Friday, November 19, 2010

AMW Reviews: Pond's Cold Cream

The product review I will be doing today will bring back good 'ol memories to a lot of us!  From our grand mommies to mommies, aunties then to us and probably to our future daughters! 

Most of us probably have seen the glass jar on top of our mom's dresser and a chunk of us probably have opened this glass jar and took a sniff (several times).  I have to admit, I've done this so much!  Told you, I'm a curious cat! 

Funny how we easily forget the "Classic Cleanser" and veer into trendy cleansers nowadays and forget all about products that works for the longest time!  Today, I am taking you back old memory lane with a product review for a makeup cleanser that was made available way before we were born!

Pond's Perfect Care Cold Cream says ---
Rich cream cleanser with a time-tested formula cleans deep down without drying your skin, for beautiful results every time.

Gentle yet effective deep cleansing action removes hidden dirt and make-up, even stubborn waterproof mascara.  Its special blend of ingredients softens as it cleanses in one simple step so your skin feels smooth and radiantly clean and never tight or dry.
  • moisturizes as it cleanses
  • hypoallergenic
  • won't clog pores
Special ingredients: Essential Oils, Emolients

AMW says ---
  • Does not break me out
  • Does not feel greasy after wiping it off with a cotton sheet or pad
  • Consistency starts off a bit thick but after gentle massage, it goes off like "liquid", making it easily to blend in with makeup and dirt for easy removal.
  • Works for most skin
  • Works for most type of makeup, can remove some traces of mascara and liners.
  • Multi-functional: I can even use this to remove my lip product, wash it off with water though.
  • Skin feels soft afterwards, dryness lessened dramatically
  • I personally try not to use this near my eye area but for the sake of review, I've used this to remove my eye makeup and it does not sting or burn my eyes.
  • No disgusting or strong scent, just right.
  • Very affordable
  • Not really a con, but I do miss the glass jar!  
  • A bit hassle to dip my fingers especially with long fingernails!
  • May not work for people with super sensitive skin. (due to the oil and scent)
For dry skin individuals, this is NOT enough to moisturize your skin but it's enough to make you remove makeup without drying it!  For oily skin, it does not get that oily that can irritate you.  The Pond's Cold Cream feels light on skin and it's a product I call "Cleanses and Moisturizes" at the same time!

  • Use a spatula (clean gelatin or yoghurt spoons) to grab on product for hygiene purposes.
  • Some people prefer to cleanse face first before using this product as this serves as their moisturizer too.   I, on the other hand, prefer to use this first prior to cleansing my face because I like to use a separate moisturizer.
  • Massage product gently with your fingers to soften up makeup for easy removal!
  • Use a soft cotton cloth or pad, wipe gently!
  • I suggest to use a wash cloth in wiping the product off rather than cotton (to save environment) and a damp one would work better!  No need to pull the skin.
  • Want to use this as eye makeup remover? Dip a clean cotton bud in the jar and gently remove eye liner and mascara.  Never dip the dirty cotton tip again!

Will I repurchase?

To whom do I recommend this to?
Anyone can give this a try as its inexpensive anyways.  In my opinion, this works best on normal and dry skin! 

Where to purchase and how much?
At leading groceries, drugstore and department stores for approximately Php100.00 ($4.50)

On regular working days, I don't wear a lot of makeup but it's nice to remove even the tiniest amount of makeup the right way.  Dotted areas of my face with Pond's Cold Cream as shown on photo below.  You can opt to do it with a small! :)

Gently massage your face for a good 3-5 minutes, adding more
if you applied more makeup or even on drier areas.

Wiped product off with
I actually spritz the cotton cloth with water

Voila!  Eyebrow pencil, powder foundation,
mascara and eyeliner gently removed!
Want some? :P *eeeekk*

Have you found love from Pond's Cold Cream?
I feel ashamed for using it just now!

As the cliche go, "It's better late than never!"

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I just started using Pond's cold cream to remove my makeup. I used to use vaseline. I do use it to remove my eye makeup and it works wonders. The make-up removers I use tend to make my lashes fall out, but this hasn't. Thanks for the review.

  2. PONDS in Glass Jar reminds me of something my aunty used to use...Ages ago! I love the scent...Its CLASSIC!

  3. Hay. I'm one of those people who are allergic to Pond's cold cream. But I seem to have found a Pond's product that isn't bad for me. It's the carbon cleanser thingy...

  4. Thanks for this! When I think of Pond's Cold Cream, my grandmother comes to mind. My skin is sensitive, so I'm still a bit hesitant to try this out.

  5. Looks like a good product to try. Is it OK to use it even if I don't use makeup?

  6. also my go-to product! i swear when i don't use this to remove the gunk off my face, i break out!

  7. This has been the product I swear by ever since. I would even purchase abroad or S&R so I get a bigger bottle. I think Ponds here in the Philippines should produce this in bigger jars!
    This is my super favorite... no need for facial wash for me if I use this one... soft, baby skin... I should say will always be the end result of this beauty...

  8. this is a classic!
    a timeless piece of product that would always find a way to your dresser,ne?

    i always keep a tub with me just in case. although it sometimes breaks me out, but it's really good in removing those deep seated dirt. i just have to wash my face 3 times to make sure that i remove any oiliness left from it so that i won;t break out.

  9. I've been reading good reviews of this product. I would've given it a try if I weren't allergic to Pond's. Nice review. :)

  10. i want to give this product another shot LOL my sister loves this one!

  11. nice post!:) I was actually thinking if what my sis is doing is right tugging her skin after applying the product on her face. Para kc ang hirap tanggalin gamit ang tissue or cotton kea dko ginagamit hahha

    tnx sa info :D

  12. when i run out of the "trendy" cleansers we are now obsessed with nowadays (hehe), this is my non-fail backup too! cheap yet effective as well as easily available nationwide. i sound like an advertisement lol.

  13. Jasmin same with you, I use a separate eye makeup for the eye makeup and this one for the whole face as my skin is getting drier the past few days!

    Resham, I know! I missed the glass jar!

    Skysenshi, oh no, I know a lot who are allergic to Pond's products, either you win or lose talaga! But at least the carbon cleanser works for you!

  14. Fabuless Beauty , if you have sensitive skin, its much better to steer away from products with thick texture! :) And you just continue to use whatever works for you at the moment :)

    Ceemee, yes, because this removes dirt too! Not only makeup! But again, use with care as there are some random cases of people allergic to certain ingredients of certain products!

    Bea, wow, that's great! Lucky you this is inexpensive!

  15. Ems, I know dear, I was just thinking the same thing, BIGGER SIZE!

    tHiAmErE~, probably wipe it off immediately and wash your face after, just use this to remove makeup and not let it set into your skin, I guess there are some ingredients you're allergic to! Probably the oil?

    Pammy , hehehe use whatever you're using now! No need to force yourself to try at least you know this does not work for you!

  16. Khymm, :)

    ivy_league05, hahaha oh no! No to tugging, gentle lang dapat and it will be removed naman! :)

    MereMakeupManiac, lol on "Trendy" cleansers, same with you, its nic to go back to "old school" cleansing!

  17. During my high school days, I used it as a moisturizer and a cleanser at the same time. It also gives me the "kinis" effect whenever I use this product before applying Johnson's Baby Powder since at that time that was the only product I am allowed to use. =) I have a combination skin and it does not give me any breakouts. Up to know, I'm still using this product but as an eye make up remover, but instead of using cotton, tissue or washcloth, I use baby wipes since I have a very sensitive skin specially near the eye area. =)

  18. I've used this a couple of times, and indeed it takes out all of your make-up with just a couple of swipes. But with someone who has a busy schedule, I find the Ponds Clean sweep Original clean wet cleansing toweletes to much more user friendly. Only because you dont have the hassle of putting the cream into your fingers and then wiping them out with a paper/tissue. Also I can use the towelettes around my eye area without stinging my eyes while wearing my contacts. Versus if its the cream my contacts gets a bit blurry if you get them in the eyes.

  19. ChinaDoll, glad to know this does not break you out, thanks for the feedback :)

    Crissy, cleansing towelettes are great "to go" product, but for me, I am very OC when it comes to removal so I still wash my face with cleansing products after using towelettes :) No no for contact users for this cream right? thanks for sharing!

  20. What a great resource!

  21. Classic cleanser of all time! I remember i used to play with my mom's pot everytime i go near her vanity table. It never fails me during winter time i feel my skin needs that extra moisture to combat the dying effects of the cold weather.


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