Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Paul & Joe Goodies

I haven't blogged much about my favorite makeup brand Paul & Joe, you want to know why?  I'll share you my tiny little secret.  Paul & Joe have sales every now and then in makeup schools or fairs, and the "cheapskates" in me would hoard during sales and I ended up with 2 of each product that I use.  Well, 3 refills of my favorite Paul & Joe Protective Dual Powder Foundation to be exact, in which I finished up 2 and I'm on my 3rd *taking a mental note to hoard more once they have sale!*

Thankfully, after a year plus of hiatus with this brand, I've finally reunited with the brand again with 2 tiny addition to my Paul & Joe family....

Paul & Joe Lipstick C and Paul & 
Joe Creamy Matte Foundation

I own the Paul & Joe Light Cream Foundation in the past which me and my best friend absolutely love for its very "natural" effect with light to medium coverage! I tend to reach out to this for myself or for clients who has normal skin with not much coverage needed for that "very natural Korean Makeup" glow. 

If you read my previous review regarding the foundation, I love how chic and classy the packaging look but I've complained about the huge opening of this and it is unhygienic to dip your sponge, brush or even fingers directly onto the product.

Lo and behold!  Companies do listen to consumers' needs!  The new Paul & Joe glass packaging includes a cute Paul & Joe spatula!

Aside from the added spatula, this is the Creamy Foundation from Paul & Joe perfect for Normal to Oily skin!  I remember using the Light Cream Foundation to people with drier skin!

Together with the newly acquired Cream Foundation, this will actually be a first Paul & Joe Lipstick for me and its Lipstick C 068 Moon Shadow which I believe is a limited edition!  Most Paul & Joe products are housed in very cute packaging and this one is no exception!

The beautiful black and pink flowers motif are designs straight from the Paul & Joe runway collection.  And the gorgeous packaging is not even enough for me to want to keep this lipstick for good!  Scroll down and you'll understand...

The lipstick itself has a cat carving which according to my research, represents Sophie Albou's (the fashion and cosmetics company's founder) favorite animal cat.

Too bad most of them are out of stock, I want them all!  *meow*!

**photo lifted from Google images

I am currently reviewing the products and will even use the P&J Creamy Matte Foundation on clients to have a better review on different skin types!  Check back for detailed reviews!

As of the moment, presentation, packaging alone receives 2 thumbs up from me!

Keep smilin'

Stay happy!


  1. hi nikki! i also love paul and joe! please invite me or inform me if they are on sale pretty please *blink blink*

  2. K! hahaha you are too cute, no need to *blink blink* :P Most of the Paul & Joe bazaars or Sale schedules will be posted here if I am informed! I share the good news of course! :)

  3. OMG!
    that cat lipstick is to die for!

  4. sayang i missed the last P&J sale in rustans makati. ang layo kasi e :( hehe

  5. I'm such a AMW fan that I had a hint on what your fave P&J products were...

    i opened your page and i thought i was ging to have a heart attack on that kitty lippie!

  6. That lipstick is super cute! I won't have the heart to use it. :P

  7. I've never tried P&J before but I heard lots of good stuff on it. Too bad it's so pricey for my budget =(

    & ahh!! That lipstick is too cute! I don't think I'll use it because then the head would be gone soon D=

  8. the cat head kind of freaks me out hahah

  9. Thia, I know! hahaha I can't put myself to use it :( :( :(

    Crystal, I know what you mean, most of their sales, I wasn't able to attend too because of where I work and where I live!

    Herroyalbleakness, hahahha you are too cute! thanks for knowing my favorites! The kitty lipstick? Heart attack? is it a good one or the bad one? Wait! There's no such thing as good heart attach! LOL

  10. Pammy, same here! Up until this very moment, I'm having super hard time!

    Lisa, I know what you mean, I always have to wait for sales! :) But when it comes to Powder Foundation, I purchase it because my clients are worth it :)

    Mona, hahahaha :)I am a dog person though and I wish they'll come up with a dog version? :D That'll probably freak you out even more!

  11. Ah, P&J. I have yet t try this brand. So many brands... so little time. ^_^

  12. L awww! thanks for visiting dear! I missed you!!! How's your makeup gigs there? I'm sure that keeps you super busy!


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