Wednesday, December 15, 2010

AMW Makeover: Wedding Day Make-Up

Dear AMW Readers:

Wow, would you believe I get so many wedding related make-up queries?  Does that mean, a lot of you are getting married soon??? *grins*  Probably, a lot of you are planning for your wedding soon?  That is so exciting!!!

Wedding make-up for me, is the most challenging make-up any make-up artists need to master.  These are the moments the bride gets to be photographed (at all angles), cameras zooming in for a close-up shots and that leaves no room messy eyeliners, unruly brows, chapped lips or pimple marks showing up!  There's always Photoshop right? 


As a make-up artist, I don't depend on Photoshop because you cannot depend on photographers to always correct on your mistakes, imagine, hundreds and thousands of photos to be photoshopped?  Come on, wedding suppliers are there to complement and help each other, not make each others' lives miserable!

To cut the long conversation short (don't I always try to?) *lol*  I've recently done make-up for a wonderful wedding!  It was a referral from my previous Bride and let me show you the reason why I love weddings and why it helps me improve my craft...

The Bride: Brigette
Can I just say brides are seriously blooming on the day of her wedding?  Brigette told me she only had an hour of sleep (and she looked even better than Nikki with 12 hours of sleep!) because she was quite emotional and the neighboring hotel room is too noisy to relax!  *laughs*  But look at her!  I did her trial makeup a month ago and her skin improved drastically!  I remembered mixing 2 shades of foundation and primed her skin with 2 types of moisturizer!  On her special day, I did not use a lot of product and I can't help but admire her skin!

Skin type: combination of normal and oily
Skin Condition: redness, tiny pimple marks
Her request: To make sure her makeup lasts long

Products used:
Smashbox PhotoFinish Primer Light
Becca Moisture Primer on dry areas
MAC Studio Fix Foundation in NC20 mixed with a tiny bit of NC40
Paul & Joe Dual Powder Foundation in 050
Graftobian Foundation Palette as concealer
Paul & Joe eyebrow pencil no. 3
Various MAC eyeshadow
Stila Cream Blush + Revlon Matte Blush Blushing Berry
Revlon Lipstick in Soft Rose

The Maid of Honor: Odette
Odette is like my long lost sister!  She looks quiet at first but oh man!  She's so funny and it was such a light wedding preparation with her around.

Skin type: very oily and acidic
Skin Condition: redness, pimple marks and open pores
Her request: To make sure her makeup lasts long and conceal her pores and spots

Main Products Used:
Smashbox Photofinish Primer Light
Graftobian Foundation Palette 2 shades lighter than her skin color
Conceal with Make-up Forever Concealer Palette
Tears Eyebrow Pencil 
Contoured with MAC Sculpt and Shape
Paul & Joe Blush
Clinique Lipstick in Blushing Nude

The Sister-In-Law: Khel
Khel, used to be my bride and I am so glad to see her face again!  She turned out to be a dear friend of mine after doing her Bridal Makeup.  Khel is used to safe make-up and this time, I changed her look and gave her a more dramatic eyes as the wedding is done outdoors and I want her make-up to stand out as well! 

Skin type: normal
Skin Condition: not much problems
Her request: No request from her

Main Products Used:
Moisturized with Paul & Joe Moisturizer
Primed with Becca Primer
Revlon PhotoFinish Primer in Nude
Tears Eyebrow Pencil
Dior Eyeshadow 
Nars Blush in Orgasm
Clinique Lipstick in Nude

Mother of the Bride: Mrs. Katipunan
A quiet lady who doesn't have any special requests on make-up and leaves the make-up artist her freedom to do whatever she wants!  I love doing her make-up again because she appreciates the effort done to her!

Skin type: dry
Skin Condition: Lines, spots
Her request: Just to prettify her :)

Products Used:
GoodSkin Labs Total Face Instant Line Reducer
Moisturized with Estee Lauder Moisturizer
Thevi Foundation
Paul & Joe Eyebrow Pencil no. 2
Various eyeshadow from Stila Quad
Nars Blush in Orgasm
Revlon Lipstick in Carnation mixed a bit with MAC Russian Red

I also did 2 guys makeup, the brother-in-law and the Groom.  I am lucky both guys have gorgeous skin to start with.  What I did was to conceal spots that needed to be conealed with a light foundation then dusk the face with MAC's Mineralized SkinFinish Light in Dark as contour powder and setting powder!

Congratulations to the Bride and Groom!
Thanks to the family for entrusting me to be their wedding supplier on such special event!

Weddings maybe stressful!  I've been there, I've done that!  But it all boils down to how you handle it and how you try to enjoy the moment no matter how stressful preparations could be!  Let the suppliers do the work for you! 

AMW, as a past bride, now a make-up artist can vouch on letting yourself enjoy the moment and feel the love around you on your wedding day and you'll be A-ok!

If you are married, how was your wedding makeup?
If you're soon to be married, what's your dream wedding make-up?
If you're not getting married anytime soon, what are you doing here? *hahaha*
You know I'm just joking!  Share me your thoughts on anything wedding make-up related!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. OUCH! That last line hurt. LOL!

    Love the makeup you did for your clients Ms. Nikki. :)

    The last picture is cute!

  2. nikki any tips? kinuha kasi ako ng pinsan ko to do her makeup sa wedding nya this dec 26

  3. fantastic job!
    i love how they look generally the same only really polished and more awake and healthy.

    kudos to you and your models ♥

  4. Oh Nikki!! How i wish i had you as my wedding mua cuz you did such an amazing job on your clients!! They look so naturally stunning!! :D

    I didn't like my wedding makeup! They made my eyes look so wonky and they used orange eyeshadow (super yuck)!!! >.<

  5. I had Ms. Sophie of Beautynomics as my MUA, asked her to do a beach bride/tanned look.

  6. Khel or Raquel was my officemate... She knows my fiance... =)

  7. Good job Nikki! =) love the makeup! polished and really looks natural.

  8. wow! i really like the bride's makeup. perfectly natural and beautiful.

  9. Nikki, that last line was a meanie! Haha! The bride looks lovely. Great job. :)

  10. i love how you used the graftobian foundation as a concealer. She looks amazing and you did an awesome job.

  11. Hi Nikki,

    Great Job! I agree with the comment of Marge...the ladies looked the same but more enhanced, they all look radiant, that is the kind of make up I want to see in girls especially in a bride.

    Btw, can't wait to blog about the make up I did for my officemates during our Christmas party last Friday...may fallback na ako...hehehe

  12. I find it awesome that you're practicing what you love. All the women look great!

  13. You did a great job! The makeup is polished, natural and really beautiful!

  14. This is so awesome Nikki! :) You've made them all so beautiful! Saludo ako sayo.

    And you sure are good with mature makeup, too! Ang ganda ganda ni mommy!

    Your so sweet in sharing the makeup you used on each and every skin type & condition. Bravo!

  15. Sugar Sugar, awww you know it was just a joke! *peace* and love you for such kind words!

    Aika, hmm what are you looking into? Basta sis, check the skintype, very important, if skin is dry, moisturize! If skin is oily prime with a good primer!

    Marge, thank you! That's what I'm aiming for, clients to look natural!

  16. Jenn, girl! I wish I was there for you on your wedding day! I'd love to do your makeup because you have such gorgeous face! I am so sorry you don't like your wedding make up :( but i'm sure the photos came out great!

    DeBi, awww, so you got married na? :) Congrats!

    Angel, really? Small world!

  17. Khymm, thanks

    Mona, thank you! I'm glad you liked it!

    Pammy, I am not a meanie! hehehe

    Becky, I love the graftobian foundation too! I really love it so much I need to repurchase!

  18. AiDisan, thank you for commenting you are very nice! :) Sige blog na about the makeup you've done!

    Fab Beauty, thanks! I am happy to do the things I love!

    Gio, thanks!

  19. herroyalbleakness , hahaha I really studied the mature makeup really well! that's really difficult for me and I'm always challenged with it! I'm glad you liked it

  20. Great site. A lot of useful information here. I’m sending it to some friends!


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