Thursday, April 9, 2009

Nail Art Tutorial: "Summer Time" Nails

Aruba...Jamaica...Ooohh I want to take you to Bermuda, Bahamas...
Come on pretty mama!

Yup, for all you oldies out there! You know that I'm singing the BeachBoys song!!! KOKOMO!

I totally feel summer time!!! And I want to share summertime nails!!! I think a lot of my readers enjoy "gradient" nails as I got a couple of requests over email to do this! Thanks for the request and thanks for liking my hardwork. I know it's not perfect but the hardwork really shows right? :D

Here's my final
"Summer Time" Nails

Step 1:

Apply 2 coats of The Face Shop's BR802 nail polish (or any polish color you want). Let dry.

Step 2:

Create a thick French Tip using my SanSan Orange polish.

Step 3:

While wet, use any "liquid-y" base coat (I use Caronia's) to spread the orange polish color.

Step 4:

You can stop on the above step. But since this is Gradient Nails and I like the colors of summer, I use a yellow polish (from my 2 way nail art pen) and apply another French Tip on top of the orange polish.

Step 5:

Spread the yellow color with the base coat again. Does not have to be perfect.

Step 6:

Drop 4 big dots, creating a flower coming out from the sides, so the petals does not have to be complete.

Step 7:

Using my favorite needle method, spread the dot to make it tear drop shape.

Step 8:

Attach colorful rhinestones to make your nail art colorful!

Step 9:

I love gliters, so I used Elianto's Glitter polish on top of the nail art. Before application, make sure nail art is dry.

Step 10:

Protect your nail design by topping it with your favorite Top Coat. My favorite is still TFS Top Coat.

Final NOTW
Nails of the Week :D

Philippine Holidays starting today til Sunday. Some readers are asking what my plans are! I'm actually not going anywhere! We may, or may not. But this is a perfect time for me to really rest and enjoy quality time with the family and friends (that includes YOU). Yes I'll keep on blogging if I've got nowhere to go, you, my dear, are stuck with me! *evil laugh*

Have a wonderful day!!
Stay Happy!


  1. Gorgeous, so great for spring!!!

  2. lovin the summertime nails!! what's your ultimate favorite nail top coat and underlaquer? i need to find a good one :)

  3. You have such a steady hand...I can't even paint on my left hand with my right...

    This summer I am going to wear lots of blue and teal on my nail...sine they make me look sick in winter...

  4. Gorgeous tropical - ish style! Love this nails! Amazing work!

  5. yay another wonderful nail tutorial!! You are so creative with those. Love the orange color :)

  6. aww thats super kawaii look for spring =)

    I saw many makeup looks with orange today =)

    thanks for sharing !


  7. *giggle* it's better to be stuck here at home reading your blog than hiking somewhere (for me :p) yay! no holiday for blogging! :p I love this nail art of yours. I love yellow and orange plus flowers XD It feels so tropical

  8. so pretty! very Hawaiian! you always have great ideas for nails :)

  9. lovely nails! lurve the summar flowers. It's been days since i last had the time to create nails. will draw something tonite :D

  10. Fuz, I'm glad this reminded you of spring, I skipeed the spring because it's summer down here! LOL

    Whit, thanks! My favorite top coat and underlaquer would be from the Face Shop, I'm not sure if you gals have TFS down there, if not, Sally Hansen base and top coat is ok! That's my 2nd choice

    Citrine, lol it takes time Citrine, it really does :) Teal and blue nails would look wonderful!!!!

  11. Anastacia, thank you!!!

    Audrie, glad you liked it, since I bought the orange polish, i didn't know what to do with them! :)

    Beeyoutiful7, hey! You can try doing yours! actually I also did orange makeup looks with this nail! :) Soon!!!

  12. Gia, aawww..hahah I wouldn't want to go hiking too! I am not a hiking person! Thanks for wanting to be here!

    Connie, thank you sweetheart!

    Prettybeautiful, yay, can't wait to see your nails, I've missed it!!!!

  13. lovely nails. you always make it so breezy. but i know if i were to do it, all the colours will be mixed up for sure. HAHAHA

  14. omg I love the nails!! =) its so cuteee!!

  15. Wow, very creative. Gorgeous! How long did it take to dry the nails? You seemed to put on a lot of thick layers.

  16. its so pretty and cute! i broke my nails again! boooo

  17. i looove all the graduations nails
    like i mentioned before

    this color is so summer!

  18. So gorgeous! I love reading your nail posts because they're so creative and special!

  19. cute sis! you know i like it when you're all dainty!

  20. oo its pretty! i need to decorate my nails ahha

  21. Soo perfect for summer :) I don't have plans either, stuck at home as well to REST :)Yay!

  22. Soo perfect for summer :) I don't have plans either, stuck at home as well to REST :)Yay!

  23. great job as always sis! very hawaiian hehe!

  24. Beautiful! I really, really like that.

  25. jojoba , hahahah I'm sure you can do it but you don't need to do anything on your nails due to your nature of work :)

    Kim thanks sweetie

    Huney, hey! nice to see you here, thanks for dropping a nice comment

    Happy, it actually looks thick but if spreaded out, it's ok, not too hard to dry, it also helps to blowdry your nails after to quicken the drying process

  26. M, you broke your nails from the move?? Sorry to hear that, I hate broken nails, such nuisance!

    Yumeko, thanks sweet :)

    Catherine, thanks for enjoying my nail art posts :)

  27. musicalfanlovesminerals , yes i know you love dainty nails :)

    ilovepink, :) go it to me after you decorated it :)

    Teeyah, thanks dear, I know! Me too, didn't go out today!!! Slept like a pig :)

    Mhean, heheeh Hawaiian :) Love it!

    Pixie, hey!! I love your blog, thanks for leaving a comment here and thanks for liking the nail art tutorial :)

  28. pretty NOTW! :D
    does the rhinestones last long on your nails?? ^^

  29. miRacCLe, i find it even hard to remove the rhinestones! LOL When I put them on my nails, I press it so it's embedded to the polish which makes it long lasting :)

  30. That's such a nice citrus orange colour ^_^! I have to find a similar one, it's lovely :).

  31. i can't bring myself to paint my nails I chip them so often lmao

  32. owh how i truly wish to be as talented as you! :P

  33. Wooow!!! You really got talent for doing nail arts! sis nikki, i have very weak nails. I tend to break them always so as a prevention I would always cut them really really short. I've been wanting to get those artificial nails wherein you could glue them in (dont know whats the name for it :D lol). Im jealous of those girls who could grow their nails really long. Sad

  34. reminds me of a candy flower on a cake...

  35. i don't mind being stuck with sure ill have tons of things to learn...from make-up to nails...hahaha!!!

  36. Cris, I'm sure you can find one, this is more of a frosted orange color :)

    Paint me gorgeous, I wonder why yours chip so often? Even with top coat? Mine chips before after just 2-3 days, but after finding a good top coat, it lasts more than a week!

    Lynn, yes you can girl! I'm sure you can! give it a try!!!

  37. Dianatan, sis, with weak nails, you don't have to paint polishes on them, would you purchase any nail strengthening from Sally Hansen or The Face Shops? Apply them at least a coat or 2 to protect your nails. It's colorless :)

    Debi, thanks so much for the sweet comment, I'm glad you don't mind being stuck with me here in the blog world :)

  38. I love-love-love your nail tutorials! And I love your nails! xD Whenever I hear the Kokomo song, I think of the Muppet Babies. And I grew up with the Muppet Babies. Thanks for sharing this tut, I want to try gradient nails someday! :) :)

  39. You're welcome and thanks for the comment in my blog :)

    I honestly think I'm stuck in the "newbie" phase even though I've been buying all these make up since forever but big thanks for the compliment. It means a lot :)

  40. thanks for the nail tut sis..i really wish i can do that on myself! :)

  41. Innerchild, hey! Thank you for the comment, awww I love KOKOMO song! It's my ultimate summer song :) I feel like I'm vacationing in Hawaii :)

    Teeyah, I think you're just not comfortable sharing it to the world :) Go! Do more!! :D

    Jheng sis, no worries sis, I know you can do it!!!! Nauunahan ka kc ng "di ko kaya eh" hehehe I know you can no! :D

  42. You did a great job as aways! The nails are soo cute!

  43. fuz talaga oo. summer nga eh, spring naman daw. jk! peace tayo fuz :)

    this is so cute niks! i love the rhinestones! :)

  44. Gio, thanks for saying so :)

    Aquaracer, funny ka! hahahaha I guess it's spring for you gals kaya summer is still far away :D

  45. very pretty! the queen of nail strikes again ;)

  46. NicNic, lol thanks for saying so! Hugs

  47. such a lovely springy nail tutorial :)


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