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AMW Reviews: Caronia Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer

I always tote an alcohol spray inside my bag!  I have 2 small spray bottles that I carry all the time!  I include them in my "Unsung Heroes" list!  Here are 2 mini spray bottles I own that you can find inside my bag organizer...

A random small spritzer bottle with commercial Isopropyl Alcohol, the right one has scent from Amu'in.

Here's the thing though, when I do makeup on clients,I can easily spritz alcohol with tools like the "mixing palette", the mirror, tweezers, scissors, etc...  Would you believe I steer away from spritzing regular alcohol on my hand prior to makeup application?  Most of you probably know why.

My hands are on clients' face at all times during make-up application, most of the time, my hands are near their nose area which is quite embarrassing to have a heavy scent of rubbing alcohol right under their noses!  That's why I invested for sweet smelling hand sanitizer which led me to purchasing a couple from Bath & Body Works because they smell so good.  

It wouldn't hurt if I can find a less expensive version right?  I actually did, I found one locally at Rustan's for approximately Php45.00 (approx $1.00) as seen on photo above right beside Bath & Body Works.  Huge bottle, nice and simple packaging, it must be a Eureka Moment right?  Hmm, I can't seem to put it on that list because the scent of Tenderly brand is too strong it lingers until I finish make-up application.  If clients do not complain, well, the make-up artist (me) is definitely complaining!  I have a dog's sniffer so this one does come out too strong and it hurts my head!  *laughs*  Why would make my clients and my own nose suffer just to save up right?

(Note from author:  The strong scent is my personal opinion, I have friends who are using the Tenderly brand and felt ok with it) 

So I went back to Bath & Body Works and thought my hunt for good smelling + inexpensive hand sanitizer is over.  Well, according to Justin Bieber: "Never Say Never!"

A local nail polish brand Caronia, came up with their Hand & Foot Care range of products which includes Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer!   Is it a good and inexpensive alternative for pricey hand sanitizers out there?

Caronia Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer says ---
Keep your hands clean and hygienic all the time with Caronia Hand Sanitizer’s alcohol-based formulation fortified with germ killing agent, triclosan. Infused with Vitamin E beads which act as moisturizers, it keeps your hands soft to the touch. With its green tea scent, it leaves you feeling relaxed taking away worries of being infected with bacteria. Caronia Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer comes in handy in a 50ml tube that you can easily slide inside your pouch and use when soap and water are not available. 

Ingredients: Ethyl Alcohol, Water, Fragrance, Carbomer, Triethanolamine, Triclosan, Lactose, Cellulose, Hydroxypropyl, Methycellulose, C.I. 77289, Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E).

AMW says ---
  • Simple clear packaging which makes it easy to see how much product you have left.]
  • A small amount is enough for both hands.
  • No need to rinse with water and you can use this anytime, anywhere to disinfect.
  • The hint of green tea scent is perfect!  I actually love it!
  • The scent does not linger for more than 5 minutes!
  • Hands do not feel rough or dry even after constant application.
  • Contains Vitamin E which does not dry up your skin.
  • Proudly Philippine Made!
  • Not readily available worldwide.
  • A bit watery or runny in texture which can be quite messy if you accidentally open up your cap when product are all accumulated near the opening.
I am quite impressed with this product!  Hand feels clean and there's no weird scent that lingers all throughout!  

  • Please keep out of reach for children.
  • If you plan to eat with your hands or lick your hands, it is better to wash off your hands with soap and running water!
  • Stop usage when allergies or skin irritations occur.
  • Not to use directly on open wounds or cuts.
  • Try to tap the product prior to opening to cap to keep from messy overflow.
Will I repurchase?

To whom do I recommend this to?
Anyone who prefers Gel formulated alcohol.  Though I prefer Alcohol in liquid form, I love to use this prior to make-up application to keep my client's face free from dirt transferring from my hands to their faces!

Where to purchase and how much?
At Watson's, local drugstores and supermarkets for Php54.00/50ml (approx $1.20).  Exact price will be written after I double check. 

Here's a photo to show the 'runny' texture of the hand sanitizer.  Has tiny Vitamin E blue beads which is really a few compared to the Bath & Body Works one. 

Thanks Caronia for coming up with a good and inexpensive hand sanitizer!
And I am glad they are coming up with more products and the Hand & Foot Care line sounds promising!  Will try them and give a review in the future!

What's your choice of hand sanitizer? Regular alcohol or the alco-gel version?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

(Product provided as gift, this post was written base on author's personal experiences, please purchase at your discretion)


  1. its nice that caronia has a hand sanitizer, ive been looking for one before and then when i read an article on the web that there has been studies that hand sanitizers' effect only lasts for 2 mins i've been using them like crazy :D
    i really like the hand sanitizers from bench, the spray ones, they smell really good too. :)))

  2. Alcohol Sprays~! I've been bringing alcohol sprays since 1998~(college days hahaha).

    I love the Black Raspberry Vanilla scent from Bath and Body works.. I didn't find any hand sanitizer of that scent when I was in New York huhuhu...

    Have you smelled the Biogenic Isopropyl Alcohol or the hand spray from Splash (forgot the name)? Those brands smell really good~! I'm not really into Hand Gels since when I get really OC and put too much, my hands get sticky.

  3. great find nikki :D but i read somewhere that triclosan is carcinogenic??? or praning lang ako hehe...

    anyways i really love reading ur blog! :D

  4. I remember the first time we met, you told me not to use my Tenderly alcogel, then you took out your bottle of isopropyl alcohol and sprayed my hands! Haha!

    So you like Caronia, ha? I have one in the office but I haven't used it. Will try that na nga =)

  5. Lora, Oh yeah, I use to purchase the hand sanitizers from Bench too! They do smell good! :)

    Kai, Alcohol sprays are still number 1 for me! I own the Biogenic Isopropyl Alcohol hand spray in HUGE bottle! LOL I haven't open it pa but I'll use it and see if I like it or not!

  6. Ivy_league05, better safe than sorry right? I try to use the regular alcohol on regular days, I only use these types of alcohol ONLY when I do makeup! The less you use, the lesser chance of being exposed to chemicals! But as long as you don't eat it it's ok I guess to use once in while :)

    Frances! YOU HAVE THE SHARPEST MEMORY! lol You were pregnant back then so I'm O.C. with whatever you use! hahaha Well I like this on makeup gigs! It smells great and I won't be eating anytime soon naman! So this is A OK, I like the scent! But when it comes to eating and there's no running water available, I will still take out my favorite bottle of isopropyl alcohol! heheheh Missssss you!!!!

  7. mom used tenderly before!! omg.. i love the new caronia hand sanitizer nga.. but what i use when i go out is the one liquid hand soap you gave me and a bottle of alcohol. i sitll want my a squeezy clean hands than handwashing gives. thanks, sis!!

  8. i have this disney brand hand sanitizer, and the smell is so so good!! and i use it just for the sake of smelling it :P

  9. i like the CLEENE isopropyl alcohol, smells like baby cologne

  10. Shen, really? awwww so the alcogel Tenderly has been there for awhile na pala no? I just learned about the brand 3 years ago from bestie :)

    Xin, I love it when they smell great! But I'm irked with those that lingers! I want them smelling good but does not last! I don't like scented hands!

    Lara, thanks for sharing

  11. di ko talaga gets yung beads. i do like the Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Hand Cleanse Gel, if not for the price i'd buy it often. LOL
    so it's biogenic alcohol spray.

  12. Marge, hahahah I think the beads like that of the Body Shop and the Bath & Body means it's the moisturizing factor and the Vitamin E! :) Di ko rin siya gets but if its non drying, I don't mind :)


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