Monday, November 22, 2010

AMW Reports: Winter Trend Collection and Seasonal Gifts from The Body Shop

There are 2 huge reasons why The Body Shop came up with Bloggers' Thanksgiving Event at The Body Shop Glorietta 3, Makati last week.  One reason is the launch of the new collection called Winter Trend! 

It's all about "High Time to Shine during the Christmas Season"!  Here's the photo from the testers at The Body Shop!

Sparkler in Boudoir Pink
Php1,295.00 (approx $31.00)

The cutest packaging ever for a sparkler!  The iridescent sparkle-dust is just right to be seen at a close watch but the overall effect is just wonderful!  I would love to use this on my clients for their body!  This would be better than the usual powder puff I use as this is more hygienic!

This can be used on the face (spritz on a powder puff then gently press onto the area to highlight).  All over the body (for that sexy shimmer) and on your hair!

According to The Body Shop, you can use this as a refill of your favorite shimmer powders or even perfume!  Talk about environmental friendly for making useful packaging that can be kept and used all over again!

Eye Palette (01 Twilight)
Php1,295.00 (approx $31.00)
Features the following Eye Colour shades: Violet Sky, Lilac Mist, Pink Champagne and Damson Velvet.  Also features cream highlighter in Pearl!

Eye Palette (02 Midnight)
Php1,295.00 (approx $31.00)
Features the following Eye Colour shades: Silver Moon, Bronze Blaze, Pink Light, Starry Night.  Also features highlighter in Lunar.

Stardust - Glitter Pots
Php550.00 (approx $13.00)

Reminded me so much of silver dusts from grade school!  This one is safe to be used on your body and skin but we were told not to put much near the eye area as the glitters are quite big to be put on the eye!  You can choose to use the cream highlighter from the eye palette to make it stick to your body!

L- Glamorous Gold
R- Feminine Pink

Eye Liner
Php650.00 (approx $15.40)
I've tried the regular The Body Shop's Black Eyeliner way back and I wasn't able to blog my experience about it but the liquid liner did not fail me in giving me winged eyeliner with precision because of its pen-style applicator.  There are 2 shades available in this collection, the original 01 Black and a new shade 04 Starlight which my friend Jheng loves!
Here's a closer look of 04 Sparkle, which is best applied on the upper lashline after eye shadow application for that nice "wide eyed" look and sparkles every time you blink!

Lip Gloss
Php695.00 (approx $16.55)
Remember how much I like the applicator from The Body Shop's Love Gloss?  I'm glad they maintained the heart shaped applicator in this collection.  Available in 01 Natural Lip Gloss and 19 Pink Sparkle Lip Gloss

A closer look on Pink Sparkle Lip Gloss

And what about the 2nd reason why there's The Body Shop's Bloggers Thanksgiving event?  To celebrate the Limited Edition Seasonal Gifts for Bath, Body and Home.  take a look at the gorgeous packaging that were on display when I visited the shop!  So festive!  You can easily purchase sets for grandparents, parents, brothers and sisters, your friends and a whole lot more!  There are just so many ranges to choose from and they have it packed so nicely for you so there's no more stress for gift-giving!

The even better news is, for each purchase, The Body Shop Philippines will donate Php1.00 to ECPAT to fight against Sex Trafficking against women and young children!  I was told that the company has already raised half a million and the figures are still going up!  Cheers to company who helps organizations like these!

Cranberry Joy
Inspired by the festive fruit, the sumptuous Cranberry joy range is rich in the scent of fresh and juicy berries.  Elegantly presented in vibrant red and deep plum coloured packaging.

Jolly Orange
Happy and aromatic, the Jolly Orange range evokes nostalgic memories of Christmas past.  The packs' warm orange hues are sure to inspire seasonal goodwill and happiness.

Spiced Vanilla
Evoking a world of luxury, these pampering treats have a deliciously sweet scent with a hint of spice that's irresistable.  Chic pack designs in caramel-coloured tones with contrasting flashes of festive red.

You can check out The Body Shop catalog available on counters.  You can checkout the gift sets available with prices. 

A random shots of what's inside...
(you can click photo to enlarge)

Here are the Bloggers together with the gorgeous ladies from The Body Shop, Philippines.  Thanks TBS for the invite and it was great spending time with the Bloggers!

Do you feel the spirit of Christmas? 
Suddenly, I am!
All excited for Christmas Shopping!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I just checked out this collection yesterday!! I'm in love with the nail polish!! :D The sparkler looks so pretty too!! I thought it was a perfume bottle initially!! :D

  2. wow the eye shadow pallet reminds me of too faced and kinda like urban decay. the pigment sparkle reminds me of mac.
    i've shy-ed away fr the body shop since their seaweed line broke me out big time and one of their collections (blush and eye shadow) really really sucked, but hopefully the eye shadows here will be way better than what i have.

    thanks for sharing.

  3. I have never tried any of their makeup only skin care stuff.

    I want to get their brush set next time though!

  4. They are amping up their makeup collection! :P

  5. This is indeed a very, very pretty collection!:)

  6. It looks like you had a grand time with everyone, Nikki! Thanks for sharing the new stuff @ TBS!

    i love their cranberry line. i make sure i shop for my staples (body butter, lotion, essential oils) during December since that's when the cranberry line is out.

  7. Looks like you girls all had an fab time!

    This is a very pretty collection, love the Glitter Pots!

  8. One of the things I dislike about Body Shop makeup line is that they are too glittery for me! I do not want to have glitter on my eyes all the time, especially daily wear. But thanks for the heads up! Doesn't hurt to go check it out!

  9. Jenn, I know what you mean, the sparkler is wonderful for the Christmas season but I don't know what to do with it when Christmas is over! But you know what? I wanted to try the glitters on my nails!

    Marge, well, I'm glad that they have testers readily available in store, so you can check them out before you pull out your cash :) Sorry that the seaweed does not work for you

    Becky, I've recently tried their makeup and so far, they are doing good with the makeup collection!

  10. Pammy, agree, my favorite with this collection is the body sparkler! too cute!

    nulligravida, agree! thanks for visiting!

    Herroyalbleakness, no worries, I enjoyed sharing what I learn and I did have a great time with the other bloggers and the people from Body Shop!

    Gio, thanks for visiting!

    Chomsiri Katelyn K., I know what you mean, I'm glad they're coming up with less glittery eyeshadows recently :) thanks for the visit


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