Monday, November 15, 2010

Tip for the Day: Nose Contouring

Happy Monday folks!  Lucky to the rest of the Philippine readers who don't have the Monday blues because it's holiday tomorrow! I will be at work on a holiday and *grumbles* I am NOT complaining!  *hahaha*

For the past weekends, I've been quite busy with some makeovers!  It's such a nice way to end the week prettifying people!  I always get to see the real results of the makeover after combining the before and after photos!  I like doing so because I like to improve on my craft!  One thing I've realized about the way I put makeup is how much I've changed from a couple of years ago when I was too scared to contour other people's nose!  I've always tried to steer away from nose contouring because I don't want to make a person looks unnatural!  

After constant makeup application, makeup seminars and classes I've attended, I've learned the importance of nose contouring!  It's as vital as perfecting brows, choosing the right foundation, etc..! 

This post is a good timing as a couple of readers are requesting for nose contouring tips!  Here are some of the tips I can share for the moment! 

Rhinoplasty!  *hahaha* JUST JOKING!
**photo grabbed from Google images

Seriously, here are my tips!  Things you may use for nose contouring:
  • Dark and light powder of liquid foundation.
  • Different shades of cream concealers
  • Contour and highlighting powder
(Note from Author: Blank face chart taken from Source)

Tip #1
Using a lighter shade of foundation/concealer/highlighting powder (around 2 shades lighter than your original shade), apply a thin line starting between your eyebrows extending it all the way down to the tip of your nose with a tiny brush.  

The light hits the bridge of your nose area first, so applying a lighter shade of foundation/concealer/highlighting powder will draw attention to the nose bridge which makes it "appear" slimmer!

Tip #2
Using a darker shade of foundation/concealer/contour powder, apply it on either side of the bridge of your nose starting from the eyebrows ending at the sides of the nostril.
Tip #3
Using an eye blending brush for powder product and a triangle sponge for liquid or cream product, blend the line outwards under the eye, towards your cheeks and around your nostril to blend out the hard lines to make it as natural as possible.
*I prefer creating a triangle below the eyebrows for a more natural depth. (I prefer creating a mental triangle to make it looks natural and the eye area looks deeper)
Tip #4
Using a "clean" blending brush or a clean "tip" of the same sponge you're using, gently brush/blend the lighter color towards the "darker side" or "contoured side" of your nose to prevent sharp edges.  Make sure you won't lighten up the contoured areas!
Tip #5
Always step back and take a look on the "effect".  You can always choose to darken it by doing the steps all over again or lessen the products used by blending more!  Last but not the least, practice!  Practice!  Practice!

Here are some of the nose contouring jobs I've done on clients!
Scary as it may sound to contour a nose of an individual, it does bring out a nice dimension on photos!  Thanks lovely ladies for trusting my hands!  And thanks for being such a sport in taking these before and after shots!  These ladies, I have to say are gorgeous even before makeup!

(Note: Clients have lovely noses to start with and nose contouring does not mean you are not comfortable with your original nose shape, nose contouring is a way to "enhance" the overall look of the client especially on photos to make them look 2 dimensional instead of the 1 dimensional look)




*Infomercial voice* And I'm not done yet!  Here are some extra tips for that lovely nose minus the surgery!
  • Gently dust the area with setting powder to "set".
  • Try not to moisturize the nose area much prior to makeup application to prevent shiny nose!
  • If nose tends to oil up easily, use your preferred oil-control primer applying a bit more on the nose area to prevent "Rudolf the Shiny Nose Reindeer" (I know I know, it should be red!  But what the heck?  Christmas is coming soon!) *LOL*
  • Bring along oil control film to remove excess oil on the area with a gentle patting motion.
  • Do this step best on special occasions, or when you know you will be photographed!
Did I miss anything?  Feel free to comment and share some more!
Have a wonderful week ahead!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. OMG great post, Nikki!! I don't think I'd have the time to contour my face/nose everyday, lol, but for special occasions this tip would definitely be useful!

  2. This has always been my problem, which is why I always end up with the 45-degree angle pose in photos. LOL. (I hate my nose!!! But I don't want to undergo surgery.) Thanks for the post!

  3. nose contouring really makes a big difference especially on photos! thanks for the tips!

  4. great tips! The effect is visible yet subtle :)

  5. Great tip. I've always wondered how to do nose contouring and this post is very helpful. :)

  6. love this tutorial! i can do this everyday i love it!

    The ViXeN's LaiR

  7. I've never contoured my nose before but it did wonders for Carmela! Great job =)

  8. I laughed at the infomercial voice! [But wait there's more!]

    You keep giving us fab tips to try out, Nikki! Judging the look on your clients' "after" shots, i think they're very happy with their makeover.

  9. Great job, Nikki! Kaylangan ko yan, thanks for the tips. I think I'm doing it right except for the triangle in the eye area, will try it. =) Thank you!!! Muah!

  10. Thanks for the useful tips. You did a great job on your clients. The effect is visible yet it looks so natural!

  11. Cool tips and tricks! Those make-up make overs looks sooo great!

  12. I had my nose contoured so many times before, since my nose is literally flat HAHAHA. But the most obvious 'nose job' I had was when I had my graduation photo taken. It was so obvious that I immediately noticed it from the photos HAHA.

  13. love the before and after pictures! great job nikki!

  14. so glad you shared this post! tons of tips regarding contouring on the nose area :) your blog's really entertaining and kikay.. totally share this blog with my friends. God bless!

  15. I'm really glad you posted this! I've always wanted to venture into nose contouring but I didn't know how to go about doing it.

    Thanks for sharing (:

  16. Fifi, I'm glad you find this post helpful and useful! :) Yay!

    Skysenshi, awww don't hate your nose, I'm sure it's just you thinking your nose looks not too good but I'm sure its pretty! :) I could never undergo surgery too!

    Khymm, my pleasure! I agree with you, contouring is very important on photography

  17. Connie, I have to make sure it comes of subtle, I hate the obvious contouring look on photos!

    Pammy, yay! Glad this post helps!

    DaMnViXeN, hahaha everyday? :) I am too lazy to do this on a daily basis! But if you can do it daily, great for you!

  18. Isabel, thanks!

    Herroyalbleakness, (But wait, there's more!) is just too much on infomercials! But would you believe I am kinda waiting for it on most infomercials? :) Thanks for liking my work, I am glad clients are happy with the after makeover :)

    Dang, I just learned the triangle part on the eye area from the wonderful Maybelline Makeup Artist Jim Ros :)

  19. Gio, thank you!

    Anastacia, thank you for apreciating the makeover posts esp on the contouring part:)

    Maddie, oh no! Too much contouring looks super unnatural and not good on photos, did your graduation photos turn out ok amidst the obvious nose contouring?

  20. Crystal, thank you

    Caitlin, thank you for being a reader and for visiting the site, hope to see you soon!

    Arezu, awww you don't need any nose contouring though, your face is perfect the way it is :)

  21. I love this post Nikki! Detailed and with illustrations. This is so helpful. I even wrote the instructions in my notebook :)

  22. What a really awesome post! I'm so thankful I stumbled upon your blog!:))

  23. jO_AnNe, i'm glad you found this helpful and give it a try! :) Practice and you'll get the hang of it!

    Krizia, awww thanks dear!!!

  24. Every one looks FAB! You did a very great job!
    I have to try your tips, thank you!


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