Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Eureka Moment: A Frosted Pink Lipstick Perfect for Smokey Eyes

I got this as a gift from Digital Traincase for quite sometime, I've used this lipstick once on regular days and I left it inside the lipstick case for the longest time because I find myself looking "sick" wearing this shade of pink!  

Once I was in the mood to create a dark smokey eyed makeup and I've decided to give this lip color another try!  Lo and Behold, it was the best "frosted" pink lipstick to give a nice contrast on my smokey eyes!  

I've got a lot of reader query asking me about the nice pink lipstick and this is definitely part of the list!  This is again, too light on dark, pigmented lips like mine but it works great masking the darkness and mimics a pale lip color that's perfect for dark looking eyes!

NYX Acapulco Lipstick costs a bit more expensive than NYX Round lipstick but this shade is quite unique for Php350.00 (approx $8.30), not bad!

Tip on pale lipstick application:
  • Moisturize the lips very well with your preferred lip balm or petroleum jelly a couple of minutes prior to the lipstick application.
  • Blot excess moisture with a tissue paper prior to lipstick application to prevent it from sliding off.
  • After first layer application, smack the back of your hand as the "warmth" of your hands can make the lipstick last longer.
  • Re-apply 2nd layer of lipstick until desired result.
  • If lips are extra dry, you can choose for glossy pale lips by applying a moisturizing clear gloss on top of the lip color using a lip brush!
I will be posting an AMW Version soon using this lipstick!  You can also wear this on non-smokey eyes!  Hint: Something Sweet and Romantic! 

What's your favorite Pink Lipstick for your Smokey Eye Makeup?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. wow! I want to try that! I have pigmented lips as well. :)

  2. i might look like a zombie if i were to wear this lippie alone. cant wait to see AMW version!!! :D

  3. thanks for the tips! i rarely sport the smokey eye look coz it makes my eyes look smaller =)

  4. You should also try NYX Round lipstick in Thalia it's like a dupe for Mac Angel.
    It's a great brand because they have a huge range of colors.

  5. Very pretty color!


  6. It looks pretty! I hope it's not drying.

  7. That's such a pretty color, I'd love to try it!

  8. It looks good on you ^_^ I cant sport a smokey eye since its not for school and besides, i dont know how to do smokey eyes! hahaha

    I heard its better than the Nyx RLS and my fave Nyx seller tells me its non drying and better than Revlon Colorburst ^_^

    Will get this one on my Dec haul ^_^

  9. Rachaelah, its very light and not everyone can be used to it at first use :)

    Xin, hahaha I know what you mean sis! I have a way to use it!!! And it works! Will show you soon!

  10. Khymm, really? Smokey eyes make my eyes bigger naman ! hehehe

    Wendy, I do have a couple of NYX Round Lipsticks and I love them too!

  11. Blanca1018, agree!

    Pammy, it's a bit drying, well most lipsticks dry up my lips! I just need the extra moisturizing!

  12. Gio, thanks!

    Khryz, oh definitely, no smokey eye makeup in school for sure! Well this is my first, I own a couple of NYX RLS and all of them works good ! It all boils down to the color and the finish of the lipsticks! I love Revlon Colorburst still, its all different story!

  13. ^_^ no smokey eye for school ^_^ but im trying to learn smokey eye for some events esp i got a new palette ^_^

    I have a couple of Nyx RLS too and a Revlon Colorburst ^_^ so far im loving them but im hands down to Revlon Colorburst..

    Im yet to try Nyx Black Label ;)

  14. Love it! I have never tried NYX lipsticks though! :) Will try to find the time to do such!

    My favorite pale pink lippie would be...MAC Angel :) I love shy Girl with all my heart as I am more into peach nude lips :)

  15. Khryz, smokey eyes for night outs na lang! Same here, I love Revlon Colorburst and the Maybelline Sensational!!! Those 2 are winner talaga!

    Sophie, MAC Angel, will keep that in mind, I'd love to see it in person

    Charry, I'm sure it'll look good on you! But with your collection of pink lippies! Baka you have dupes na? :)


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