Tuesday, November 30, 2010

AMW Reviews: Darlington Gusset Panty Stockings

I dislike wearing stockings!  I actually wanted to put HATE but that's too much negativity!  I remember those days when I work in an airline and we were required to wear stockings and I never did!  I am a rule follower!  But this is one rule I just can't follow!  I think the management gave up on asking me to wear one, because I never did!  I just hate the feeling of stockings and the probability of having a run in stockings as I tend to be too running around like there's no tomorrow! 

So why did I purchase one?  Prior to my Korea trip, we did not book any tour groups so I had a feeling that I'll be walking around until I won't feel my legs anymore!  Let's face it, I am older and my legs are weaker!  After seeing my mom go through hard times to treat her Varicose Veins that nearly threatened her leg veins, I told myself I have to do something about my legs before I have huge varicose veins popping up as early as now!  
I went to the mall and asked advice from the sales lady!  There's a couple of brands out there but I actually asked for the brand she used and she gave me the Darlington brand and told me most of the sales staffs use it as they are standing ALL DAY!  It's inexpensive, so what the heck?  I purchased black as I want to wear it on its own as leggings!


Darlington Gusset Panty Stockings says ---
Guaranteed made from finest quality hosiery and hygienic cotton gusset.  These materials provide you with comfort and reinforcement for added run protection.  Thus, will surely keep your legs looking classy and feeling energized all day.

Made in the Philippines
Available in: Skin tone, Fresh Beige, Light Gray, Almond Brown, Dark Gray and Black.

AMW says ---
  • Because of its micro fiber, it does not feel warm or uncomfortable against the legs!
  • Does not "run" easily as the stockings is a bit thicker compared to others.
  • Gives a nice support, feels tight but not too tight.
  • One size fits all!  The stretchable material fits legs of all sizes!
  • Comfortable.
  • Very inexpensive!
  • Can be used as a piece of clothing on its own.
  • Available in various colors!
  • The Cotton Gusset makes it comfortable to wear.
  • The garter is comfortable enough not to create marks on your tummy area.  Stretchable to an extent.
  • Prevents chaffing between your feet and the shoes.
  • For countries with winter climate, you can wear your favorite skirts with this underneath to keep your legs warm. (Check out the photo of this cute girl in Korea!  She knows her fashion :P)
  • Can tone down a bit of the flabby tummy!
  • Proudly Philippine-made!
  • Feels uncomfortable if you have long toenails (MYSELF!)
  • Difficult to wear if you have long fingernails too!  Have to be very careful!
  • If worn religiously, may cause bacterial growth on the unmentionables if material is non-breathable!  
  • Runs in the stockings may happen and it'll be a fashion boo-boo! 
  • On the other hand, if you are fully "blessed" around the tummy area, fats will show up *ouch* :(
I like having this inside my closet but I don't wear this religiously not unless my work requires me to stand up the whole day!  I have to clarify that the Darlington Full Support Gusset is not used to heal existing Varicose Veins (as there is another product meant for that).  This is used as prevention. 

  • For hand wash only
  • Never bleach this.
  • Hang dry and try not to stretch it too much.
  • Try to roll the leggings one leg at a time, do not just slip in your foot and wiggle it on the way to the end.
  • Adjust the foot area first before you start to slowly roll the stockings upwards.

  • If you want to wear this as is, wear a long top like long t-shirts or oversized boyfriend shirt!
  • This Full Support Gusset works with closed shoes or boots, do not wear open-toed shoes or sandals!
  • If you have really large Varicose Veins on your leg area and it bothers you, check with doctors specializing in Varicose Veins as they will give you the right size of Compression Stockings and the length of time needed to wear it!  Never try to be your own doctor as it may cause major problems in the future.
  • If you prefer the "see through" type, just tell the sales lady as they have this available too!
Will I repurchase?
Yes!  I actually did, I purchased the Skin Tone version to be worn underneath the jeans on days I know I'll be walking a LOT!

Where to purchase and how much?
At leading malls for Php199.75 (approx $4.65). You can check their website for more options. 

A photo to show how it dark the 
Darlington Gusset Panty Stockings in Black.  
No skin shown at all!

Have you used any Full Support Gusset?
Is it for fashion statement or for varicose veins prevention?
My answer would be both!  I killed 2 birds in one Panty Stockings!  *laughs*

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. i used to hate wearing stockings too, but the korea trip changed my mind. due to the really cold weather, i had to wear legging-thick stocking underneath my jeans and gown to keep me warm. LOL. bummer is also i tore one stocking already due to my long nails :( both at the toe area and the waist band area.

  2. I used to wear one before and it used to in BLACK! Especially when I was still having my OJT last summer. Imagine I had to endure wearing those HOT stocking just because I am ashamed of my legs. LOL!

    But now, I am becoming more confident of my legs (I have strecth marks on ly legs. It makes me cry whenever I look at them). And I was told during our career seminar that black stockings are a no-no during interviews.

  3. I hate the dress code we have at work (we're forced to wear skirts Mondays to Wednesdays), so I always end up wearing panty hose or leggings to cover up my legs. Much as I'd like to wear shorts, I hate that I'm a hairy beast. Haha! One thing I don't like about panty hose is that it's quite uncomfortable in the tummy area. I don't like feeling like I'm being squeezed. Nagkakaroon tuloy ng muffing top. Hayz.

  4. I hate stockings and leggings as they feel itchy though most find them comfy to wear. You look great wearing that on the pic. :P

  5. i also hated wearing stockings because i feel like i'm allergic to the fabric. i would always have red spots right after i wear them. the only stockings i could bear wearing for a long time would be the thick ones just like this from darlington. :D but yeah, it could give you an icky feeling if you're wearing it in hot climates! LOL

  6. Hi, Nikki!

    Where did you get these stockings. I'm also preparing for a trip to a cold country. I was wondering if you give me more information about where I can get winter clothing stuff =)

  7. Xin, I know! You went there during winter! I still remember your photos!!! Funny about the ruined waist band area LOL

    Maddie, I know what you mean! Either I wear this as leggings or none at all! :) So happy for you that you are more confident with the flaws you have, that's the spirit girl

    Skysenshi, oh no, I hate stockings too!!! I can wear them but NOT at work :) Sorry about the muffin top, I know what you mean!

  8. Aika, yes, you have gazillions of stockings and they all work well on your long legs! :)

    Pammy, thank you sweetie

    Abbie, hahaha this one, thank goodnesss the fabric isn't irritating at all, its exactly as the leggings we wear !

    Kinney, try Robinson's malls and SM department stores, I bought mine at Robinson's Place ermita :) You can layer on clothing or you can try to look around Surplus shops or Ukay Ukay :)

  9. ey there, nice of you to share this, will sure check it out.

    Nice pic of you and hyun joong at the TFS.

    the face shop phils has their FB promo on going, hope you can check it out.

    hay sana makarating din ako sa Korea


  10. Darlington support is great if only they would come in large size. The fit-all size is not really that comfortable because you have to pull so much in order for you to wear it properly - it squeezes your toes. On my doctor's recommendation, I have to wear it regularly (even if I really don't want to. I am 5'7", in my mid-fifties and guess what, am male. Thanks


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