Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Eureka Moment: Seva (Service) Mat and Towel Refresher

Good Wednesday everyone!  I am on a giddy mood today because my brother (who's a bad arse will be coming back home for the holidays!  He's Brother AMW who looks quite like me well I actually look like him!  He must be very handsome eh?  *grins* 

On the serious side, I am really happy to finally see him again after our last get-together which was May of this year in Macau!  I can't wait to travel with him again!

Eureka Moment!  And promise, this time, it's not from Japan Home Center or Daiso!  I've finally found something quite unique and I want to thank Sydney Go for sharing this to me!  I got to meet Sydney during the Dollface Personal Makeup Workshop Part 2 at SNR (Photos of SNR can be seen on this link)

The Seva (Service) Mat and Towel Refresher!
Why the heck would you need a mat and towel refresher and isn't it easier to just wash your towel and mat?  Yes, I choose to do it that way as its more hygienic!  (that's what I originally thought)  I used to be a workout freak!  I used to workout at 5 x a week for at least 4 hours each session with my sister!  Yup, those were the days I was addicted to working out!  I mix Cardio and weight lifting and those were the times I have pimples randomly popping out on my forehead and cheeks and I blame sweating on that!  Looking back, I've come to realize sweating could be a part of it but the dirty mat and towels I comfortably lay on and use could be another factor!

Lucky are the people nowadays as more and more products are created to take extra care of the ones you love!  
"Seva (Service).  Share the Practice specializes in gentle cleansing agents that keep you safely protected and the environment happy.  With non-toxic and earth-friendly ingredients.  Initially created to suit sports and activities with heavy sweating, this refresher spray works wonders on your mats, towels and clothing.  It's an anti-bacterial spray that's hygienic, enviro-friendly and non-toxic.  Whether on a child's clothing, an exercise towel, or even your kitchen towel, this refresher spray kills unwanted dirt and bacteria"
I personally have been using this on Mr. AMW's towels before work as he sweat a lot!  And he told me the nice lemon-y scent is quite good and it doesn't linger onto the towel!  I don't have microscopic eyes to see if bacteria are really gone-oh-gone with this spritz but I like to use this once in awhile and my sensitive skin does not have any complaints!  Now, if only I get back to Pilates and Yoga!

I have to compliment the packaging of this product, it has a protective lock to prevent accidental "spritzing".



Easy grip for easy spritzing

To use:  Just spray on the area you want, leave it to air dry after each washing.  You may spray on mats and towels before and after each use.  You have to be reminded to spray on your clothing before you wear your clothes or before you do your daily exercise!  

Try to be cautious in using any new products, if you started to sneeze or get itchy, you may be allergic to the ingredients of the said product so be very vigilant!

The Seva Service Mat and Towel Refresher costs Php350.00 (approx $7.95) available at Aura Athletica Power Plant Mall, Sundar Bikram Yoga Connecticut, Pulse Yoga Greenhills and Pulse Yoga Makati.

Let me know if you have further queries!
Keep smilin'

Stay happy!


  1. thanks for sharing, I need this!! I workout and I like my mat to be hygienic at all times

  2. gosh, addict ka pala sa gym before :) kaya pala sexiness. parang I need this rin kse super sensi ang skin ko

  3. Sara, my pleasure! Glad this post helps!

    Hannah, hahaha sexiness? Di nga eh! tumataba na! hahahah Yup, I think now that you're working out, you may need something like this! See you soon girl!


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