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AMW Reviews: NYX Professional MakeUp Artist Palette Set 101

I am a fan of palettes!  Why?  I find it easier to carry around during gigs and it looks way professional!  That's why when NYX, the brand I trust for drugstore makeup that's good in quality, created a Make-Up Artist Kit, I am NOT hesitant to give it a test and share my reviews based on my personal experiences and opinions!  Can I just say...expect a lot of photos as you scroll down?  :)  Enjoy!

NYX Professional Makeup Artist Palette says ---
All in-one case for easy and beautiful makeup application whether at home or jet setting across the world. 35 eyeshadow, 3 bronzers, 5 blushers, 5 lip colors. Comes with applicator and mirror.
Size: 7.3125"W x 7.3125"H x 1.625"D 

Available in 2 sets: 101 and 102 

Set 101 top contains 35 eyeshadow shades 

2nd layer contains 3 bronzers, 
5 blushers and 5 lip colors with applicators

AMW says ---

  • packaging: looks actually nice and very professional + mirror!
  • most of them are very pigmented
  • the blush colors are very pigmented
  • all 5 lip colors are gorgeous and easy to mix and match
  • easy to blend
  • a nice palette for those starting up on makeup 
  • packaging actually looks expensive, very professional looking
  • a bit pricey at first glance but when you count the number of eyeshadows, blushers, bronzers and lip color, it's worth it!
  • each pan is almost the same as MAC e/s pan, a lot of product!
  • available locally! 
  • if you are into matte shades, this palette does not have a lot of matte e/s, mostly shimmery
  • huge palette!  Quite heavy to tote around.  To show the size of this palette, I've put 2 PSP on top of the palette and there's still space!
  • the slide compartment is a bit hassle to use and difficult to balance with one hand during makeup application
  • there are a few shadows that are a bit powdery
  • it would be PERFECT if they included contouring powder (wishful thinking) 
  • useless "free" applicators

I own a couple of NYX single eyeshadows and I don't usually carry them around during gigs because it takes up a lot of space and it's a huge hassle to have it laying all around the makeup area.  That's why owning a palette is definitely a solution!  If you are looking for a palette that has almost everything you need, with the right quality and good price.  You definitely have to look into this one!  I just wish they make the packaging sleeker and easy to tote around!

  • always use an eye primer for the eyeshadow to last longer
  • don't want your blush to fade quickly?  Use a cream/gel blush prior to using the powder brush
  • you can mix and match blush color!  I love applying the gold blush on top of the matte pink blush, it creates a health glow
  • use a lip brush for the lipstick shades
  • lip colors can get drying, moisturize your lips prior to application
  • you can also mix lipstick shades to create new colors!  
  • glitter on the lip color is quite difficult to remove, use a lip makeup remover!
Will I repurchase?
Not the same palette, this lasts for a long time!

Where to purchase and how much?
Locally at HD Makeup Studio for Php1,800 (approx $39.00)

Now on to the real thing
Swatches GALORE!

I seriously love all of you.  I swatched everything!  Just to show you guys how pretty and pigmented these eyeshadows are!  Swatched without base!  You can check out some really pretty shades!  A huge holler to my favorite shades:  1a, 1f, 2f , 3f (a nice dupe for MAC Amber Lights), 4f (reminded me of Stila Kitten), 5a (I can't seem to remember the shade name but I own a MAC shade that's similar to this) and 6f which is a nice old rose color that I don't have!  You can always click photos to enlarge!  You can also see which shades are really pigmented and creamy while there are some bad eggs that are quite powdery, but it's no big deal!  Just one or two of them!  Nothing serious!


I do like using them as eyeshadows on most days
I also like mixing both colors to create a "lighter" shade

Blush Shades
I love using D for a nice healthy glow
letter E for a barbie pink cheeks! 


Lip Colors
ranges from nudes, pinks and peach
  A is my favorite, it is a nice pink lip color with bluish undertone!
B lip color looks close to my lip color!  Very natural looking
and D is perfect for that "nude" lips that you want


This is definitely a "hit"!  I won't be surprised this will get into the hands of make-up artists and make-up enthusiasts out there! 

Have a wonderful Friday!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Thanks for reviewing this! I love NYX!

  2. Awww! This is so nice palette!!! And colors payoff so great!

  3. Thanks for the swatches!! I know that this must have took you alot of time!! :D

    And you have 2 PSPs!!! Jealous!!! hehehe!! :D

  4. the palette looks so so awesome!!! who cares it is big right? it is great!

  5. Thanks for this review and the swatches!! Swatching is hard work hehe. All the eyeshadows look so pretty! I've only tried on NYX single eyeshadow, and it was powdery :( I guess that was a dud!

  6. I've never seen this palette before. it looks pretty nifty! But I'm not too sure if it's something I'd buy simply because I don't like lip products in the same palette. Lol
    Thanks for the review and swatches

  7. wow! i'm gonna save for this! =)

  8. I hate you Nikki, you always always convince me to try products that you review!!! And my new year's resolution is to beef up the savings acct! LOL. I seriously want one...(self control)...inhale...exhale...

    Happy Weekend, Niks!=)

  9. WOW! look at those lipstick shades! I'd get it for the bronzers and lipstick part, they're so pretty. Thanks for reviewing.

  10. wow, such an affordable palette! i also think this is a good investment not only for makeup artists but for those wanting to start a collection and get a feel of different colors to mix and match - if the sorts of MAC pricing is a problem. good job on the swatches sis! i hear yah, it's troublesome but all for the love of makeup and our readers right? ;D

  11. wow!
    i wish i can have this
    i love "complete" sets
    so convenient :P

  12. they really look pigmented! so pretty colors.. =) waah...

  13. I didn't know NYX has this kind of palette. >.< The colors are pretty pigmented and looked creamy too! Nice swatches btw :)

  14. Nikki I'd love to see you use this in tutorials and makeovers! You're the best whatever product and tool you use.

  15. LOL at your comparing the size with 2 PSP!!! My son's favourite post, he said.


    lovely swatches!

  16. Thanks for the review and swatches. I love palettes and this one looks great! The colors are beautiful.

  17. Yay for fab palettes! I hope I can balance it on one hand!!

  18. If there's one thing I'm crazy about, it's eyeshadow. Love, love, love the colors on that palette, and at such an affordable price! Thanks for the review.

  19. Fab Beauty, no worries, and thanks for reading my review!

    Anastacia, you bet! it has great color payoff!

    Catherine, yes! I agree with you. Do you own one?

  20. Jenn, yes it does! hahhha But I guess I kinda got used to it after :) And no, the other one is my hubby's! hahaha

    Xin, so true, I don't mind using it in the morning because it is indded great!

    e.motion in motion, awww have you tried other single shadows from NYX that isn't that powdery? I do own a couple that are powdery and some are wonderful!

  21. Connie, I actually tested the lip product last, I like my lipsticks in tubes but this is definitely great for professionals because it's more hygienic to use lip brushes on clients :)

    Rosey, yay! goodluck and hope you can purchase your own soon!

    Dang, sorry sis! I am not trying to make you lemm for this! hahaha I am just being honest and it is just a review! hahaha Happy weekend to you too

  22. My-My the lipstick shades are winner! I love it! and it's long lasting I have to say!

    MereMakeupManiac, yes, even if I'm not a makeup artist, I'll still want this!

    LyNn, I love palettes too! just like you

  23. Khymm, :)

    Sue, yes, I didn't know until recently too! :)

    Jo.frougal I haven't been doing tutorials on looks lately, been very busy, but definitely do one if I have the chance :)

  24. Jojoba, hahaha your son's favorite post out of all my posts? hahaha I have to include PSP on all PHOTOS! hhahaha

    Gio you are welcome

    K, yes you can, if you desperately want to use this every morning, if not, just leave it on top of your vanity table! hahaha

    All Women Stalker, glad you like the e/s swatches :)

  25. Um, woooow....this is SO cute. It is a little large, like you said. And can a sista get one or two mattes? Hmm....I'm still adding it to my radar. :)

  26. B, hahahah you are too cute! as always

    Crystal, sorry naman! hahahaha

  27. wow that's pretty cheap, only PHP1,800 for that entire palette? amazing. but i think i have to rest on the shimmery eyeshadows bec i already got the shimmer palette before.

    nikki just a quick question, do you know a local re-seller for urban decay cosmetics? i've been lusting after their eyeshadow palettes!

  28. Thanks Nikki for the swatches. The colors are so vivid even without base. I am impressed. Only tried NYX eyeshadow once during the Tsuya2 workshop. Their colors are very pigmented.

  29. Bea, I know what you mean, too many eyeshadows won't work for a pair of eyes! lol :)Sorry about the Urban Decay Resellers, I do know a couple by just searching through multiply but not sure if the e/s palettes are available locally.

    Lavender, no worries, it's my pleasure to do the swatches.

  30. Great review!

    I've been googling the reviews for this product for the longest time and so far this is the most comprehensive.

  31. Would you recommend it for sensitive skin?

  32. Maja, thanks, I'm glad you appreciate this :)

    Anonymous, is easy to say yes and no but it really depends on your skin, I have sensitive skin myself but I don't have issues with this, but there are some ingredients to some eyeshadows that you may be allergic to, so please check on ingredients before purchase :)


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