Wednesday, December 22, 2010

AMW Reports: Start the Year Light with Neutrogena

"Start the year light with Fine Fairness"

The tagline fits perfectly with 2010 coming to close and 2011 just around the corner.  My sister's favorite skincare line and my favorite sunblock brand Neutrogena are inviting the rest of the female population to Start the Year Light with the Neutrogena Fine Fairness line!  

To help embody this message of this campaign, Neutrogena has selected 8 Fine Fairness Ambassadors in the person of Manila's current Beauty Icons:

Solenn Heusaff

Patty Laurel

  Isabel Roces

Georgia Schulze-del Rosario

And I am very proud that the brand also included Manila's top beauty bloggers:

Hannah Villasis

Phoebe Ann Ramos

Jane Kingsu-Cheng

Earth Rullen

Thanks for the invite I was able to meet the 8 Neutrogena Ambassadors face to face and I can see how they are all approachable, intelligent, naturally beautiful, confident and glowing in person!  I was told it took them seven products of the Fine Fairness range to achieve the said glow.  It was a shocking number to hear for the first time but compared to the gorgeous skin of Koreans and how many products they use to achieve said skin (I heard it's around 15-20 products), seven is not a bad number!

Fine Fairness Cleanser

Fine Fairness Toner

Fine Fairness Lotion SPF30/PA++

Fine Fairness Cream

Fine Fairness UV Brightening Moisture SPF50+/PA+++

Fine Fairness Deep Whitening Mask

Fine Fairness Serum

I will give a deeper review on the said products above at the start of the year because I am just done with the skincare routine I am using at the moment!

To discuss more about the Ambassadors' Fine Fairness experience, and to formally introduce the Start of the Year Light campaign to the general public, the Start the Year Light party was held at Watson's SM Makati hosted by none other than a fabulous woman Ms. Christine Jacob-Sandejas.

The girls where interviewed to talk about the two-weekend getaway they've experienced exactly 8 weeks before the start of the new year provided to understand each of the eight benefits that Fine Fairness offers.

November 13 Theme: Block and Prevent
The lovely ladies enjoyed a gastronomic indulgence in the cozy and elegant home of Chef Vince Rodriguez.  Then the Brand Manager of Neutrogena Gabby Roxas facilitated the day of wellness and inner radiance.  Joining him was Dr. Jason Penaranda, a medical doctor who uses natural methods to manage health.  He instructed the Ambassadors how to block toxins in their bodies so that they can start the new year feeling light.

(Photo Credits: Neutrogena Philippines) 

Analei Atienza, managing director of the Singapore School Manila and an active member of International Life Coach Federation, walked the Ambassadors through exercises to psyche them up for a bright future and to prevent negative thinking.  This is very similar to how Fine Fairness prevents melanin production to allow skin to glow.

(Photo Credits: Neutrogena Philippines)

November 27 Theme: Protect, Shield, Restore, Renew, Lighten and Calm

The girls were brought to the Nurture Spa Village, tucked away in Tagaytay.  To understand the last 6 benefits of the Neutrogena Fine Fairness range, the ladies had a sumptuously healthy breakfast then headed off for an outdoor photoshoot during which they experienced the protecting and shielding benefits from the harmful rays of the sun.

This photoshoot was followed by signature Nurture Spa massages for a much needed relaxation and an outdoor yoga session, led by yoga instructor, Joseph de Asis.  Yoga helped the Ambassadors restore their muscles to their supple and flexible states, calm their minds, bodies and souls which led them to experience the restoring, renewing, lightening and calming benefits!

(Photo Credits: Neutrogena Philippnes) 

The event was successful and I am glad to be part of the crowd to cheer on the Ambassadors!  As a beauty blogger, I know I wanted to start the year light both physically and mentally to share to the readers my positive outlook in life!

Thanks to Neutrogena, Watson's and Nuffnang for the invite!  It was a fun event!

To my readers,  how will you start the year light?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

(This is a sponsored post.)


  1. The bloggers in the Philippines are so tight. I love it!

  2. the only product interests me from the range is the mask. cant wait to read reviews!

  3. i love the serum! been using it for a long long time since the 1st generation and it has never failed me :P

    works much better than my other 1 really expensive serum, me thinks :)

  4. April AGREE

    Ahleessa, yes!I guess there are so many events and you tend to see them most of the time :)

    Xin, really? Most of the Ambassadors told me it's their favorite!

    Plue, I'm excited to use this at the start of 2011 :)

  5. After reading your post I got even more excited to try this Neutrogena Fine Fairness skincare line.

    Merry Christmas =)

  6. Ladymishel, thanks I will test them by the start of next year, I'm just done with my Pond's Gold Radiance!

  7. its beautiful place, my friend stay there before and she tell me that people there is friendly and nice accommodation,.

  8. @Boracay Thanks for sharing , glad to know your friend enjoyed her stay there :)


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