Monday, November 22, 2010

AMW Bulletin: Beauty & Minerals Bazaar and Go Minerals at The Spa

Dear Philippine Readers:

Another news for all of you Christmas shoppers out there!  There will be another bazaar coming up over the weekend called "Saint James The Great Bazaar".  It's time to checkout products you're wary to purchase online!  

One find I've discovered recently, is the importance of "ear bone" (that's how I call it as it's shaped like a bone).  I love how neat it looks inside my bag, but I need to change my earphones recently because it was dangling inside my bag and I pulled it out accidentally and it wasn't a good sight!  R.I.P. to my earphone!

Thanks to online shopping I was able to find Clutter Zap!  Clutter Zap has the same concept of  most "ear bones" out there but it houses your ear piece for protection!  Perfect for clumsy gals like myself!

You can definitely find a lot of "Eureka Moment" stuffs at the bazaar!  Visit Beauty & Minerals booth for Clutter Zap and the usual Charm brushes and make up!  It'll be fun to have a quick chat with Sophie the Beautynomist too!

There's also something I found over email that's interesting!  After the holiday shopping, a quick massage would be perfect the end the day! 

Go Minerals at The Spa

Tired from all the holiday shopping?  It's time to go for a pampering treatment with The Spa's Go Minerals Service.  The Spa and Mineral Fowrs have teamed up to offer spa treatments that can be upgraded to use Mineral Flowers products!

Here's a gist about Mineral Flowers:

Mineral Flowers is an all-natural skin care line from  Israel.  All variants are specially formulated with a unique blend of 26 rich minerals from the Dead Sea that are processed by osmosis to draw moisture from the external to the inner layers of the skin.  Blended with the minerals are flower extracts that cater to various skin types: Camomile for sensitive and very dry skin, Rose and Geranium for normal and mixed skin, and Almond Blossom for dry skin.  It is 100% paraben-free.
Aromatherapy Massage (Upgrade: Mineral Flowers massage oil) - Additional Php300.00
Body Polish (Upgrade: Mineral Flowers body butter) - Additional Php150.00
Nail Care (Upgrade: Mineral Flowers Massage Milk for feet) - Additional Php70.00
Nail Care (Upgrade: Mineral Flowers Hand Cream for hands) - Additional Php90.00
Nail Care (Upgrade for both hands and feet) - Additional Php150.00
For the Face (Upgrade: Mineral Flowers Facial Treatment  - Additional Php750.00

I'll keep my eyes, ears, nose and *ahem* throat open for whatever news worth including in AMW Bulletin!

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(Author is in no way related to any of the companies mentioned above.  This post is merely for information purposes).

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  1. You can get ear bones that look exactly like Clutterzap's for 66 bucks at Japan Home Center:)


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