Thursday, November 25, 2010

AMW Reviews: Revlon Matte Powder Blush

I can still remember the time I was building up my make up collection in preparation to become a professional makeup artist!  I put up a note on purchasing "Matte Blushers" because I wanted it for photography makeup! 

To be honest, it was one of the hardest product to purchase because I can't seem to find one that's not too pricey and yet, works like a charm!  I wanted something handy and not too messy like those from Mineral Makeup Brands!

Fast forward to today, right in front of me, finally, a matte powder blush by the name of Revlon Matte.  Is it worthy to be part of my train case?  Smile, show me some cheekbones, and read on! :D

Revlon Matte Powder Blush says ---

Brushes onto cheeks smoothly and effortlessly for a soft blush matte look and a smooth, even finish.
Perfectly defines and contours the cheekbones.
Face-flattering range of shades from nude to berry with a soft-matte finish.

AMW says ---
  • The shades are very natural.
  • Pigmented and easy to apply
  • Build-able shades
  • The brush that comes with the compact is very soft and easy to use
  • Gives a nice natural looking 'pop' on the apples of your cheeks which creates a natural cheekbones
  • Has a tiny mirror but still useful for retouch
  • Great for photography as this does not create shimmer or glitter which makes your skin look oily!
  • You can get away with only this blush and a lip balm and you won't look like you've seen a ghost! :)
  • It doesn't finish up as fast as other blushers, I actually own a non-matte version and I'm not even halfway done with it!
  • Lasts an hour or 2 longer than the more inexpensive blusher.  But you have to note that I have dry/normal skin though!
  • A minimal con, but the tiny brush that comes with this sheds (please look closely on photo below).
  • May not show up to some skin tone as the matte powder blush shades are more of the "natural" side. 
  • Not a lot of shades to choose from, I'd love them to come up with more! 
  • Not for people who are into very pigmented blushers!  Shade is build-able.
  • Price could be a bit steep for others who aren't used to spending much on a blush.
My favorite matte brush to date!  I've been looking for a nice looking matte blush but I find it quite difficult!  I've purchased a couple of matte mineral blushes but it's too tedious to tote the loose blush powder around especially on weddings!  The Revlon Matte Powder Blush is a winner in giving a nice "flush" on your face plus the "contour" we want to create cheekbones!  

from Revlon website
  • Using the enclosed blush brush, gently stroke brush across cheekbones starting at the "apple" of cheeks moving towards hairline.
  • To add contour, choose a slightly darker shade and stroke blush from center of cheek hollow just below "apple" and move outward toward hairline and blend.
from AMW
  • You can always choose to use your preferred blush brush instead of the free brush that comes with this compact.
  • Never drop your compact!
  • Request to have a check on testers against your skin to see if the product shade will work for you or not.
  • Apply a cream blush underneath to make this powder blush last longer!  
  • If you like to use pink lipsticks on a daily basis, purchase the Blushing Berry shade, if you're more comfortable with coral/orange toned lipsticks, go for Perfectly Peach.  If you have the budget, purchase these two! :)
Will I repurchase?
I wish they come up with more shades as it's a YES!

To whom do I recommend this to?
Anyone who's into blush especially matte blushers!

Where to purchase and how much?

At Revlon counters nationwide for Php625.00 (approx $14.50)

003 Perfectly Peach on pan

Perfectly Peach is a warm peachy shade with a tiny hint of pink!  It gives a very natural  color on most skin tone.  I have to say that this shade won't show up much on people with darker skin tone, thus building up coverage is needed.  What I love about this shade is you can't look like a clown with this!  No matter how many times you swipe this onto your cheeks, it still manages to look as natural as possible!  Fool-proof color!

002 Blushing Berry on pan

Blushing Berry, on the other hand leans to a deep pink color rather than the "berry" shade.  It's not the "dolly" cheeks type of blush but this gives out a nice hint of "obvious color" but quite subtle to be worn even during day time! 

On both "face swatch" above, I had minimal powder foundation on, an eyebrow pencil and lip balm.  With the Revlon Matte Powder Blush, I can get away without eyeliner and eye makeup without looking like I'm part of the cast of "I SEE DEAD PEOPLE" movie!  *laughs*

I believe this has been around for quite some time, I believe a lot of you heard about this already?  I know, I'm quite late with this!  But I'm glad I found these 2!  I am reaching out for them daily!

Do you like matte blushes?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

(Note from Author: Products were sent by company for review purposes.  The writer did not and will never receive any kind or form of payment for positive reviews.  The review has been done base on personal experiences.  Please purchase at your own discretion.)


  1. a blush which i should try!!! :D

    i have seen this around, but never gotten around buying it, maybe i should now. am into matte blushes lately as hm... I think i am growing out of the shimmery blush stage :P

    tee hee!

  2. I only use matte blusher because I have oily skin. I like the blushing berry, but you're right that price is a bit steep. Is it long lasting? If it is, okay na. =)Thanks for the review. Muah!

  3. i love revlon products, they're so worth it and truly comparable to high end products.
    if only the distributor here would do what the drugstores in the states do for promos i.e. buy one get one, buy one get half off on the next item, all the more would revlon items not be put in the level of dept store cosmetics.
    LOL, ang layo pati ng head office nila, sa pasong tamo ext pa ☺

  4. I've never tried this Revlon Matte. I also have oily skin like the commenter above, so I tend to skip cream blushers and stick with powder ones. My favorite since forever is the Estee Lauder All-Day Natural blush~ :)

  5. okay to ah! looks very natural. i don't think you can go wrong with this. i think i might actually try this out! thanks for the review!

  6. i have tried this before. but i have to use quite a lot for the color to show up on my skin. i am a lazy person hence i prefer pigmented products for faster result

  7. The blushes look great on you! :P I remember trying their blush in the old packaging where the mirror pops out and it was my favorite for a while. Revlon makes good quality drugstore makeup. :P

  8. Yes, I love matte blusher coz my skin is oily. STAGE cosmetics also have matte blushers. I grabbed 4 colors during their recent sales.

  9. I love matte blushes and these looks so pretty and natural on you! I definitely need to check them out, thanks for the review.

  10. Plue I am NOT surprised you are the first to comment! hahaha you are one of the few I know who are really into blushers! :) Same with you, I'm on matte blush stage!

    Dang sis, I know what you mean about Oily Skin and Shimmery blushes, no oh oh! :) So far, it lasted half the day without retouch, I made pansin bongga for you! :)

    Marge, I know what you mean! The BOGOF and those big big sales! I'll hoard too!

  11. Zeng Daria, that's great that you found a good powder blush that last on your oily skin :) I like Estee Lauder Blushes!

    Lootwagon, oo very natural looking, I actually applied a bit more for the camera to register!

    Khymm, thanks!

  12. Xin, I know what you mean, you want the "one swipe fits all" type of blush! heheh you busy woman! :P

    Pammy, agree!

    Lavender, oohh I own a Stage nail polish via a friend in Malaysia, now you made me interested with Stage blushes! :)

    Gio, you're welcome sweet!

  13. the pink flush is so pretty and cute on you! it;d definitely be better value in the UK instead on Japan lol

  14. NicNic, thanks! I know what you mean, in Japan its just too pricey !


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