Saturday, April 11, 2009

Askmewhats Reviews: MAC 239 Eye Shader Brush

I remembered those times, when I passed by a MAC store, took one good look at the price of their brushes and went "Tsk! Overprice!" I swore to myself that I am not going to purchase a single MAC brush because I can survive without them!

That's why my first pricey brush is from The Smashbox.

Then my collection of brushes grew bigger and bigger, and I still told myself I am NOT going to purchase MAC brushes ever.

I FAILED! I am a total failure! My first MAC brush is the MAC187/Duo Fiber brush! Because I try to tell myself there is NO DUPE for it! LOL (you gals clearly know there are dupes out there)

And the list goes longer, I am giving myself more and more excuses to purchase more MAC brushes. THIS HAS TO STOP! lol

Here's a MAC Brush
Worth purchasing

MAC 239 says ---

Soft and dense to shade or blend eye shadow or emollient-based products. This brush has a tapered, rounded edge with smooth, firm, fine fibers. It can be used to build intense color on the eyelid. M·A·C professional brushes are hand-sculpted and assembled using the finest quality materials. They feature birch, linden and ramin wood handles, nickel-plated brass ferrules.

Length: 17 cm

Askmewhats says ---

  • no shedding, I've washed mine more than 5 times
  • grabs the right amount of e/s and pigments
  • not harsh on the eyes
  • no flyaways
  • size is perfect for my lids
  • soft, does not hurt the eyes
  • quite pricey
  • the MAC logo and brush number is gone! :(

I've been wanting this brush together with MAC's 242 forever, the reason why I kept stopping myself from purchasing because how many eyeshadow brushes can you see available??? Too many right? I've bought different brands of shader brush like this but NOTHING compares to MAC's 239 (in my opinion). Maybe I didn't look further, but of all the brushes I own that's similar to this, the difference between MAC's and other brands is that the bristles are stiff enough but not harsh or hurtful to the eyes and it makes it easier to control the way you apply e/s or pigments.

I include this brush to "must have MAC brushes".
(trust me, I don't own a lot, so I make sure to purchase what's really worth it!)

  • pat on e/s instead during application if you use this brush
  • maximize the use of this brush by using one side per color
  • wash your brushes with care
Will I repurchase?

If I get super rich! lol But for now, I'll hold onto this baby!

Where did I purchase and how much?

Local MAC stores for Php1,450 or Php1,490 (approx $30.50)

A closer look to MAC 239

Side ways

I love!
Do you own MAC's 239?
If not, what's the best dupe for MAC239 for you?
I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Stay Happy!


  1. thanks for your thoughts on this! I think my Stila No.3 brush serves the same purpose and is doing very well! The art store mop brushes make a decent dupe to pack on colors but they're a lil scratchy.

  2. I've been lemming the 239 also, but I can't justify paying so much for it ): maybe one day though!

  3. i have 2 of these and i loooove it too
    wish they didnt cost so much indeed!

  4. thanks for the post!

    enkore made a vid on some dupes.

    they're by loew cornell & they're paint brushes. the dupe for the MAC 239 is the 3/8" maxine's oval mop.

    hope this helps ^_^

  5. Just like you, I think MAC brushes are overpriced. Hmm, for now! Haha. I'd like to think like that because if I tolerate my "lemmings," I would probably go bankrupt! :)

    Hehe. But that is the exact kind of brush I'm looking for :(

    I hope there's a dupe. :)

  6. i LOVE my 239!! It packs on colors like nothing else!! <3

    One thing i don't like about this brush is that it's white... i'm anal about keeping them white bristles white and clean so i'm PARANOID that they'll stain and can never be removed!! ahaha!! :P

  7. oooh. i also, have been telling myself for the longest time that I won't purchase MAC brushes since they're overpriced. haha. so far, ive bought two. this brush is next on my list. thanks (or should i say no thanks?! LOL) to you! haha the 187 i dont have and i am NOT planning to buy soon. its soooo expensive! i'll settle with my suesh stippling brush. LOL

  8. I have a 239SE, and I actually don't like it very much. I know the quality of the SEs don't really compare to the full size brushes, but I much, much prefer my Everyday Minerals "Everyday Eyeshadow" brush. The head is small enough for my lids, the brush head is a bit thinner than the 239 and it's way, way softer. It's never shed on me (and I have three of them!) and it only costs $5.

  9. I was just about to ask you how do you keep the logo and number there until I saw the last con...

  10. yes, this is a must have! lol

    i love my mac 239!

    but yeah, check out the sigma brushes, i heard they're really good dupes for MAC brushes. although i think they're out of stock now and will probably re-stock in about a month or so.

  11. i wish PI had a michael's because you can get a loew-cornell maxine's mop brush the 3/8 size for wayyyy cheaper. i think its like two dollars. also sonia kashuk sells a shader brush that's really cheap and works just as well. i have the loew-cornell one and it works sometimes better than the 239. but the 239 is a great investment! don't worry, your money is well spent.

  12. Thanks for the review. I'm really lemming this brush but it's so expensive!

  13. ahh i hate when the logo disappears! i put a coat of clear nail polish over it so it doesn't happen!

  14. though i like MAC's vast collection of brushes, i've only tried its 188 which turned out to be a joke for me. this brush looks practical. but many other cheaper brands probably offer the same thing. it looks ordinary IMO.

  15. i dont really have MAC brushes for myself except for the holiday brushsets i won from a contest.. lol i wish i can afford it.. but one thing i kinda dont like about some mac brushes.. that the brushes r white.. i prefer black haha nice post tho!! xoxo


  16. oo I've been lemming after this brush since forever!!! But yea I thought it was so overpriced as well! But it looks like such an excellent essential brush, thanks for the review!

  17. Like what Giling posted above from enkore's vid, the Maxine's Mop is a good dupe...and I have 2 of those (thanks to Aileen)!
    I don't own any MAC brushes they're expensive so dupes lang :-)

  18. You know what? That my first and only full sized MAC brush! I love it for patting on powder eyeshadow and it works awesomely with pigments! No dupes as far as I know :)

  19. Connie, oh thanks, I know a lot of companies make a stiff shader brush but I've hearda bout the scratchiness, which I don't like :) thanks

    Arezu, yes, one day, one brush at a time :D

    Yumeko, wow, I want to have 2 of these too! heheheh

  20. GiLiNG, thanks for the link, I've watched this video too but we don't have Leow Cornell down here, so I guess it's gonna be me and those local paint brushes that I should take a look at :) Thanks for sharing the vid :)

    Teeyah super overpriced no? But they can make it overpriced and still people go gaga over them... ME lol

    Jenn, I know what you mean about packing on colors, oh, I guess the white brush didn't bother me no more because the Smashbox LE set that I have is in PURE white and it stains like I got used to it for now

  21. Steph, sorry about this well no need to go for the MAC187, coz it's TRULY expensive, dupes out there can work as good as the MAC one :) i helping you enough? Lol

    Catherine, wow..thinner than MAC239? stiff as well? I think I am looking for a small yet stiff brush to pack on the colors :) Thanks for the reco.

    Citrine, yeah, I hate it, I should have put a clear polish over it early on! This logo went "GONE" so fast I didn't have the chance to think smart! LOL

  22. Aquaracer, no sigma brushes down here :( :( :( Snifffff

    Jensmakeupbag, yeah, no Michael's and no leow-cornell brushes or any brushes like Sonia Kashuk, they just want us to spend more down here! LOL

    Gio, so true about the price, but it's cheaper in Canada and the US, look at the price down here! LOL

    Shexilicious, thanks for the tip on the clear polish, I've seen a video about it, how could I forget??? too late :(

  23. Jojoba, thanks for letting me know about MAC188, that would be removed from my lemming list, THANK YOU! :)

    Lipstick staiin, so true about the brushes, but I guess the white one really has to quality to be stiff and at the same time soft enough not to hurt the lids, just like the MAC217 :)

    Audrie, no problem, it's my pleasure :)

  24. Nikkiz, we don't have it down here right? So you have to ask someone from the US to purchase it no? haaay thanks!!

    PB, yay! thanks for the comment, I know there are a lot of dupes out there that's unreachable for I guess this is the one ...for now...til something better will come up :)

  25. i don't own a FS MAC brush either. it's really expensive e. if i ever get them, i'll get them from the US or from ebay so it'll be cheaper.

  26. I super love my 239 too. :) it's a def must-have. :)

  27. I'm sure I'll go gaga over it, too, if I do try it one time. Yiikkkeess. Hehe.

    But I'm sure it'll be worth the price if I do buy :)

  28. I actually went off to my room to see if I got that brush, and why yes I do! I have the 239 all along, but the logo rubbed out lol. I've washed it 300+ times and no shedding. Had it for a while (almost 2 years) and I gotta say it was a good investment! I'm just like you when it comes to purchasing, I research very well and make my money wooorth it. Hehe. I hope you enjoy the 239, I use it every time to apply eyeshadow. And oh, I double cleanse even with my brushes, all of them--but mainly anything I've used with cream-based products like foundation, lipstick/lipgloss, cream shadow, gel liners. These cream-based products don't wash off well with just a brush cleanser cos of the wax and emollients, so I use an oil cleanser for these. Washes off well, no residue left on the brush. Then I cleanse regularly with my homemade brush cleanser (Enkore's recipe). You'd be surprised how much gunk was still left from the foundation brush :O

  29. I don't have that much e/s brushes yet coz I'm just getting serious with e/s application and I'm still contemplating on whether I should buy some Mac brushes or not because of the price tag that comes with them. But thanks for the review, Nikki. Just like Crystal, I'll probably just have the beloved get me some Mac brushes when he goes back to the US.

  30. i don't own any MAC yet..hehe..

    but if ever im gonna buy some product from them, ill make sure that is the first one since you said that this is a must-have...

    thanks for the nice review!


  31. haha that's funny. "I FAILED" it's okay. Beauty bloggers have little to no self control whatsoever over makeup products that's how we can blog about it everyday hahahaha.
    You're a makeup artist that's another good excuse hehe.

  32. Crystal, so true about asking someone to help you purchase sa US. Its overpriced here!

    Care G, thanks for reconfirming about the love of 239 :) It's very useful sa makeup school no?

    Teeyah, don't worry sis, who knows? 500pesos per pay day may help? heheheh

  33. Innerchild, hahaha you are too cute, you didn't know you own one because of the rubbed off logo! LOL Thanks for telling me about it being a great investment, it makes me feel good! I also use the Enkore home made cleanser and deep cleanse them, we really should take care of our brushes!!!!

    Tish, I understand about the price tag, my only reason is, I am using this to others too, so I might as well use one that will last :)

    tHiAmErE, aaww thanks for saying so sweetie!

    Kasumi, i seldom fail, lol but I did fail big time! I know about us having no self control that's why we blog about it for people to learn and for us not to feel too guilty! LOL True, its a good excuse coz i also use this brush for clients

  34. i don't have any MAC brushes yet...i'm also thinking of getting the 187 as my first

  35. You just make me want to go out and get the 239 right this instant!

    I don't own any MAC eye brush yet, and I'm currently thinking of what I should get. Hmm.. I might have to put this on my list.

    I know MAC brushes are amazing, but do they have to be sooooo expensive? LOL.

  36. honestly, i prefer my elianto e/s brush than MAC 239. :) idk, but yeah for a shader brush, this one's overpriced. LOL. go get one from Elianto sis, but for applying pigments like mmu, i prefer 239 :)

  37. I love it but haven't been using it diligently cos of the white bristles. Sigh, I just cannot stand stains on it though I am too lazy to clean it every time i use:(

  38. Paint Me Gorgeous, hahaha I guess MAC187 is like the ultimate must have MAC brush :)

    Madblusher, sorry !hahhaha well I just saw your post, you got yourself a 165, I've been lemming for it before!

    Jheng sis, thanks so much for the reco, I may take Elianto brush in mind and check it out if I got the chance :D

    Juschev, hey, nice to see you here and thanks for the comment, lol about being lazy to use it because of the white bristles :D

  39. I've never owned a MAC brush. Frankly, I only have two brushes: a flat top and a kabuki brush (yep, no eye brushes. bummer.) Im almost 30 and I'm still so dubious about beauty stuff (thank God for some female forum I knew about good skin care and make-up!)

    The first brush I bought was EDM's flat top brush and I got it (drumrolls please...)2 MONTHS AGO! Luv luv reading your blog because it can cater to both makeup noobs and the gurus.

  40. The 165 is the only MAC brush I own. LOL. You should go see if they still have it pa! It's really nice, promise. =) I want the 187 as well, but it's just too expensive.

    Jheng: Really? Elianto eye shader brush? I have to check that out! At least my wallet won't complain too much.

  41. ouch! that brush will surely burn a hole in one's
    and yeah, if i get super rich also, i would probably invest on those. or maybe, save to be able grab it...hehehe

  42. herroyalbleakness, well at least you'll get to grow old looking YOUNG coz you don't use a lot of makeup :) thanks so much for the sweet compliment :) You are one of the reasons why I'm still energized to blog each day :) Thanks sis!

    Madblusher, actually the SA was trying to "sales talk" me for it but I walked out *shockers* lol I am really thinking first before I purchase shopper ba? hahaha

    Debi, true about saving to be able to grab it, I've saved to get this brush! :)

    M, awww I know you wuv this brush, seen you use them :)

  43. Hay Nikki, I wish I could be more like you! When I see something and I fall in love with it, I have to buy it or else it will haunt me until I do. Right now, I cannot stop thinking about the 239. LOL.

    But seriously, we should all be smart shoppers, especially when it comes to pricey things. =)

  44. Seriously love this brush. Nothing compares! I had one but then I love it so much I bought another one. 1 + 1 = 2! Yipee!

    I put clear nail polish on the number so it won't fade. I've watched it somewhere in youtube so I did it. I don't like the look of the polish on the brush but at least I won't forget the number.

  45. I was the same way about MAC brushes, but now I love them. Loew Cornell makes an exact dupe for the MAC 239, and I got 6 of those instead. LOVE THAT BRUSH!!!

  46. Madblusher, hahaha it takes a lot of effort to be like me..I am the same as you before, I cannot sleep when I didn't purchase the stuff I want, but I learned from my hubby lol INVEST well, that's what he always tell me :)

    Cajnel, wow 2 of these, I love these!!! wonderful for you to have 2 :)

    Sonya, I wish we have Loew Cornell down here :)

  47. Giiiirl, I hear you on the MAC brush prices. Aside from the ones I've received as gifts I have never purchased one for full price. They are expensive!! I haven't tried this one but I've heard nothing but great things about it.

  48. B, so true that's why I have to think super many times before purchasing, and expect me to read REVIEWS..loads of them before I purchase!

  49. I also have the 239; it's great for applying pigments and for some stubborn e/s; in my case it was my smoke and diamonds e/s.

    I recently got the dupe the Lowe Cornell; and mine's is much softer then the 239 ; but i heard it doesn't last very long but it's cheap.

    Usually for apply an e/s wash: i use either Stila 5, or tony and tina brush. And a 213 SE.


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