Thursday, September 30, 2010

AMW Reviews: Charm Luxe Mini Kabuki

I've always thought my love for K-brushes have died down!  But one day...when THIS....

 (Note from AMW: This brush can still be revived, 
I just needed to shake my lazy bum and glue this back!)

...happened!  My favorite Ecotools K-brush committed a suicide!  I swear I don't know how it happened!  I am crushed!  I've been using this on days I wanted light to medium coverage and I don't want to purchase another set of Ecotools  Mineral Brush Set just to replace the ruined K-brush, so I looked for an alternative that won't cost me much!  The Beauty Angel up there works in mysterious way, I win some, I lose some... and then I win some again!  The wheel of life!...

Charm Luxe Mini Kabuki says ---
This is the even more travel-friendly and space-saving version of the Charm Luxe Kabuki Brush, which is perfect inside your clutch bag, or any smaller bag! You never have to skip bringing retouch tools, as the Charm Mini Kabuki Brush, is small, but terrible. It might be small, but it is dense enough to pack on foundation, blush, and finishing powder! You never have to struggle for space with this little wonder!

AMW says ---
  • it's tiny and it's pink!  So adorable!
  • very soft
  • no bleeding nor shedding from the time I've used this until this very moment!
  • very easy to tote along due to its size
  • pouch can house the mini k-brush, and 2 sample jars of mineral makeup
  • funny thing, but re-touching will never be obvious due to its cute size, you can literally hide this brush with one hand!
  • does pick up foundation pigments without issues
  • multi-functional: this brush can also be used as a blush brush
  • inexpensive!  I was surprised with the price tag!  You get a free cute pink pouch and this wonderful mini k-brush for only Php300.00 (approx $6.80)!
  • dries up easily after wash
  • since this is made of synthetic hair, foundation and blush pigments does not "dye" the color of the brush
  • NONE
I always prefer the larger k-brushes for overall foundation application, but when my Ecotools K-brush gave up on me (though I can easily glue it back if only I'm not too lazy), I found myself using this as the best alternative.  It never sheds and it never have this scratchy feel that most natural hair has!  This brush is made of synthetic hair but its dense enough to have full control during foundation application! This brush gave me the best of both synthetic and natural hair's world!

  • wash after purchase with a baby shampoo mixed with moisturizing dish washing liquid
  • let it dry on its own laying flat on a towel, never add heat!
  • if you have a Brush Guard, use one to prevent future fly-away.
  • used as blush brush: gently apply a tiny amount of blush on the apples of your cheeks and buff with circular motion for that nice and natural "flush"
  • mix your loose powder foundation with a bit of "highlighting" powder, swipe it together and buff onto your face for that natural glow!

Will I repurchase?
I hope I don't need to!  This one looks like its going to last long!

To whom do I recommend this for?
Anyone who's a powder foundation user (pressed or loose).  This brush gives out a nice, natural coverage and additional buffing will yield heavier coverage!  Easy to tote along especially during travel!

Where to purchase and how much?
At Beauty & Minerals website for Php300.00 (approx $6.80), comes with free pink pouch!

A closer look to the Charm Luxe Mini Kabuki Brush
Silver handle with the gorgeous Charm Logo
White and pink bristles make it stand out of the brush crowd!

Side by side size comparison with Charm Luxe Kabuki
(you can click link to read the review on the bigger sized one)
Such a nice photo of "Mom and Daughter" tandem!

The Charm Luxe Mini Kabuki on the palm of my hand! 
Reminder: My fingers are short!  So imagine how cute and tiny this is!
Height: 2 inches including the handle!

Do you own a brush as cute and tiny as this one?
This is by far, one of the tiniest K-brush I own --- to date!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

(note from author: product was sent as gift.  All reviews are based on author's experience and did not get paid for positive reviews.  Please purchase at your own discretion.)


  1. The brush is so cute! Haha...thanks for reviewing them.


  2. lol on the committing suicide comment. hey, sometimes makeup give up on themselves too jk.

  3. I also own the Ecotools k-brush and im scared coz I think it will commit suicide anytime soon haha.. Its my favorite din eh! Is the Charm mini kabuki the same size as the Ecotools K-brush?

  4. Oh no! I use the same baby kabuki brush from EcoTools and I just used it. I literally told it to not commit suicide. Haha! That Charm baby kabuki looks so cute! :P

  5. Charming Vanity, my pleasure! :)

    Becky, yes, they gave up on me and I took care of it! PROMISE!

    Khymm, the Ecotools k-brush is a bit bigger, the Charm mini k brush is smaller in terms of size :)

    Pammy! hahaha you are too cute, talking to your brush!!!! Sorry, I think a lot of you Ecotools' K-brush user are scared they would commmit suicide too! :) ehhehe

  6. omg at your ecotools kabuki, but it came out all neat and tidy at least!

  7. thats soo cute pink kabuki brush.. will pink color gone after wash it ? :) ♥

  8. Thanks for the review. The brush is so cute!

  9. so tiny and cute! Now I know how a naked kabuki looks like haha

    Btw, what do you mean by moisturizing dish washing liquid? So you can wash your dishes and moisturize your hands at the same time? lol

  10. Oh yeah I heard about this! I wanna own one haha! I'm surprised that it's only P300.00!

  11. oh no you're in for big trouble, i also bought the same brush and was super duper excited because it was so cute, felt so soft, and then it went kamikaze on me on the FIRST WASH!

    the metal thing came off!!!:((

    here's the review i made of it:

  12. Justine, I'm actually not that heartbroken, I know I can glue it back

    Gio, yes, it is!

    Isabel, hahahah actually the imported ones like Palmolive in the states have the dishwashing liquid (with moisturizer) which does not strip off natural oils from your hands, I saw it locally at S&R :)

  13. Ipeishere, nope, the pink color does not wash off, I own the bigger k-brush and washed it so many times and so far, it did not fade on me

    Traveliztera, yes, its inexpensive, i could be wrong, but it is on the range of Php300-350 :) Not bad

    Bea, we'll see, I hope this won't happen! again! :)


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