Monday, February 1, 2010

AMW Reviews: Charm Luxe Kabuki

Happy first day of February!  My favorite month of the year!  Since I am talking about a favorite month, let me tell you something about my favorite Kabuki brush that I reach out every morning for the past months!  It's the kabuki brush from the Ecotools Mineral Brush Set.  *gasp* Surprising right?  I haven't been talking much about it so it's definitely on the "Unsung Hero" list.

I've been reaching for this specific brush because it grabs the pigments quite well and its not scratchy at all!  But life is really tough, there will always be a sexier, prettier and more seductive K-brush (that's how I'll call kabuki brushes from now on hahaha) that'll come along to sweep me off my feet......


Charm Luxe Kabuki says --- 
Charm Luxe Kabuki is perfect for buffing in mineral makeup, loose powder, or mineral finishing powder. It's made of synthetic, vegan hair. So soft, that it glides like velvet on the skin! It comes with a pouch that you can bring your Luxe Kabuki anywhere, without the mess! The pouch can also house one minipot.

AMW says ---

  • very soft
  • no shedding or bleeding (at all!)
  • comes in cute pink pouch (photo below from Beauty & Minerals site)

  • very handy and looks super cute
  • no scratchy feeling
  • made of "vegan" hair which makes it kind to animals
  • no weird scent
  • price is affordable
  • can't find any! Maybe too cute that this can get stolen? hahaha
Physically attractive, quality lives up to expectation at an affordable price!  Definitely a must have for mineral foundation user or even pressed powder users who loves to use K-brushes like I do!

  • always wash the brush before using
  • use a gentle brush cleanser or make your own
  • let dry completely before you start to use this brush
  • never store brush inside pouch if semi wet, could create molds *eeeww*
  • dry the brush laying down, do not stand it up to prevent the glue from getting wet

Will I repurchase?
 I don't plan to repurchase, 1 is enough but I'll definitely tell my "K-brush user" friends about this

Where to purchase and how much?
Php580.00 (approx $12.60) at Beauty & Minerals website

My 2 favorite K-brushes for the moment


What's your favorite K-brush?
Have a great start of the week!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!



  1. "there will always be a sexier, prettier and more gorgeous K-brush"
    you are tooo funny Nikki XD
    Almost bought the set with the mini kabuki...
    Now Im thinking I really should buy it~ haha...

  2. i love the softness of the ecotools kabuki brush but i find the handle too short and small... i'm currently in love with my mufe hd kabuki brush... the handle is perfect! just the right thickness and a little bit longer than most kabuki brushes.. plus it's super dense and sooo soft!

  3. you know i was tempted to buy this but i have too many kabukis already! haha. it's so cute though.

  4. i have the other charm kabuki the one w/the hot pink brushes. i love it cause it's so sooooft! i agree, no cons at all.

  5. I love that Ecotools kabuki too. It is really soft and works really well. :P You made me laugh with this post. The sexier k-brush is funny. ;D

  6. Its so girly and cute! :) I havent been using a kabuki in a long while though, maybe ill start using mine again and upgrade to this pink cuteness haha

  7. Yay! This tool looks so cute and girly!

  8. i love my ecotools k-brush too! but this one is so cute! love the pink color! =)

  9. OMGGGGG that is just too cute!!! LOL! I'm actually looking for a new kabuki! I'm currently using the EcoTools retractable one since my baby kabuki got scratchy (I am so sad about this too, it was like my favorite brush ever!) and it's a little annoying to wash every week... =/ I think I'm going to try out their bronzer brush as a kabuki first and see how the coverage/finish is, but I so want this just for the pink teeheehee.

  10. I have never heard of this brand before, but the brush is so appealing. I love the pink color!!!... hehe~

  11. Rasilla, in my k-brush using years, this is far the cutest :)

    Dustbunny, oohh I don't mind about the short handle, I find it a bit too tiny at first but I guess I got used to it. thanks for sharing your k-brush love :)

    Crystal, I bet you do! you're one mineral makeup user!

  12. Nehs, oohh the full pink bristles? I missed that! But I'm glad I own something pink for my kabuki now :)

    Pammy, well, it is sexier naman di ba? hehehe

    Sush, oohh I love using kabukis! :) And I even use K-brushes for setting powders!

    Anastacia, great for girlies like us! :)

  13. Khymm, yes, that's the major factor, physical attraction! :)

    Catherine, I know, and I swear this doesnt' get scratchy at all!

    Aly, Charm is a local brand, I guess that's why you haven't heard it :)thanks for the comment sweetie

  14. Wow, this kabuki brush is so pretty and girly!

  15. I've the full pink K brush too. Sadly, it still bleeds and sheds hair on me. Iunno if I'm cleaning it the wrong way but my other baby buki brush doesn't shed nor bleed :(

  16. Looks like a sturdy, reliable brush for everyday use. I'd get one of this for myself. Thanks for the review!

  17. Pink brush really catches my eyes lolz
    I don't know whether I should buy one or now since I don't wear mineral powder and my other big brushes are still working fine hmm..
    But this sexy pink brush is very tempting :p

  18. Gio, *winks* you know why I got interested with this in the first place :)

    jean, oh no, I wonder why? I own a couple of Charm brushes and non of them sheds or sorry it happened to you

    All Women Stalker, my pleasure, and let me know how you like yours if you finally have one

    Hana, hahahah really sexy right? I got a couple of K-brushes and I alternate it daily! hahaha

  19. this is so cute! these companies know to make it pink and make us swoon hahah


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