKI" using my left hand! I get surprised really that I can paint my nails too! :)

    Gio,thank you!!!

    B, oh the ELF polish really is pretty! it dries pretty fast too! :)

  31. Great tutorial! I really like this design it's soooo pretty!!

  32. that is so pretty! great tutorial. i can't really do my nails like that. i wash them so many my job. so no nice nails for me :( but if i ever want some i know i can always go to your website.

  33. Neeyuh, thank you! :)

    Jensmakeupbag, with your great makeup, you don't even need to do your nails :) Thanks for dropping by and leaving me some smile power :D

  34. Hey girl, pretty as always...but where do you get your ring? Love it!

  35. you're so good at these nail tutorials! mine always end up looking really messy haha

  36. Tbeshadesofu, oooh the ring? I think it was bought randomly at different places, I've been wanting more but I can't seem to find them anymore :( If I found them, I'll purchase one for you

    Kasumi, thank you for saying so, it's still messy !!! Don't worry, though I've done nail art many many times, I always look like a kid playing with polishes!


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