Sunday, April 12, 2009

Weekend Food Tripping at: RSM Tagaytay City

Hey everyone! :) How are you today? Another post for food!!!! Warning, if you are into Filipino dishes and you are hungry, sorry Come back later! LOL

Me and my colleagues went to Tagaytay City, home for the world's smallest volcano Taal Volcano a couple of weeks ago. I should have posted this weekend food tripping earlier but I had to crop pictures and I have to get all these files from our company computer. But it's better late than never :)

Oh yeah, we also call this our very own team building but we went to Tagaytay because our colleague from Shanghai came over for a vacation, so we all act as tour guides and of course, let her taste what Filipino dishes really are :D

We took her to RSM Lutong Bahay, Lutong Bahay means Home Cooked meals.

The restaurant is wonderful because you have a lovely view of the volcano, you've got singers roaming around from table to table singing songs you can even request for.

Here's a shot of all of us
FULL and happy!

Let's rewind
before we left the restaurant

we started with

the menu

It was hard choice for all of us

our visitor is not a beef eater
I am allergic to chicken and shrimps
you figure it out!

But RSM still has a lot of food choices

Pork Sisig

Sisig is made from chopped parts of a pig's head
ears, snout, the brain, etc.

(are you grossed out? lol sorry)

Tawili Fish

A tiny fish found only at the Taal Lake

Ginataang Gulay
Veggies with Coconut Milk sauce

Baked Cheese Tahong


Grilled Squid

Their famous


Bulalo is a popular Filipino beef soup including the bone marrow

(sorry I'm not into bulalo but looks like most of them are)

Garlic Rice

if you are vacationing in the Philippines
you have to order Garlic Rice
I am not a rice eater
but I'll definitely go for at least half a cup!

Fresh Buko Juice

Mango Shake

EEeekkk, my fave!

Happy Campers!

**Our visitor is Echo, the lady beside me who gave me rabbit ears LOL

And photos won't be complete

without me and the hubby
Lovely Taal Volcano as background

It's just an hour and a half to two hours ride,
but it's a wonderful resting place outside of the bustling city!

I've been here so many times
but the place never ceases to amaze me :)

Keep smilin'!
Stay happy! :)



  1. The food looks soooooo yummy!!! I've never had any philippino food. I really want to find a philippino restaurant in Korea and try it! Thanks for the pics :)

  2. cute picture of you and hubby...
    I feel for those who love bulalo...blood pressure rising!lol
    but hey, it's bulalo...who would say no to it?

  3. wow so amazing!!
    i wish i could taste them all
    can u bring some food with u when u come visit me heeee

  4. yuuuuuuuuummm! I have a close friend who's Filipina, and those dishes remind me of her cooking! I'm allergic to shellfish, but not chicken, although I tend to give pork and beef a miss (not due to any religious or dietary reasons). Those veggies looked WONDERFUL!!

    Thanks for sharing!!

  5. YUMMM! Now, I know where to go and where to eat, the next time I visit the Philippines. :)

  6. The food looks delicious!

    Happy Easter!

  7. omg the photos of the food are mouth watering. btw , myname is becky and i just followed ur blog :)

  8. ooh - i never knew what filipino food was like! it all looks amazing. i'm eyeing the grilled squid =)

  9. Those are really yummy stuff, Naomi! You should try looking for a filipino resto quick! ^o^

    Nikki, your post is making me hungry right this very moment. I'm cringing over that baked tahong...

  10. Aww, you and your husband are so cute. =) Glad you guys had a fun trip.

  11. oHHh yumm SEAFOOD!!!!! i want!! awwwww that pic of u n ur hubby is sooo cute.. lovely view!! i love sceneries tooo.. didnt kno u were married btw.. i think this is my first time seein a pic of you n ur man! heheh


  12. Is the Buko Juice, coconut juice? Omg, that's so cute!!! XD I really want to try Phillipino foods too. I'm a soup girl, I just looove soups lol The Bulalo looks similar to Lemon grass soup, but according to your description (beef marrow), it sounds like Vietnamese pho. I love pho. I just love soups and noodles. Agh, sorry for rambling, I'm really hungry! >_-

  13. happy easter! the mussels look yum!

  14. Those food look sooo good =)

    Is that you and ur man in the picture? =)

    LOVELY pictures hun <33

  15. I've tried RSM in Tagaytay, too, and I think I went out of it about 10 lbs. fatter. Heehee.

    Happy Easter!

  16. owhhh its so nice to go on a long long trip to escape from daily hassle

  17. nakakagutom naman!

    that looks so delicious...i always loved the ginataang gulay...
    happy easter,nikki girl!


  18. i miss you sooo much nikki! i was in tags too last thursday! it was sooo traffic! the fod looks good!

  19. yum!!!! squid n mussels are my favorite!!! looks like u really had a lot of fun nikki :D

  20. aww i haven't been to tagaytay in such a long time.

  21. nikki this place is looks beautiful. and do you think their food is better than jerry's? one of my fave dish is a sorta raw fish dish called kinilaw :)

  22. omg mango shake yummmy tagaytay is so amazing!!!! i love going there to eat good fruits anyways i went to Angelicum College sa santo domingo church sa Quezon Ave where they always held the la naval festival umuwi kami last time when it was the aniversary i think 100 years yata i kinda forgot but yay thats my life in pinas which i def miss so much ikaw rin happy easter

  23. Naomi, ooohh I think you will like Filipino Dishes, the guest who is a bit picky on food loves Filipino dishes :)

    Debi, I know about Bulalo, high blood pressure talaga! LOL I am not into Bulalo so I guess count me in on ONE person who could say NO :)

    Yumeko, you better come down here and I'll show you all the lovely places to eat!!! But yeah, if I visit there, I'll definitely bring some food for you (not the soup though) lol

    Jamila Camel, lucky you, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Chicken, but I'm allergic to sad. :)

    Jen, let me know if you're coming over, I'll list down the "must eat" places for you :P

    Gio,Happy easter to you too!!!

  24. Iambeautiful20, hey Becky, nice to meet you! :)

    Jennynotjen, eeek grilled squid is my favorite too!!! :)

    herroyalbleakness, baked tahong, that's the favorite of our guest and I didn't eat a single of it! LOL

    Catherine, thanks, we had fun!!! who doesn't love vacation :D

    LipStick Staiin, yes, I'm married for more than a year :)

    innerchild, wow soup girl? You better come down here and try Sinigang :) YUUUUMMMY!!!!! No worries, ramble anytime you want, I enjoy reading it, you are too cute!

  25. M, happy easter too M!!!

    Beeyoutiful7, yes that's me and my hubby! :) He's my photographer on most photos you see on this blog :)

    Teeyah, lol! ME too but we walked so much I lost all those pounds after RSM! happy easter to you too

    LyNn, yup living in Manila definitely is tiring because of the hustle and bustle of the city :) so it's nice to relax for some time

  26. ~tHiAmErE~, happy easter to you too!

    Sabby, I missed you too!!! Gosh, where have you been? Super missed you and thanks for commenting!

    Prettybeautiful, I definitely had fun :) Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    Crystal, :D When do you plan to go to tagaytay next? Sana within the year!

    Jo,for the squid, I would say Gerry's, it tastes much better, but for the rest, food are almost equally delicious!!!

    Ruby14, wow...that's going back to memory lane, thanks for sharing, when do you plan to visit again? Happy easter to you too!

  27. Happy Easter Nikki!!

    I've never had Philippino food before... i'll keep these dishes in mind if i ever get the chance to visit!! they look absolutely delicious!! :D~~~

    Aww... the pic of you and your hubby is so sweet!! <3

  28. im not a fan of coconut...but i always think it looks super yummy when its given to you in the shell like the buko juice (it reminds me of that ^^)
    anyway thanks for your comment on the 187~ im hoping it stops...cause it is expensive, and probably one of the only brushes that insists on shedding! glad to know that my brush is not an anomaly though^^

  29. Ahhh! I miss Tagaytay and I miss all the foods! YUM! Tahong!!!

  30. That last picture is so beautiful :). I love seeing happy couples ^_^...
    But I'd never eat pig brain, lol XD.

  31. Thanks for your greeting Nikki! wooowww baked tahong! That's one of my fav!

  32. On the fence, it's hard to dine in with you when I'm starving rite.. Cos you need to take pics first before I can grab the food LOL!

  33. OH DEAR. You have made me so hungry!!

    My boss is Filipino... too bad he never shares his food with us!

  34. mmmm now im hungry! nikki i like the last pic. so sweeet. yiheeee :D

  35. You and your hubby look super cute together! =)

    Food looks amazing! Good thing I already ate, or else I would be looking for food now. LOL.

  36. Jenn, thanks for the sweet comment and Happy Easter to you too! Better yet, let me know if you come down for a visit, no need to remember the dishes!

    Rasilla, yes, its' not only your brush that goes like that, I think there's a lot of us who goes "WHAT THE F???" We paid so much and it sheds like crazy! LOL

    Leigh, :) Tahong lover eh?

    Cris, lol no worries, just the pig's face..not the brain! LOL I'll ask you to come over, let you eat it and not tell you what that is! LOL Are we still friends?

    Kim, baked tahong, a lot of us are fighting over it!!!

    Devi, lol don't worry, it's the hubby who's taking the shot, I will be with you, salivating, wanting to eat :D

    K, Sorry not intended to make you hungry, darn boss! ask him you don't know how Filipino food taste like!!!

    Steph, hahaha thanks sis!

    Madblusher, thank you, we both ACT

  37. Wow ang sarap naman ng food niyo! Nakakainggit, it makes me hungry... And I just ate dinner! At least I had something to eat, right?

    I've never been to Tagaytay it really nice there?

    Happy Easter! <3

  38. Lol we'd still be friends if I didn't end up getting sick :-P. I'm kinda picky with food...I could always try the soup and garlic rice though, I love rice ;).

    Thanks for considering me a friend :).
    I think starting my blog was one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life...Thank you :).

  39. Chrissy , wow, it is super nice to be at Tagaytay especially on days that are non holidays so that it's not crowded :) Food is great, view is wonderful! :) HappY easter to you too!

    Cris, I know what you mean about being picky with food, I am a bit the same, I would go for those "Safe Food" as well, and true, blogging is the best thing that happened to me because I got to know a lot of people and starts getting to know them even outside of Makeup talK :D

  40. mmm, the fish and the drinks look good!

  41. Ohhh food porn............ I'm so jealous!!!

  42. I love the last picture of you with your husband. So cute! :)

    I love seeing what foods they offer in the Philippines, but I want to see some recipe girl... hehe~ With the recipe, at least I can make it at home... hehe~ :)

  43. Amazing yummy pix! Love that food 'n stuffs!

  44. Tawi fish looks like "tuyo".. wow I miss home cooked meals. :( I'm tired and sick of bacon, eggs and burgers. lol :p

  45. me too, i love the last picture...good looking couple..;)

  46. Lily, :) I'm glad you like the photos

    Kendall,don't get jealous! I get jealous when I see your photos too! LOL

    Ahleessa, let me know what you're interested in and I can help you find recipes for the food you like! :)

    Anastacia, thanks sweetie!

    Iyah, tuyo! YUM, with rice :) :) :) awww, no one cooks Filipino dishes there?

    Rhea,Thank you sis! I'll be seeing you the next sunday! :)

  47. Missing sisig! We just had Filipino food here in Arizona (we went to Barrio Fiesta). We got crispy pata and kare kare, I knew we should have gotten sisig. Yum!

  48. Yummy food at RSM. I especially love the Tawilis, it's so crunchy.

  49. Sis, no wonder you were not able to sleep that night... you've been hyper! Hahahaha! Glad to know that you've had a great Easter week :)

  50. man! you really made me hungry with all this food porn. sisig, buko juice, and bulalo. that squid looks good too but i'm allergic! no more adobong pusit for me! oh well. i went to tagaytay once when i was there. it was really beautiful!

  51. Mmmm omg I love your food posts!!!

  52. beautiful place and good food mm!!... happy easter (sorry slightly belated!!)

  53. TheShadesOfU, sisig is my favorite filipino dish! The ingredients sound gross but I don't care! it's yummy :)

    Badet, Tawilis? That's the first time I tried it! I'm glad I did, tastes good!

    Gracie, far..this was last week so this is not the reason why I did not sleep well the night before..but you're right about me sis! I'm super HYPER! I can't go one minute doing nothing!

    Jensmakeupbag,you love adobong pusit? sorry that you're allergic to it!!! No shrimps for me too because I'm allergic to Shrimps!!!

    Fuz, thanks!!!

    NicNic,'s ok! thanks for the Easter greeting! I love your view in Japan too!!!! :D Can we exchange places for a day? :D

  54. Nikki with her adventures! so fun!
    mmm squid!


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