Thursday, December 23, 2010

Tip for the Day: Make-up for The Man!

"Should a guy even wear make-up?"

On regular days, of course not!  That's my take though, there are some men out there who wear concealer on a daily basis and I am referring to real men!  That's not an issue though, if that's what they're comfortable with, let's respect that right? 

My guy never lets me touch his face with make-up though!  "Darn!" *hahaha*

Men, are getting vain as the years pass by!  Just take a look at your beauty supply stores, so many skincare for Men and hair products made specifically for Men!!!  I agree that everyone should take care of their looks no matter what gender they may be!

Over the weekend, I had the honor to do make-up for "Accenture Sessionistas", a music band formed by colleagues with the same interest for music!  The venue is at the huge Araneta Coliseum and there were approximately 8,000 guests!  Huge, huge crowd!  I was asked to do make-up for the guys and I am actually glad these guys are game to have their make-up done and they were actually comfortable with it!  They're all used to having stage makeups! 

Here are some samples of my work and I'll share to you some tips on Male Make Up!

Man # 1 (Band Member)
Skin condition: Oily
Skin woes: redness 
Target: Lessen oiliness and even out his skin tone

Man #2 (Band Member)
Skin condition: Combination of Normal and Oily on T-zone
Skin woes:eyebags, pale skin
Target: Maintain normal skin condition, lessen eye bags 
and give him a healthy glow

Man # 3 (Band Member)
Skin condition: Oily to Very Oily
Skin woes:Marks on Skin, Oiliness all over and redness
Target: Even out skin tone, try to cover up scars and redness
and lessen oiliness of skin

Man #4 (Band Member)
Skin condition: Normal
Skin woes:Tiny marks on skin, under eye circles
Target: Give a nice healthy color, lessen red marks on skin 
and try to cover up his under eye circles

Man #5 (Emcee/Host for the night)
Skin condition: Combination, dry and oily
Skin woes:Pigmentation on his left cheek, pale skin
Target: Cover up skin pigmentation, give him a 3 dimensional look

Things to be reminded when doing makeup for men:
  • Choose an oil-free foundation
  • If client has very oily skin, you can skip liquid foundation, use powder foundation instead
  • Choose a foundation shade 1-2 shades darker than their skin tone.
  • You can focus to apply foundation only on areas where coverage is needed.
  • Set with a translucent powder and do not use any shimmer!
  • Apply concealer under the eye circles and other places as needed.
  • Correcting may be done!  Orange for under eye darkness, Green for redness, Purple for sallowness, etc...
Eyebrow Pencil/Eyeliner/Mascara
  • Brush brows in place and use a brow gel if necessary.
  • Always ask the client if they are comfortable in trimming their eyebrows.  Some men are not comfortable having their brows touched!
  • If mascara is needed or required, choose a brown mascara instead.  One coat is enough.
  • Eyeliner: Choose matte brown eyeliner and apply with a "dotting" motion for that 'not so obvious' line!
  • You can apply concealer or eyelid base to even out the darkness of the lids.  No need to apply eyeshadow!
Contour and Highlight Powder
  • Use a matte contouring powder to give a nice dimension!  
  • Contour the nose if needed. 
  • I like using a matte highlighting powder to be applied under the eye area for that clean, awaked look
  • Check with client if they are comfortable with lipsticks, if they are, choose a lipstick shade closest to his lip color.  
  • Apply with a dabbing motion, no need to use a lipbrush.
  • If client is not comfortable with lipsticks, use a tinted lipbalm instead.
  • If client's lip color is pigmented enough, dab a clear lip balm instead to keep lips moisturized!
Important Note:
  • Mustaches and Beards shouldn't be applied with foundation!  If client has a lot of facial hair, use a stippling brush and 'stipple' on powder foundation instead for the clean look!
  • For photography: dust a bronzing powder all over face in a very light-hand motion for that healthy, suntanned look!
  • Always explain to clients why you should apply a bit more make-up especially when they have to be under harsh lighting!
These tips are not for everybody, but when you get to be in a situation wherein you have to do make-up for guys, you get to have some idea!  Always reassure them that they don't lose their masculinity just because they wear make-up, it's art, and it's for their own good!  They look great in photographs and videos!  *winks*

Have you done make-up for men?
How's your experience?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!
(P.S. thanks to the wonderful guys on photos for being such a sport!)


  1. hey. I think I'll be reading this over and over hahaha thanks for the post =] Im a guy btw

  2. great job, though it could take sometime yet before our men could take this as we are so pa-american dad ala homer simpson. the metrosexual has been around awhile still i find our men finding it too effeminate where as the koreans and japanese are moving forward on this. with bb creams for men.
    well one day mag seep in din yan sa culture natin.

  3. they look better and natural after your makeover sis! i think im fine if guys just use foundation and concealer. but too much eyebrow trimming or eyeliner is no-n0

  4. This post is so timely. Someone asked if I can do makeup for some of their photo shoots, including men and I was clueless. These tips are helpful and I now have an idea on what to do. Thanks, Nikki. :)

  5. They look great-cute guys before also!;)


  6. You did a great job, they look handsome and natural! Thanks for the tips.

  7. excellent post, Nikki! I'm bookmarking it :D

  8. Thank you ms nikki for this post,did the makeup for a groom the other day and I was really clueless.
    any foundation you'd recommend?

  9. thanks for the greeting Nikki! You are such a pro at makeup, even for men!!! I hope you have a wonderful holiday too, merry Christmas!

  10. BryJa, hey! Nice to meet you, I'm glad to know a guy reader! I've always wondered !

    Marge, oh yeah, I am not expecting the men in our lives to start applying makeup, even in Korea, regular guys do not look made up! I guess it's just best for performers, actors :)

    Xin, thank you!!!! I agree with you, I was actually taught in school to apply eyeliner on guys too, but I chose to skip to most of them!

  11. Pammy, yay, I'm glad to post this right on time!!!

    Agree Mina!

    Gio, thanks!

  12. Connie, glad you are liking it and I feel honored for you to bookmark it!

    Amanderrific!, oh it takes practice! I actually used The Face Shop's darkest foundation , but I found that it was out of stock now so I am using a MAC NC42 foundation! I use the Studio Fix line as most guys have oily skin! I do skip it if guys have very oily skin!

  13. NicNic, thank you dear!!!

    Danielle, thanks

  14. Great job Nikki! amazing! like what others said it will take time for most men to accept they can use makeup to enhance their look but not look too made up!

  15. yeah i agree. i would just prefer them polished or have regular facial with pricking man lang.

    cheers, sis, happy new year ^_~


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