Saturday, January 30, 2010

I Wonder: "Do You Use Hair Spritz?"

My hair has been given the most attention lately.  I guess with all the heating and styling I've done on my hair, I know I've done enough damage and I needed to give all the tender loving care I could think of!  I seldom use any conditioning sprays or moisturizing spritz right after I style my hair because I don't want to add product after product which may weigh down my hair or worst, cause dandruff!

On some days that I wake up with rebellious hair, there is one moisturizing spritz that I reach out for, Aquair Deep Moist from Shiseido!  This was a gift to me by my brother when he came down for a visit!  The spritz bottle is fabulous and the scent smells fresh and wonderful!  And best of all?  It does moisturize my hair and it never weighs my hair down!  It feels as if nothing was applied!

I wonder:
"Do You Ever Use Hair Spritz or any Conditioning Sprays 
        right after you blow dry or style your hair?"

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  1. Yes,I used makarizo hair spritz after my hair dries up,just to keep the moisture on my hair. But now I'm using the leave-on conditioner. Since the air is relatively clean in Melb :D I might give the shiseido a try if I can get my hands on it :)

  2. Hi Sis nikki! I do only use the VOV spray before i curl or straight my hair..i feel that certain protection the whole day!

  3. yes i do,especially when i use my flat iron..i love proclaim,it tames my dryness and fly aways..

  4. Right after I wash my hair I apply spray leavein conditioner on, then hair spritz and after its naturaly air dry hair protecting coat.

  5. I don't use any hair spritz but I love Kerastase's Anti Fritz serum when my hair gets unruly.

  6. Never occurred to me to use spritz for my hair. But I guess it's cos my hair is thin and limp.

  7. when it comes to my hair, gusto ko wash and wear lang! haha. which is really weird since i'm studying hairstyling now.

  8. Havent tried this brand but I used to when I had long hair hehe no hair spritz will ever save me from a bad hair day now haha :)

  9. oh yes I use them! Currently using schwarzkopf Q10 and moisture kick, next time i wanna try Liese :D

    Aquair isn't that popular I feel, dunno why >_<

  10. I have wavy hair which can get really crazy at times, so I use some sort of product to help tame it. Using spritz sounds like a good idea, though, and I might try it.

  11. hello nikki.

    well i have few and inexpensive hair stuff like loreal, some citre shine, and ah glow from hbc.

    among the three i like hbc better.

  12. Hana, I have never heard of that brand, but if it works great for you :)

    Sweetequila, VOV have a spray? I didn't even know that! hahaha

    Shobe, Proclaim? Where did you purchase it?

  13. Anastacia, leave on conditioner works really well!

    Kai, oh man! KErastase definitely is my next to purchase list! The price just kills my wallet but it is very good!

    Sesame, how about volumizing spritz? Have you tried it?

  14. Crystal, you have gorgeous hair! i've seen it :)

    Sush, so for shorter do you don't use any na? :)

    Plue, I don't know why but I haven't thought of giving Schwarzkopf a try!

  15. All Women Stalker have you tried anti-frizz spray or moisturizing spritz for your wavy hair?

    Girl With Glasses,I haven't tried Glow from HBC, and it's great that the most inexpensive one works :) Yayness!

  16. OMG sis, my bad, I meant VO5 Heat defense spray..:):) Forgiven? lol... it promises 24 hr anti frizz...150 ml, quite good na rin :)


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