Sunday, November 14, 2010

Weekend Food Tripping at A Veneto Pizzeria and Seattle's Best Coffee

The week felt too long!  Most of the time, it flew by pretty quickly but this week was a bit exceptional!  I felt like I'm in a "slow motion" movie!  It must be because work hasn't been that productive as compared to before!  I have to be positive and look for a brighter week ahead!

My weekend food tripping is, well, fattening!  Hahaha  It feels good to eat fattening food once in awhile, give me the energy and boost to go on!  

There are some days I really crave for pasta and pizza and this week is no exception!  A Veneto serves what I want and here's my order that goes straight to my belly!  LOL

Baked Ziti with Chicken
Php235.00 (approx $5.60)

This has got to be my most favorite pasta served at A Veneto!  Well, don't take my word for it as I did not try a lot of their pasta variants because I'm always ordering this!  I love ziti and I am in love/hate relationship with chicken! (Love to eat, hate the allergies).  Huge servings definitely perfect for sharing!  The sauce isn't too sweet nor too sour!  The mixture is just right!  Not for the cheese-phobiacs though!

Italian Sausage Parmagiana 
Php210.00 (approx. $5.00)
We were not a fan of their Hungarian Sausage Pasta so we've decided to give another type of sausage a try!  We did not taste a lot of the Italian sausage (even on photos) but the taste isn't bad!  Much better than the Hungarian sausage in my opinion!

Half All Meat Pizza and Special Pizza 14"
Php335.00 (approx $8.00)
I love it when Pizza places serves their pizzas in half!  You can order 2 types of pizza served in a single pizza pan!  We love choices, and having choices are the great mind boggling dining experience we crave for!

All Meat Pizza says it all!  ALL MEAT!  For the carnivorous out there!  Good servings of ham, pork, sausages, etc..!  Special Pizza on the other hand has pepperoni, green bell peppers, onions and ground meat! 

A Veneto Napoli Pizzeria Ristorante
Glorietta 3, Ayala Center
Makati City, Philippines
(632) 818-3090

There are other branches like SM San Lazaro, SM Mall of Asia and Trinoma!  The restaurant accepts cash and credit cards and I believe there's no service charge so feel free to tip the servers for good service!  

They are not the best tasting pizza/pasta place but you get a good deal out of its price!  The servings are huge and you will definitely leave the restaurant full or you may ask your friends to carry your excess baggage!


Since the hubby and I got married, we weren't staying much inside coffee places because we love hanging out at home during free time, because it's more relaxing that way!  We can raise our legs up high and no one's going to judge us!  hahaha  I hope you guys are not judging us, it's at the comfort of our own home and girl!  I promise you, I can make good tasting Iced Coffee and I have more than 5 people to concur on that!  (they're all family members though) *hahaha*

Anyways, we were doing a couple of errands and ended up with grumbling tummies!  We've passed by Seattle's Best Coffee and decided to go for a quick snack before going to my next client!

If you are as hungry as I am, here's what you can order...quick and easy and fills the tummy in no time!

Clubhouse Sandwich
Php170.00 (approx $4.00)
Smoked ham, bacon, fresh lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, 
egg and cheese topped with honey mustard dressing 
and a side order of corn chips.
It looks light but it fills the stomach quite easily!  It's a perfect share between Mr. and Mrs. AMW!

Join your lovely sandwich with...

Classic Javanilla Shake
Php155.00 (approx $3.70)
SBC’s bold and flavorful espresso mixed with a generous serving of warm milk.
 This is the best bet for you if you're not into strong flavored coffee drink!  It tastes more like ice cream drink!  Full of calories that can make you go high!!! *dances around* :P

Seriously!  I need to borrow a dog!  A dog that's not too sweet to pet but a dog that's ready to bite anytime of the day!  I need the workout!  hahaha

What's your weekend food tripping?  
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!
Eat like you mean it! :D


  1. I love their pizza! It's thin and crispy and yummy. Best of all, not greasy. :P

  2. OMG the baked ziti looks good. I havent had a really good pasta in a long time.

    oh and I need to work out too hehe..

  3. love this! :) please follow me back and check out my blog! :)

  4. Everything looks yummy!!! :-)

  5. My friends & i often go there for the Seafood Pasta!

    The place is really simple & doesn't have a lot of frills that's why i we dine there for it has this homey feel on it!

  6. love it, everything looks so nice. :)

  7. wanna borrow Woody and Aki? =D!/pages/Woody-and-Aki/145354252172683

  8. Pammy, I am in love with thin crust pizza too! *high five*

    Becky, oh girl! it tastes really nice!

    Elisha E, thanks

    EfrilLagman, have you tried this resto too?

  9. Thiamere, ooh I steered away from Seafood pasta due to allergies but I can always give it a try and pop on a pill later on :)

    Gio, agree!

    Angelmhiere, hahahaha nah! No need hahahah I love my life! thanks thanks! :P

  10. You always make me so hungry on your food tripping post and homesick as well!

    1. awww let me know if you're coming home for a visit :) I'll bring you here!

  11. I absolutely agree, the gourmet preferences posted here made me drool over the keyboard.


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