Wednesday, February 3, 2010

AMW Reviews: L'Oreal Professional Texture Expert Aqua Sleek

I've talked about L'Oreal Professional Texture Expert Smooth Ultime Moist and Control Milk as a nice anti-frizz a couple of weeks ago, I got questions from readers on which product to use for fine and limp hair.  Though I personally do not have very fine or limp hair, I am intrigued to try these types of hair products because my sister and mom have fine and limp hair so finding the right product would mean giving them hope!  Since the Smooth Ultime Moist and Control Milk works well on me, I didn't mind trying the same Professional Texture Expert line for fine and limp hair.

Introducing...L'Oreal Professional Texture Expert Aqua Sleek...

**photo from L'oreal

L'Oreal Aqua Sleek says ---
  • Sleek and airy aqua-essence, airy category
  • Result: Aqua-essence for a smooth blow-dry style or a hair style with a soft, lightweight finish
  • Product category: smoothing cream
  • Main benefit: smoothing, blow-drying styling
  • Technology: incell and pearl proteins repair and reinforce sensitized hair fibers.  Vitamin E acetates protects the hair. 
  • size: 125ml
AMW says ---

  • spreads onto hair easily
  • feels light, hair never feels heavy 
  • non-greasy
  • smells wonderful
  • a little is enough
  • does not weigh hair down
  • aside from being a hair styling product, this also doubles up as hair care with its pearl protein repair
  • protects hair as we style
  • again, some people find this a bit pricey (I think this is ok as one tube lasts)
  • have to purchase at leading salons, cannot just find them at health shops

My sister is never a fan of hair styling products, she's a wash-and-go type of girl!  But for someone who's low maintenance and liked the product?  There must be something good!  It doesn't give a miraculous "thickness" on your hair but it does lifts up and gives an illusion of a healthy hair.  This product smooths the hair and at the same time, never weighs hair down.  

  • apply a dab of product on washed, towel dried hair and proceed with blowdrying or styling 
  • when hair is still damp, rub the product onto your palm then gently massage it all lover your hair, even near the root area <--- does not make your hair roots oil up
  • hair styling products are still hair styling products, do use clarifying shampoo once or twice a week to prevent product buildup

Will I repurchase?
For my sister, yes

Where to purchase and how much?
At local selected salons for Php915.00 (approx $19.89)
for international readers, this is available at Strawberrynet for $21.50 (approx Php989.00) free shipping worldwide!!!

Do you have fine, limp hair? or thick, rebellious hair?
Have you spotted the right product for your hair type? 

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. i am also the type - wash and go. i only use conditioner and nothing else. but now i do look for product which can add to hair volume cause my hair is always flat after wash.

  2. Awe! I wish we have more Loreal products! Coz all your Loreal reviews is so exciting!

  3. hey chica! it's almost hump day! hope you're having an awesome week ;)

  4. I am not a fan of hairstyling products. I have permed hair so it's wash and wear for me. I tried Sunsilk's but it made my head oily and sweaty. Yuck! This seems promising but too bad it is available at selected salons and it is quite pricey. :P

  5. Love your reviews :)
    L'Oreal is such a fab hair care product isn't it! I really must get some!!!!

  6. Xin, oohh your hair is fine and limp? base on photos, I've always thought its healthy and really bouncy :)

    Anastacia, you don't have a lot of L'oreal products there? But I bet you have a lot of great brands we don't have down here :)

    yummy411 thanks sweetie

    Pammy, oohh same with you, I wasn't a fan a couple of years ago, I guess my hair issues are making me to start doing something about my hair :)

    Sarah, I'm glad you feel the same! :)


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