Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I Wonder: "Are you a Fan of Bag Organizers?"

If you are a long time reader, you probably know a thing or two about me... I like things to be in order, as much as I can!  I don't like messy stuffs and that also include the stuffs inside my bag!  I love to use big sized bags because I may not carry a lot of makeup (I actually don't) but I do carry a couple of stuffs which adds up a bit!  Can you just imagine how "orgasmic" it is when bag organizers where invented?  *lol*

BRAVO to the smart people behind these!  

I tend to be loyal with whatever stuffs I own.  I can still remember the first bag organizer ever that I've used for almost 2 years!  I had to give it up because it needs to retire!  When I was off to search for a new bag organizer, I thought about it because no matter how big or small the purchases, I want to make sure I will use it and will not waste my money on it!

After an event at SM Mall of Asia, I've decided to look around and went to Beabi store, embarrassingly, it was actually the first for me to really look around because I'm always on the go and just tend to take a glimpse at Beabi Stalls!  Boy was I glad I took time to look around because I've finally found a bag organizer fit for me!

I guess the spacious interior and the number of pockets sold me!  Well, it took me a while to decide to be honest!  *laughs* I actually had to put this in and out of my bag just to give it a road test!  Oh my goodness, I'm such a nerd!  *hahaha*

Here's why I bought this bag organizer:
  • Very sturdy (I've seen a couple of flimsy ones!)
  • Available in black, clear and brown
  • Stores a lot of my essentials!
  • Inexpensive for a branded bag organizer, this costs  Php295.00 (approx $6.80)
  • Has pockets everywhere!  I like it when I'm starting to have problems filling them up! 

Inner pockets
  1. My pink organizer
  2. Sunglasses
  3. Tissue pouch
  4. Wallet
  5. Notepad, photocopies of important documents, receipts, charge slips, toilet seat paper! and a whole lot more!
  6. Medicines and coin purse
  7. Card holder and Business cards holder
Side pockets
     A. Mini Brush
     B. Rosary
     C. Pens (even colored pens for my organizer)
     D. Alcohol on a spritz bottle
     E. Handy cologne or perfume (I change this depending on my mood)

**Check Marks in Blue: are additional pockets where I randomly put stuffs like keys, work ID, etc...

And the best of all? It fits my big sized bags!  I purchased a smaller version of this for my smaller bags!  I have a tiny makeup pouch not included in this photo and usually I carry an umbrella!  That's what I lug daily to work! 

I Wonder:
"Are you a fan of bag organizers?"

Tell me I'm normal!  *laughs*
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. i am not a fan of bag organizers but i am a huge fan with bags thaat has built in organizers to my needs. :P

    I love looking at how organize others' bags are though and you are one fine example. If only I can carry such a small bag, then I might be interested in such product to organize my load. Unfortunately, I think these aren't meant for me. I always have lots of stuff to carry since I have a young child. Gone are the care free days. LOL

    Love this post. It's good to read things other than makeup. I am kind of sick of makeup stuff at the moment. but I know that'd die soon too. (hopefully!)

  2. I managed to snap up a bag organizer for 40 pesos at an ukay a couple of weeks ago! Been using it ever since. It fits most of my things except my planner and umbrella. Super useful! :D

  3. I have a similar bag organizer which I got from SM. I super can't live without it as well. Funny thing is, sometimes it still takes me quite some time to rummage through my stuff when I need to grab something even with an organizer. Haha

  4. Oh, this post is so so nice! I just had an idea spasm on how I'd use a bag organizer. Haha. Thanks!

    Bargainista Zeng :)

  5. I love my bag organizer but this one looks sturdier and can fit in more products! :P

  6. yup i'm a fan. however the last one i bought from beabi retired on me. it got holes and collected dirt so i threw the darn thing out. hehe. and that only means one thing, it's time to shop for a new one! yey for bag organizers!

  7. wow super organized! love it! :)

  8. i can stay all day at beabi. i bought one but still haven't found time organize my stuff! thanks for the reminder :D

  9. instead of muji, i wrote beabi travel bottles for the christmas exchange gift here at work! oha???!?! :) :) :) i love beabi! more affordable than muji heehee!

  10. Love the post! I am a fan of bag organizers - in addition to organizing my stuff, it makes switching handbags so easy!

  11. i am a little on the confused side. i have it in a bag, but i don't transfer it when i change it to another bag. LOL

  12. I'm a fan! They're so useful and you can always find what you're looking for straight away. Your bag is so well organized!

  13. YAY for bag organizer! Adrian's aunt gifted me with a pink one ^_^ I'm super happy :D

  14. YAY for bag organizer! Adrian's aunt gifted me with a pink one ^_^ I'm super happy :D

  15. I have two bag organizers. They really help me organize my stuff when I'm traveling!

  16. i'd been meaning to get a bag organizer because i go crazy when my things aren't in order but... i need to get bigger bags first. >_< i keep falling for dinky purses.

  17. Jojoba, wow, bags with built in organizer? Backpacks? hehehe I'm glad you like the non-makeup post! hahahah I hope you get your makeup mojo back but it's normal! :)

    Kari, Php40 is a great deal! As long as it works for you and it came off cheaper, VERY GOOD!

    Lei, I know! With a huge bag like mine, I rummage still! hahahah I know what you mean!!! If only the bag has build in flashlight or something! :P

  18. Zeng Daria, you are welcome, glad to give you bag idea spasm! that term is just too cute

    Pammy, There's even a sturdier one at Beabi! Super laki nga lang! hahahah

    Lootwagon, oh no..collected dusts and holes? I hope this one won't happen to me!

  19. Charry, thanks

    Freeze, I know, I was there for more than half an hour and i was just looking at bag organizers! hahah I need to go back!

    Ghetto B!hahahahah so no more Muji for Xmas party but Beabi? hahahah Mahihirapan pa din sila! :P

  20. Cynthia, ditto! But I tend not to switch much recently! hahhaha

    Xin, SIS! We are sisters for sure, I do the same, especially when I transfer to a smaller bag, I have a smaller version bag organizer in which I need to fix up everything and transfer to the smaller bag organizer! we are crazy!

    Gio yay for another bag organizer fan!!!!

  21. Iyah, that's sweet of Adrian's Aunt PINK one would look sooo cute! Are you using it na?

    K, same here! I own 2 , one small one and another bigger one :) Glad you are using yours too!

    Isea, oh , but not too big bag ! It's difficult when you get a big bag and a small bag organizer, things just flip all over and the organizing function is useless! hehehe

  22. Wahaha, I love organizing my stuff too. bag is full of pouches. They make it easier to transfer stuff from one bag to another.

  23. Skysenshi, agree! I have a makeup pouch separate too! :) I love pouches!

  24. hi ms. nikki. i'm a regular reader of AMW. and I happen to use one of your photos for my recent post I included a link to your original post anyway. just wanted you to know. hehehe =) thanks =)

  25. Nice post :) I love bag organizers and organizing! <3

  26. I love organizing my stuff too. I hate it when my bag is cluttered. A friend told me that Beabi Store has a lot of products good for travelers. Will visit one of their stores this week, hopefully will find a good product to be reviewed :) Thanks for this post! I have an organizer given by my mom which is very similar with yours :)

    1. Hi. Nice blog! I heard that Beabi organizers are a bit heavy...where do u think i can a lighter and durable ones? Thanks ans looking forward for your reply...

    2. Hi. Nice blog! I heard that Beabi organizers are a bit heavy...where do u think i can a lighter and durable ones? Thanks ans looking forward for your reply...

    3. Apir on our love for organizing! I'm sure you'll find a good one for you to use that suits your needs

    4. Hi Linda Sam, Beabi Organizers aren't heavy for me, they are quite sturdy and stable and I have been using it DAILY for 2 years na and it's still doing great! What makes it heavy is if you filled it with stuff na :D

  27. Replies
    1. hi, as stated over my blog post, I bought mine from Beabi, you may check if they still have this :D


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