Tuesday, November 23, 2010

AMW Version: "Smokey Eyes for Monolids"

Good morning everyone!  Another AMW Version dedicated to readers out there!  There are so many makeup tutorial and I'm still grateful that a lot of you would like to see mine!  Thanks to readers who appreciate the tutorials I've done and for asking me to help them with their eye makeup (even online!).  I have one request I haven't done and I'm glad I finally made one!  

I was asked to do a "smokey eye makeup" for monolids.  What the heck is monolids by the way (heads to google)

Technically, there's no exact definition of monolid but I guess the people who invented this term are makeup addicts so I'll just grab it from random website:
Monolid: Eyes without the crease on their lid area.  Some like to call this "Asian Eyes" but because I don't want to discriminate and not all Asians have monolids (ex. ME!), I'd rather use the term "monolids"
Photo example:

This is my version though and I"m sure there's hundreds and thousands of versions out there.  If I have the mood, I may do more!  :)

I have a tiny crease on my eyelid 
but let's disregard the tiny crease for this tutorial!

AMW Diagram

Prior to eyeshadow application, use an eye primer of your choice as smokey eye makeup can get messy and could get a lot of fall outs!  Using an eye primer will prevent it from happening!

In this tutorial, I am using the ELF Eyelid Primer because..its readily available and I'm too lazy to grab other primers on my makeup train case!  *laughs*

Step 1:
Using any soft blending brush, I am using the free one from the Urban Decay Book of Shadows, I applied a Shimmery Silver eyeshadow from the Sleek Graphite Palette. (which I won from Cosmetic Candy! Yay!)

Step 2:
Using the same brush (it's ok as we start from lightest eyeshadow to darkest).  I applied a shimmery black eyeshadow from the center of the lids going outward.  Imagine 45 degrees angle applying more on the outer crease area.  

Step 3:
Using a pencil brush or any brush that's more dense and short bristled, apply the darkest black eyeshadow you own making an exaggerated "cat eye" with an eyeshadow.  In my case, I covered the whole "fold" of my lids extending it outwards with a bold cat eye.

Do not forget to apply on the lower lashline with the same brush.

Step 4:
Once you're happy with it, re apply Step 3 with your preferred gel liner or liquid liner for that really obvious eyeliner look!

Imagine Sandara Park's eye lining skills!
 So this is definitely for nighttime!

I have to do the lower lash line using a different eyeliner brush, a more precise one for that precise "winged" look.

Step 5:
Draw your waterline with any eyeliner pencil you prefer.  I am using the one from Elianto and I highlight the corner of my eyes with Urban Decay's Yeyo (or any white eyeliner).

Look back, making sure both eye liner are at least matched! 

Do not forget to draw your brows.  I am using Tears Eyebrow Pencil in Light Brown.  Brushing my eyebrows in shape!

Curl my lashes with an eyelash curler, attached falsies!  I am actually using only one falsie in this tutorial but I cut them in half for that "pixie" lashes!  I applied coats of Etude House Henna Fix mascara.

Here's my version of "Smokey Eyes for Monolids"
The reason for the very thick liner is to create a "depth" of a crease, making your eyes pop even more.  The extended winged liner look make your eyes appear larger, (the winged liner should go upwards ok?).  The additional line below the winged liner is just a drama you can skip!  The thicker outer liner on the lower lash line also creates larger eye shape!

Why do we need to use a white liner on the inner corner of the eyes?  To brighten up the eyes and this trick helps in creating a wider and brighter eyes!

What did I use for the rest of my face?

For the Face
L'Egere BB Cream

Dusted Neutrogena Powder Foundation in Natural Beige 
To set the BB cream

For the Cheeks:
Paul & Joe Limited Edition Disney
Face Color 002 Flower

 For the Lips:
Ivoluxe Lipstick in Flirt

You can do your own version by using dark lipstick for that ready-to-dance-the-night-away look!  I hope my simple tutorial helps! 
(Note: Eye makeup darker in person)

What's your "eye makeup for monolids"?
I'd love to see it too!

Keep smilin'

Stay happy!


  1. Very well done :).

    Graphite seems to have a really good selection of smokey colours ;D.

  2. Nicely done... looks really cute and i love how you use those smaller lashes for the outer part only.. :D


  3. Absolutely beautiful! I will give this a try for sure!

  4. Great version Ms. Nikki! ;) will also try to recreate this look one of these days! =D

  5. ooh wow! so simple and cute really suits you ;p

  6. awesome, awww ang cute ni sandara, she doesn't look 26 at all ♥

    ingat ☺


  7. That's so pretty, Nikki! I love this smokey version.

    The Sleek Graphite palette looks so neat. I have the Original but I've never really toyed with it yet. I hope that palette comes down to our shores--- it has awesome pigmentation, don't you think?

    ive tried the colors with and without primer on my lids and they are just awesome both ways.

    thanks for sharing more monolid tips and tricks!

  8. must show my sister this tip! thanks for the tutorial :D x

  9. I'm almost monolid (is there such a thing? haha!), thanks for the tut, now I have to put it to good use and go out tonight! =)

  10. love the colours of the graphite palette on you. :)

  11. I remember Jennie A raving about Elf's make-up. Maybe I should give it a shot. At least now I know two people who are using Elf. Hehe.

  12. I love this smokey look! You look gorgeous! :)

  13. love teh look!

    it doesn't have that 'i have a loud eye make-up' look!

  14. i love it Nikki! i have a tiny crease too LOL

  15. I have never been able to do a very good smoky eye :/ I have huge eyes so I'm not sure if this technique would still work for me? But your makeup looks amazing; you must have a really steady hand. By the way, where did you get your makeup brushes? I need some, but I'd like to get them for cheap if you have any suggestions? Thank you!

  16. Thanks everyone for appreciating the look :)

    Anonymous, which makeup brushes? I own different brushes from different brands :) For inexpensive ones that gives good quality, try Charm, Sigma and Suesh! :)

  17. i keep reading about sleek palette and this one looks the most appealing to me. the smoky eyes you did was not over powering and very day look!

    love it!

  18. Nice. :) It so happened that I really need this.


  19. I really like how you blended the eyeshadows and how you lined your eyes!

  20. Jojoba, I actually got this early this year and I haven't used it! I'm glad I did, I was quite surprised with the pigmentation, its really really nice!

    Caeyo, thanks for commenting and for visiting :)

    NicNic, thanks!


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