Friday, April 10, 2009

Askmewhats Version: "Summerified!"

Thank you everyone for the appreciation of my simple nail art :) My dear readers made me go on, inspires me to create more! :) Thank you!

This post is for Yumeko, girl! I know you've been waiting for matching nails and makeup!!! Finally!!!! Hope you like my version of "Summerified"!!!!

Here's my final version!

And this is what I did
to achieve this look!

Prior to make-up application
Primed my lids with CS White Gel Liner
to make the e/s stick and more vibrant

Step 1:

With a smaller crease brush, apply matte orange e/s on the outer V, blending inward. I am using AREZIA palette, my first palette I bought from Strawberrynet (not good quality e/s so skip this lol)

Step 2:

Using MAC242 or any flat shader brush stiff enough for pigments, pat on Tangerine Pearl Mica from Coastal Scents on the crease area going a bit beyond, reaching close to the Orange color on Step 1.

Step 3:

Pat on NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Gold on the center of the lids.

At this point, everything looks separated and harsh. Time to use a blending brush to blend all the colors together, if pigments are falling out, re-apply those pigments til you are happy :)


You can deepen the outer V with a matte grayish brown e/s, I used MAC's Coquette.

Step 4:

Line your uppler lashline with CS Gel Liner in Deep Plum, your desired thickness.

Step 5:

On the lower lashline, line the bottom part with Fashion 21's Lagoon eyeshadow Stick, line CS Gel Liner Deep Plum over it to create colorful looks.

Did you know that?
The eyeliners represent the colorful rhinestones I've used on my nails

Here's how they look like
all together!

I added some "oomph" on my summer look!
Applied "natural" falsies
with Ardell Lash Grip Eyelash Adhesive

Put on P&J Curly Mascara in Black
to combine the natural lashes
and falsies together

I think I am loving this falsies!

What's on the rest of my face?

Joppa Foundation iN Medium Light #2
this shade is a bit dark on me now
but PERFECT for summer

For my Cheeks

P&J face Color
using Thevi's Dome Brush

For the lips

Bath & Body Gold lip gloss
on top of Kiehl's Lip Balm no. 1

I use only gloss to create a very simple shimmery lips, it's summer time anyways, no need for super dark lips! :) And the eye make up is bold enough so I'll go for subtle lips

Yumeko!!!! I hope you like this!
My hard work is covered with my
darn hands! :P

Hope you enjoyed this!
I had fun creating this look! :)
Stay happy!


  1. You are such an inspiration :)!!!
    Beautiful orange look ^_^! It's so summery :D! And lovely :D! And I just love this blog so much, it has amazing creative looks always ^_^!
    Lol, sorry for getting so excited ;).

  2. I love those eyes and I love the nails--you ARE ready for spring!!

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. It all look good on you grl =)

    You are soo beautiful =)

    Keep up the good work !!

  4. its looks amazing...and i love your palette...heheh

  5. wowowow sweetie u are a beach babe!!
    thank you soo much
    that tangerine color is amazing!!!!!

    its an amazing look! bikini time!

  6. Love the oranginess of everything. It definitely screams SUMMER! ;-)

  7. hye Nikki,
    loving the NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Gold. should hv order tat previously..btw, the Ardell lashes look so natural!

  8. Very summery indeed!! I love it, looks like sunshine~~ :]

  9. i la la loveeeeeeeeeeeee your shadow palette WOMAN!

    and the look... *air kisses*
    is like a delicious sunset with a mai tai... MmMMmMM

  10. oh wow! this is so cute! very summer-y :) btw, what's the eyeshadow palette shown in the pic?

  11. This look is soo beautiful, very summery!

  12. CUTE!!! This look goes perfectly with your pretty nails :)

  13. Now, I must buy orange eyeshadow! this got me all worked up for summer! :p I love the look so cheerful. I thought my clock is not working properly since it's 5 am. How do you post so early in the morning?? I was so amazed that when I scrolled down to see the final picture put a goofy smile on my face

    hehehehehe o(^_^)o I really love the look just now

  14. Ohh, how pretty! Really love how you did your eyes! This colour flatters you a lot.

    And also very adorable picture! You look soooo cute in there! ;)

  15. The last photo is sooooooooo cuuuuute. Adorable Nikki! And wonderful blending. I wish I was that good.

  16. You're always so creative and soooo detailed! Galing!

  17. now we have one hot summer diva!! go nikki! great job! your falsies look so au naturale

  18. Awe! that eye shadows palette looks very gorgeous! I want it :)

    I love your sunset - ish look! Very cute! And also awesome nails!

  19. the colour combo looks gorgeous. I love how you use the orange and blue together. a great compliment. lovely job, dear. thank you for sharing this.

  20. This is such a beautiful look! I really love the way that blush looks on you too! So glowy!

  21. this is so cute!!!! i never thought of matching nails with makeup!

  22. Cris, you are a sweet one! thank you for liking this, I am not into orange e/s but seeing your comment made me can pull this off! :) Thanks and I love your excitement!

    Jamilla Camel, lol thanks

    Beeyoutiful7, hahaa thanks for saying I'm beautiful, now now..which is more beautiful..covered face? or uncovered? LOL If you say covered I'll go kill myself! hahahah

  23. DeBi, aaahh the Palette? it's actually nothing to love hehehhe it's my first palette ever!

    Yumeko, for you ...for you! :D that's how much I love you, but hey! NO BIKINI time on blogs lol I don't want to scare my readers:P

    Theshadesofu, yay! Summertime!

  24. kavukz, you still have the chance to order it, it's very fine a bit messy :) But the color payoff is wonderful!

    thanks Fuz :)

    KT, thanks girl! I'm glad you love the looks and *air kisses* back! :P

  25. Steph , the eyeshadow palette is called AREZIA, I bought it at Strawberrynet, I've done a review about it and girl, skip this! LOL I am using it because I just needed to :)

    Gio, thanks for the sweet compliment!

    Audrie, yay, I'm glad it goes perfectly with my nails because that's what I'm aiming for :D

  26. Gia, oh girl, I posted this at 12am, Iam still awake at 12am! LOL That's what I do if there's no work :) GOOFY SMILE! you can see it? hahahahahha

    Jess, thank you, I can't believe Orange woult work ok for me, thanks for saying so!

    Tish,hey, wow..thanks for saying so, I'm sure you can do fine!

  27. Teeyah, thanks sis!

    Aquaracer, I love the natural falsies, I've always thought it's Over the top on case, but it looks ok in person !

    Anastacia, hey sweetie, I'm glad you enjoyed this!

  28. Teeyah, thanks sis!

    Aquaracer, I love the natural falsies, I've always thought it's Over the top on case, but it looks ok in person !

    Anastacia, hey sweetie, I'm glad you enjoyed this!

  29. Yu, my pleasure, I have to put a pop of color to represent my rhinestones and I'm glad you appreciate it.

    Catherine, oooh P&J blush doesn't fail me :) Thanks

    Prettybeautiful, thanks to Yumeko's request, now we all know we can match our nails with makeup :D

  30. i tried using the CS white gel liner as a base and you're right it does make it more vibrant but it makes e/s blending harder. do you have any tips?

  31. i like how flushed your cheeks are looking in the last pic nikki. and the fake lashes look natural on you! i have a few sassi brand fake lashes and they look like them too.

  32. beautiful! i love that palette too :)

  33. orange looks good on you!! :) and the nails, you are so good at it. i attempted and sucked A LOT. haha. :)

  34. so pretty! and that P&J blush looks so great on you.

  35. Crystal, you start by patting the e/s first, do not blend the colors at once , it'll help as it is hard to blend coz the cream is still sticky the first time you applied it, try patting it first, go on with the other colors before you slowly blend them! HTH

    Jo, thanks, I'm glad you like the flush, very summery :D That's my goal :)

    Vanessa M, thanks sweetheart!

    Care G, have you tried the gradient nails? Give it some more time, more trial and error :)

    Connie,thanks, I love that P&J blush :)

  36. So pretty Nikki!! It really matches your nails too!! hehehe!!

    So coincidently, i was doing an orange look yesterday too!! But i looked horrible in it so i wiped it off immediately!! So jealous that you can carry off oranges!

  37. Hello sis, thanks for the comment on my page!=]

    Yessss they do match - your make up and nails.. super cute!!!!! Galing mo talaga Nikki. Hope you'll have a great day.. wherever you may be.. hehe.

  38. i always tot orange is a hard color on eyes but u prove it so wearable...

  39. I love your blog! & your latest new eye look! ;) You're so cute.

    And I love it that you're from the Philippines! YAAAAY.

  40. very summery indeed! i love the purple liner:)

  41. I'm so jealous of girls who can wear warm shadows - I tried but I always look tired. Oh look lovely and those nails too! :)

  42. love love the shadows. my kind of colours and that blue liner is fab!

    i hate it when you can match the e/s with nail polish. i can't wear NP...

    grr... don't let me see your nails in real life. or else! :P

  43. Jenn , I'm sure it doesn't look horrible! You could have shown it to us! :D

    hahhaha yes Ms. katin, I'll have a great day sleeping and eating like a pig :D

    Syn@3sTh3sI@ I'm glad you think otherwise of orange now :)

    mszcheysser, yay to another Filipina too! :)

    Ladystarr, thanks

  44. PB, looking tired on warm colors? really? I've always imagined warm colors on you and I think it's workable!

    Jojoba, sorry dear, just ignore the nails part lol When you see me in real life, are you going to hug me because i"ll be doing your nails..AFTER you cook for me LOL Deal?

  45. ooh a tangerine shadow. thats awesome! pretty look.

  46. wah~~ such a fun look^^

  47. Paint me gorgeous, thank you :)

    Ji, :)

    Jensmakeupbag, thank you for the lovely comment :)

    Rasilla, trust me and I had fun putting orange on my lids lol :)

  48. Amazing look! But if you don't mind me asking--anong palette po yung ginamit niyo? It looks totally cool!

  49. Hi Chrissy, the palette is called AREZIA, it's japanese brand and I bought it at

  50. Beautiful look Nikki! =)

    I envy your nails!

  51. such a bright and pretty look! dont think i can pull off these colours but they look fab on you!

  52. Madblusher, thank you dear!!!

    NicNic awww..thanks for saying so! :D

  53. luv the color of e/s :-)
    super practice din ako sa bahay hehehe..

    thanks for sharing:-)

    Keep it up!


  54. Mags, I KNOW! I see your wonderful eye makeup everyday :D AJA back!

  55. Sis! I love this look! Guess what? I also wore orange today and I thought it was spooky to see this hahahaha!

  56. Gracie, yes! I saw it and yours is wonderful!!!!!

  57. haha what would we do w/o Yumeko around?? lol
    I love the tangerine color!


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