Sunday, April 12, 2009

Something New: L'oreal Derma- Genesis Toner

L'oreal Paris Derma-Expertise Introduces
Derma Genesis Toner 200ml

The origin of skin youth lies in the creation of new cells. Over time, skin becomes poorer in vital substance and generates less new cells.

For the first time, skincare with Pro-Xylane and Hyaluronic Acid helps create new cells for visibly young skin.

Innovation from L'oreal's Advanced Research

For the first time, after 7 years of research, Pro-Xylane -- a new generation of naturally derived, bio-degradable anti-aging molecule - is combined with Hyaluronic Acid - an ultra-powerful moisturizer found naturally in the skin and the ingredient used by dermatologist to re-plump the skin and fight against wrinkles.


  • In one application, your skin is hydrated for 8hours. Instantly, this toner leaves a cooling sensation on skin and smoothes it.
  • Day after day, your skin looks more radiant and its texture is redefined.
  • After 1 month, your skin is plumper and less dull.
  • Your face looks incredibly young! With this toner, you can now complete your Derma Genesis skincare routine!
Price: Php360.00 (approx $7.35)

Let me know if you've tried this :)
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  1. interesting but i havent had luck with loreal alas T-T

  2. im using L'oreals Pure zone toner (the blue one) with salicylic acid. i love the scent and how it makes my face clearer.

    this Dermagenesis sounds promising. if it has hyaluronic acid (this makes skin supple by hydrating it... kaya anti-aging na rin) then it must be spend-worthy! kaso i can't leave my Pure zone's salicylic acid... :( im acne-prone kasi

  3. Currently using the L'oreal whitening one -- so far, so good! :) Might switch to this because of you, heehee!

  4. i'm so afraid of toners! the only one i use is the lush eau roma water and its soooo light, a good thing for my skin. i'm afraid of anything else!! remember eskinol? i hate that stuff.

  5. I've tried this one but I didn't see any dramatic results. It was just like the ordinary toner I got from my derma.

  6. I never knew L'oreal made so many skincare products!

  7. currently i'm using loreal pure zone and i love really make my skin smoother and all the breakout nearly gone..the pimple also gone....after using it almost a year then the product discontinue and i feel like lost since only this product really works for me...i saw new loreal product and the packaging nearly same with the loreal pure is loreal derma genesis with add of hyluric acid...but i'm scared of using that any advice for the new product?will it give me the same effect to my skin?

  8. Anonymous, I heard about Pure Zone! Well, what I can suggest you to do is talk to the SA and tell them if the ingredients of Pure Zone are almost the same as this, I can't say if your skin will like this or not as it really depends on your skin's reaction, but what you can do is check if they have testers at the counter and ask to have a bit of a test. You can start by purchasing just the cleanser first, then slowly insert it in your regimen, if your skin didn't react negative, that's the time you continue with the rest of the line!

  9. i'v tried this toner. i bought it 3 days ago. no break outs, no acne. i think it is a good product. i use it with its serum too.but plumpy effect i think it is from the essence not the toner. my face looks glowy in the morning. my skin is acne prone n combi


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