Tuesday, February 2, 2010

AMW Reviews: MAC Just a Pinch Gel Blush

Cheek tints give you the stain?  Cream blushes too difficult to apply?  Powder blushes won't last long?  And I thought I covered everything!  There is such thing as gel blushers and boy oh boy!  It is really nice and worth the "getting to know you baby" moment!

I purchased MAC's Just a Pinch Gel Blush from a friend who doesn't use this much and I'm glad I purchased this!  It looks scary on pot, but is it really scary to use?  Keep on reading...

**photo from MAC website

MAC Just a Pinch Gel Blush says ---
A limited edition product with MAC Rose Romance Collection this sweet little blush gives cheeks just the right amount of flush without being too red, too pink, or too bold! 

AMW says ---

  • super blendable
  • nice natural shade that's build-able
  • gel texture is very smooth and easy to apply
  • non-sticky
  • housed in the same glass pot as MAC's paintpots
  • great even worn alone as it dries up easily
  • the shade would work on most skin tone
  • dual purpose, though it was named as cheek color, you can double this as lip stain
  • isn't as long lasting as cream blushes
  • not available anymore as this is a limited edition
  • a bit pricey for it's original price of $19.50 (approx Php900.00) <--- US price
A very nice "raspberry" shade, looks very sheer when applied as opposed to the shade on pot, I never over apply this product because of its gel-like texture.  If you are a fan of natural flush minus the hassle of application, gel blushers really are something you should look into.  This lasts a bit longer than powder blush but disappears faster than a cream blush.  

Since this is a limited edition, the point of reviewing this is for you to know there are several types of blush textures you can choose from. 

  • apply with clean fingers or stipplying brush, or in my case, my favorite synthetic foundation brush
  • apply using light hand strokes right after foundation
  • if you have oily skin: set the cream blush with a translucent powder or powder blush
  • for hygienic purpose, I prefer to dip the gel blush with a brush, apply it straight on my cheeks then blend the rest using my fingers
  • always close the cap tightly
Will I repurchase?
I'd love to purchase more shades!  MAC make this available again, please!

Where to purchase and how much?
Probably ebay or from friends who purchased this and doesn't use this.

I've been using MAC's Just a Pinch Gel Blush for a couple of days
Take a look at the bright and bold red color you see on pot


Here's the shade once grabbed on my finger


Applied heavily on my hand


Applied lightly onto my cheeks using light feather strokes
Color is build-able


What blush formulation do you think will work for you?
Intrigued to try gel blushes?
Well I will be on for a lookout for other gel blush brands out there
Let me know which one I should try!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy
Happy blushing!



  1. I was intrigued by this blush when it came out but never picked it up. I think I prefer creme or powder overall. Great review as always!


  2. I honestly never heard of a gel blush prior to reading your post. Thank you for "putting me on." I will definitely try it out. I wonder how it fairs with oily skin?

  3. Nice review, Nikki...
    I've been using Benetint for more than a year now and for me it's my HG blush. Stays on me the whole day and gives me the natural flushed look plus doesn't make me breakout at all. I'm actually scared of trying other kinds of blush 'coz my skin might break out.

  4. it looks more like a raspberry lipbalm than a blush :P glad to know that cream blush still lasts longer :D

  5. I never know there is such thing as gel blush hahaha...so far I've tried cream blush and powder blush, I like powder blush better because it applies easier & faster (though fade faster too)

  6. Looks really nice! I wonder if i can substitute a lip balm as cheek gel :P

  7. I thought it was a lippie when I first saw your thumbnail pic. I don't quite have a thing for cream blush and I don't think gel would work for me either. -_- powder blush still rocks for me. LOL!!! :D

  8. it does look scary in the pot but looks really natural on you.. =)

  9. Psst Nikki.. you can use it on your lips too! =P

    At least I do, and I'm not dead yet.

  10. nikki, a gel blush i love is Alison Raffaele's Inner Glow which can be bought at Beauty Bar, their best-sellers are Playful and Charming i believe, i'm considering buying another tube again, you've to try it :)

  11. This looks really nice and it looks more like a lip stain. But when I first saw the picture, I thought it was like a jellyace'd cheek tint. :P It does look natural on you. :)

  12. It looks so lovely on your face! Cool stuff!

  13. I was curious to try this when it was released but the price put me off. it's a very pretty shade though and looks so natural on you!

  14. Michelle, thanks for sharing your thoughts, I am actually, cream, gel, and powder blush lover! hahhaa

    Kim, it works even for oily skin as long as you primed your face well with the right primer, foundation and setting powder! :)

    Lanie, I haven't tried Benetint, shocking right? well if you found what works for you, don't let it go :)

  15. Xin, yes, cream blush is the queen of all blushes for now :) Not unless some company makes a "blush MUD" or something hahaha

    Hana, you're right, powder blushes are so easy to apply!

    Tanveer I think you can, but lip balms tends to be too moisturizing so probably will oil up faster! :) But there's no harm in trying

  16. Sue, you're right, I thought it was the famous lip balm from MAC but i'm glad to give it a try still :) And yay for loving powder blushes! :) How do you make your powder blushes last?

    Khymm, super natural! Its even nicer in person :)

    Kahani, yes dear, I do that too! :)

    Ima, thanks for the tip, I will give it a try when I visit Beauty Bar :)

  17. Pammy, thanks sweetie

    Anastacia, thanks!

    Gio, it's funny how I got this late, but I'm glad I still got my hands on this as it's not available elsewhere :)

  18. I have never tried these! Ugh...and it's limited edition so now I can't. :( Great review!

  19. B thanks sweetie! I'm sure you'll get the chance to try others that are similar to this;)


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